Friday, October 01, 2021

Friday's Fave Five #652

Hi everyone!  Welcome to our little place where we intentionally look for that which is good in our lives, that which made us smile this week, that which God has sent to uplift us and let us know He loves us.  Please join in with a post sharing your own blessings you are thankful for.

I will be joining in later.  It's one of those mornings.  But I will leave Mr. Linky so you can link your own posts.


Well what an emotionally, mentally and physically draining week it has been.  I was in bed by 9:30 last night because I could not stay up one. more. minute!  And if you know me you know that never, ever happens.  I think my body was just trying to tell me it was done and I needed to listen.  But in spite of the challenging week there were still blessings to be found.  Here is five of them.

~ road trip to Waterton ~  I worked hard all day Saturday at Mom's house cleaning and getting the last bit of stuff out before keys were handed this week to the new owners.  That shed I was so happy last week we were able to move in spite of being rotten, but well they wanted it moved, had to come down after all as now they deemed it unstable.  (Well, we told you it was rotten!)  Frustrating!  But my brother in law got it down fairly fast and him and Dave were able to get it hauled to the dump. I was there for hours cleaning so that I could take Sunday off and relax.  Dave rewarded me with a trip to my happy place in the mountains. Just the two of us.  Fall is gorgeous in Waterton!  The weather was perfect,  the sun warm on our backs yet the air was cool so we never felt over heated.  We tried a new trail we've never hiked before.  It was perfect.  A fairly level trail that ran in between two mountains with gorgeous scenery!  It ends up a fork in the trail that will either go up to a lake or to an overnight tent area.  We almost made it to the fork but decided not to go to the lake as we'd already been going over an hour and the trail continuing to the lake gets steep for another hour.  We always have to remind ourselves that it's all fun and games till we have that much hiking to do all the way back again.  So we turned around and  had time to have a nice lunch in the village.  A perfect reward for all the hard work of the week before.

~ house turned over ~ I won't lie. It was emotional.  I mean I grew up in that home moving there when I was 4, and Mom lived in that house for 56 years.  A boat load of memories done.  I handed the keys over to the realtor for the new owners on Tuesday.  There was also a lot of relief.  It has been a hard 10 months and especially the last 5 have been filled with tons of work and I have felt like that is all I do.  But now I am free from that and I wish the new owners well with their new to them house.

~ comfy, cozy throws ~ with the nights getting chillier it's so nice to snuggle up with the thicker comfier throws while we watch tv or read.

~ cooking lesson ~ My youngest has been asking for me to teach her how to make a favorite dinner, Chicken Paprika with Nokedli (tiny dumplings) for a while now.  She came home for one night this week and last night I had the pleasure of working alongside with her in the kitchen teaching her this family favorite.  Eating it for supper she remarked that it was the flavor of her childhood.  Mine too! I was so happy I could pass this on to her.

~peony bush kidnapping ~ Before the house takeover I was able to go a dig out my mom's peony bush that I loved in order to transplant it at my house.  No I didn't rob it out of a front flower bed or anything.  For some reason mom had it in a weird flower bed stuck behind the garage where it was not visible from anyplace in the yard.  But it was so gorgeous I hated to leave it behind.  I was careful and left them some of tubers.  Praying that I am able to place it in a spot where it will do well also.

What were your favorite blessings this week?


Willow said...

Yes, turning those keys over for the last time can be very emotional.
Your hiking trail time sounds perfect to me. I love all the hikes!
Love that your daughter wants to learn to cook those traditional foods! My younger girl mentioned to me that she is thankful we taught all the kids to cook and they all enjoy it.
Have a good, quiet restful weekend.

Karen said...

I love that you took your mom's peony bush. I had one at the first house that Dan and I lived in, and I've always regretted not taking a piece! That house is really close to where we are now, and I'm tempted to go up and rescue it, as the yard hasn't been taken care of. Ah, well. It's so hard saying goodbye to our homes. I love that you cooked with your daughter and her comment that it is 'the flavor of her childhood.' There are lots of ways to visit home again:)

Faith said...

Your quote at the end is one i just love and embrace!! It's so true!!!

I also love that you got to hike. But girl!!!!! Stoppingmat the fork and turning around and NOT seeing a mountain lake??! Omgosh i could never stop. The lakes and ponds are usually my destination!! 🤣 But how fun that your hubby planned this and went with you. I'm hiking alone today unless my friend shows up. Wish us luck...we are exploring on a bushwhack into deep woods with no marked trail to find the ruins of FoxLair ( you'll have to google foxlair adirondacks as too long to explain here)

Yay for your moms house being sold, cleaned out and turned over to new owners, you must be feeling bittersweet about that but also a huge relief!

Love cozy fleece throws and love reading under them,

Happy weekend!

Barbara Harper said...

I was sorry I wasn't able to do a FFF this week. We were out of town for a memorial service. I brought my laptop, thinking I'd be able to do a post when we arrived Thursday night. But we ran late and had to get up early the next morning and were very tired. So we went straight to bed.

I can imagine how emotionally and physically exhausting it would have been to deal with your mom's house--especially since it has been the family home since you were four. That's frustrating about the shed. I'm glad it's all done now and the keys are handed over.

We're not hikers, but I have to remember that about outings--to try to leave some energy for getting back from whatever we're doing!

I am glad you got your mom's peonies! Besides being beautiful, they're a nice memento from your home.

What a fun time cooking with your daughter!

nikkipolani said...

How I empathize with you on that emotional moment! And I didn't even live in the house I helped to empty. Roomie's family, too, had lived there 56 years. She had 2 weeks to clear it out, all the things going to her mom's new place (3%?), to other people's homes (85%?), and to the dump. So I'm rejoicing with you that the work is over and you can stop expending mental and physical energy over it!

That day-trip looks just the ticket to blow away the cobwebs and get in some nature therapy. You had such a gorgeous day for it, too.

Nokedli looks a lot like spaetzle. A friend has a contraption like yours for making it. My German students gave me a modern Tuperware version! Bet that dinner was amazing. Perfect cozy food.