Wednesday, August 17, 2022

One Word Wednesday


(Anyone happen to know what kind of plant/vine this is?)

Saturday, August 13, 2022

When the Day Comes by Gabrielle Meyer ~ Book Review

Nineteen year old Libby is a time crosser.  She lives two lives simultaneously, one in 1774 Williamsburg, Virginia, as Libby, daughter of a Mom who also was a time crosser.  Her other life is in 1914 New York as Elizabeth, daughter of a mother bent on marrying her off to an English marquess so that their social standing can advance.  She falls asleep in one life to wake up in the other with no time passing in either while away from it and with full memory of the other life.  She must not search for answers for either path or for any reason try to change either path with any foreknowledge she might obtain in either life.  Deep inside she is the same person but the two lives could not be more different.  On her 21st birthday she will have the choice to forfeit one path and stay in the other forever.   

In 1774, Libby's father has recently passed away and she and her Mom are trying to keep her father's print shop going.  Women in business aren't exactly supported in this time period but they manage to land a contract with the House of Burgesses and the Royal Governor thanks to her friendship with a young member.  But when the Patriots ask them to do some printing for them it could just put all they've worked for into jeopardy.  Libby has purpose in this path as she supports the suffragette movement and the Patriots.  In 1914 as Elizabeth she has a loving relationship with her father but her Mother has one focus and one focus only and that is to marry her to English aristocracy so that her family's social standing might advance.  No matter the cost and no matter how Elizabeth feels about it.  As her 21st birthday approaches in both time paths there is no question in Libby/Elizabeth's mind which path she wants to choose though it breaks her heart to know some of her relationships will have to be left and there will be heartbreak at her death in that path.  There is uncertainty in both paths  but when the day comes can she trust that God has a plan for her?  

I loved this story.  It is such a unique approach to dual time lines, time travel, historical fiction.  The story was engaging right from the beginning as Libby's two different lives were laid out.  Interestingly everything Libby was fighting for and working towards in 1774 was exactly what her mother in 1914 was trying to force upon her.  Libby faced different wars in both of her timelines and I was totally invested in both of her story lines.  Amazingly the last third of the book was exactly what I needed at this time in my own life.  It is a Christian fiction story but I don't feel it was preachy but a major encouragement to trust in the sovereignty of God through uncertainty and grief and with one's purpose and life.  Such a good story.  Can't wait for book 2 coming next year.  

I gave it a huge 10 out of 10!

Reading Challenge Goals Met:  New to me author and Read One a Month from my library holds

Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday's Fave Five #694

Wow, I can't believe it's Friday already.  Where on earth did that week go?  It just seemed to vanish into thin air.  But I checked, and it truly is Friday so that means we take a pause and look for our blessings from the week.  Please join us in developing grateful hearts to God for the blessings He brings into our everyday lives.

~ air conditioning ~ we are in another heat wave here in Southern Alberta and I am so thankful for central air conditioning.  The house had it when we bought it 29 years ago and we replaced it with a new, more energy efficient unit about 4 or 5 years ago and every year, but especially this week I'm so thankful we've got it.  It has been hot in the days but what makes it a heat wave around here is that it is not cooling enough at night to make it comfortable.  So thankful for that ac helping me get a decent night sleep.  

~ pina colada cookies ~  saw these in the grocery store's bakery when I was picking up some stuff for Mom.  Got her a package and on a whim decided to get myself one too.  Oh my.  They were so good.  Coconut, chunks of pineapple and white chocolate chips.  So delicious.

~ bbq dinner at my sister's ~ Sunday we took up my sis on a spur of the moment bbq dinner.  It was so much fun.  It was great to visit with them and share some laughs.  Over the last couple of years it seems we're always interacting in some capacity in the care of my Mom or my Dad and it's been hard to get together for just a night of good food and laughter with just us two couples.  This was so nice and very overdue.  

~ books that come into my life at just the right time ~  this past week I have had both a fiction and a non-fiction book that were just the perfect reads that I needed right in this moment.   I love when that happens.  When both a non-fiction and a fiction can just speak to my situation or encourage me in just the way I need it to just tells me God brought me that in perfect timing.  

~ decluttering ~ I finally got to my room downstairs where I do crafts with the kids.  Being a child care provider one tends to keep every thing, and I mean everything, that has any kind of potential for a craft.  It starts to get utterly ridiculous and overwhelming.  I recycled a bunch of containers and odds and ends of all sorts of stuff.  Tidied up the cupboards and gave the counters a good wipe down.  Step one in a week of going through the whole house and trying to declutter at least 1 large box of stuff I don't want, need or use from every room.  I don't know how on earth I accumulate so much stuff.  It always feels so good to get it gone.  Why do I let it come in in the first place is the million dollar question.  

What were your favorite blessings from the past week?

Saturday, August 06, 2022

The Words Between Us by Erin Bartels ~ Book Review

Robin Windsor is the owner of a quaint little used bookstore in River City, Michigan.  She spends her days quietly working in her store with her one employee.  She bought the bookstore in an attempt to escape the noteriety of her parents.  Her dad, a former senator, was convicted of murder and treason and her mom was also sent to prison for her part in protecting him.  She has not seen them since they were convicted, some 18 years, and has no desire to.  Trying to start over hasn't been easy but she loves her little bookstore.  Books had always helped her to escape, but now she finds herself having to make the hard decision about whether to close the store due to lack of business.  When a friend concocts an insane idea to enter an art contest to win the prize money to save the store, Robin reluctantly goes along with it.  But at the same time the day of her father's execution is here and a reporter figures out who she really is and her quiet life is yet again turned upside.  In the midst of the chaos Robin starts to receives packages in the mail containing one book at a time from her past and she knows exactly who is sending them.  But why is her past coming back to haunt her now?  

