Wednesday, October 06, 2021

October Reading Possibilities

October is here!  It's time for all things fallish!  Including curling up with some good reads.  Fall, cool weather, cozy throws, warm drinks and books just all fit together.  This month's possibility pile is a doozy.  Last month was a so-so reading month.  I did finish a couple of books:  one a hold at the library and the other a non-fiction.  But the Read Your Shelf Challenge book I am still working on!  Should be done this week. Lucky enough for me it fits last month's challenge and this month's challenge also.  

Speaking of the Read Your Shelf Challenge this month's prompt is "A Book set in a Country Other Than Your Own".  I'm going to broaden that a bit and add and other than the U.S.  Being that most books I read are set in the neighboring U.S. and rarely do I find one set in Canada, I think this is a good thing.  So the book I'm finishing up and adding to this month is Anxious People by Fredrik Bachman set in Sweden. It's also a translated book which fit lasts month's prompt.

Here are all the books pulled out from my To Be Read Piles that fit this month's prompt.  LOTS to choose from!


~ Anxious People by Fredrik Backman (Sweden, carryover from Sept) (finished)
Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly ( France, Germany and Poland)
~ Sarai by Jill Eileen Smith (Egypt, Ancient Middle East)
~ Day After Night by Anita Diamont (Mediterranean Coast)  (finished)


~ The Golden Son by Shilpi Somaya Gowda (India)   (finished)


Well apparently I have a whole passel of WWII books set in France to read!  Yikes.

What are you reading in October?  Do you read seasonally?  Do you read "scary" books or mysteries in October?


Faith said...

Hi susanne
I have retad from your list the following: A Thousand Splendid Suns (LOVED it); Memoirs of a Geisha (disturbing but good); The Tattoist of Auschwitz (good but I prefer Pam Jenoff's WWII novels); the Orphans Tale and The Lost Girls of Paris (I have read ALL of her novels starting with The Kommandant's Daughter (or girl...i forget the exact title) and am currently reading her latest!! (The Woman with the Blue Star...SO GOOD!!!!) I also LOVED The Nightingale by Hannah.

I don't tend to read "spooky" books as I'm not into the occult, etc as I don't wanna fill my spirit with that although way back in my early 20s I did read alot of that type of genre.

I started barack Obama's memoir and although i really liked him as our president, I can't get into the book. too much politics hahaha I'm probably going to return it to the owner.
Do you BUY all those books???? I only borrow now. Only books I buy are bible study ones to lead my groups.

Susanne said...

Faith: Hahaha. I buy a few. Usually from Costco where they are cheap. I pretty much know I like the author to do that. . The ones I have listed as purchased in 2019 - 2021 I bought. All the others are mostly from Free LIttle Libraries. I've never read Pam Jenoff before so looking forward to trying her. And I've heard Kristen Hareml is excellent. I don't know how I ended up with so many WWII novels. I don't purposely get those, like they are not my go to genre. But I heard of a lot of these and that they were good so I grab the in the Little Libraries when I see them.

Susanne said...

Faith: Oh and I forgot to say if I purchase sometimes it's from BookOutlet where brand new books are super inexpensive!

Karen said...

I love peeking at your stacks of books! I recognize some that I've loved, and others I want to read, and some favorite authors. I guess I don't read seasonally, except for Christmas. I don't read spooky books, only because I'm a 'fraidy cat! haha! Right now, I'm into some non-fiction American history. I know, it sounds and can be very dry, but I'm keen on it right now after our trip to DC. I'm eager to move on to some good novels after this! While I do borrow from the library, I love to purchase books. Once I've read something really good, I like to hang onto it.

Barbara Harper said...

I think the only books I read seasonally are Christmas ones. Sometimes it happens that the book I'm reading corresponds to the current season, and that's fun, but I don't try to make it happen. I often don't know what season the book is in before I start, and many of them cover several years.

I don't read books that are mainly scary, but sometimes a mystery or detective drama will have scary parts. Once I read a book by a Christian author that was very good but also very scary (main character being stalked)--I don't like that scary feeling carrying over into everyday life.

Re buying books--I love to do that as much as possible to support authors. It's funny we'll plunk down $10 for a 2-hour movie, but we don't like paying $12-15 for a book that will give us ten hours of enjoyment--and cost the author many times more than that in work. But the problem is, if we read a book a week, that adds up. I do borrow some from the library and accumulate a lot of deals from free-$3 for the Kindle app. Plus I ask for book for my birthday and Christmas.