This story is a duel timeline going back and forth between Robin's present day and her past when she was a young girl.  The author wove it really well giving just enough out of each era to move the story along and reveal how Robin got to the place she where she is experiencing her present day perfect storm .   The books being sent to her were a main part of both timelines and tied the two together.  Being a reader not drawn to classics or poetry I found I was starting to skim through those parts where the quotes were written.  It was a bit of a struggle back and forth on my part because it is such a part of the story that connects Robin to her love of books, her past, and her relationship with Peter who was important to her school years.  Because of that the story just didn't grab me as it would have otherwise.  Yet it is what made the story unique.  And there was one part of the story about her "speech" in her after high school years that I just could not buy into.    It was a book I liked it but wasn't swept away by it.

I rated it 7.5/10

Reading Goals Met:  A book purchased between 2020 - 2022, Read Your Shelf Challenge June Prompt (A book with a book on the cover)

Friday, August 05, 2022

Friday's Fave Five #693

It's Friday again.  That time of the week to look back over the past week and take notice of the blessings that have come into your life day to day.  That time to pause and give thanks and be grateful for those things that have made a difference, made you smile, lifted you in some way or let you know God cared for you this week.  Please join in with us.  If you are new, guidelines are linked in the sidebar.

~  weekend visit in the big city ~ we took a little road trip on the weekend to visit my son and daughter.  It was just the getaway we needed.  It was so nice getting to stay in the home he purchased last fall and explore his neighborhood.  We went to another favorite old but trendy neighborhood downtown to buy my spices from my favorite spice store and came upon a summer outdoor market/festival that was going on.  We also explored another neighborhood we'd never been to downtown and found a cute little shop that runs out of an old house squished between two bigger commercial buildings.  Called The Beehive, yes, the house is painted yellow and black outside, they make all natural homemade soaps, creams, candles, bath and body stuff for humans and pets.  All their products are organic.  It was a cute little shop that kept the integrity of the architecture of the house and it was fun to wander from room to room looking at all their products they make right in the basement of the house.   We also ate at a favorite restaurant and then just hung around visiting and relaxing together.  

~ Spearmint Refresh Foot Cream ~ Hubby gifted me with a purchase from the above mentioned little local shop and I came away with this awesome foot cream.  It smells wonderful and works really well too!  

~ one picture, three blessings ~  

          The first is a new planter for the top step.  I've had my eye out for just the kind and shape I wanted to quite a few years.  While I liked my other planter, it was top heavy and I've had it knocked down a couple of times by dayhome kids and the crazy wind we sometimes get if it catches it just right.  I found this clay one on clearance at Marshalls.  I didn't get it right away but every time I went in there it was surprisingly still there,   So I finally got it and am so glad I did.  It was exactly what I wanted and is good and heavy.  That thing ain't going nowhere.


            The second is the smile I get when I come home to this guy waiting for me when I come home from somewhere.  Technically it's my daughter's cat, but we've grown to love the big lug.

           The third is my rosebud geraniums (sometimes called apple blossom geraniums) and how wonderful they are doing yet again this year.  I just love them.  They make me smile every time I come in the front door.  

What were your favorite blessings from the week that made you grateful and thankful?

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Sunday, July 31, 2022

August 2022 Reading Possibilities

Well, I guess I could call July a semi-success in that I did get a couple of goals accomplished.  I finally got the Jodi Picoult books piling up out of my system.  I've never read her as I found her books intimidating for whatever reason.  I read 1 of the 3 I had in the pile and though I haven't done the review yet I will say I will be unhauling all the books by this author that I have.  Not interested in continuing with her.  It was not for me.  But I did get finally giving her a try off my goals so that is a relief.  I finished an audiobook and I DNF'd (did not finish) one of my library books.  I stopped at 65 pages.  Just wasn't interested in continuing.  But in all it was a bit of a disappointing reading month for me.  Was too busy with a family emergency to get much reading done.  I did start a library book last week of July that is actually on this month's list to get a head start because it has a wait list at the library so it will have to be returned within 3 weeks. 

So this month's Read Your Shelf Challenge prompt is  "A Book That Has a Body Part in the Title".   Well I went through every single book I own that I haven't read yet and not a one fits the prompt.  So instead I will do my own prompt and that is "Read a book that has a summer vibe to it...either something summery in the title or on the cover photo."  

Here's the possibilities I've come up with in my TBR pile that also fit my other goals for the year:


          ~ The Record Keeper by Charles Martin
          ~ An Appalachian Summer by Ann H. Gabhart


          ~ The Rose Garden  by Susanna Kearsley
          ~ Monsoon Summer by Julia Gregson
          ~ Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand
          ~ Flight Patterns by Karen White
          ~ The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
          ~ The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke


          ~Gentle and Lowly by Dane C. Ortlund
          ~Count the Nights by Stars by Michelle Shocklee


          ~ When the Day Comes by Gabrielle Meyer
          ~ Gone But Still Here by Jennifer Dance


          ~ High on a Windy Hill by Ray Djuff     

What are you reading for August?  Do you have any summery books in your piles?