Friday, March 19, 2021

Friday's Fave Five #626

Welcome to another lovely Friday's Fave Five.   But we'll pause in all our outside time in order to come and take note of blessings and be thankful.  Please join us.

~ first bike ride of the year ~ this week was just gorgeous weather so we took the bikes out on a first ride.  We loaded them up and went to the west side of town rode the paths at the top of the coulee then rode to Starbucks for a drink before heading back.  It was so nice to be out in the sun, enjoying the day doing something we love instead of being cooped up inside.  

~ lovely walk around the lake ~ this was kind of bittersweet.  It was another gorgeous day, the ice is starting to disappear off the lake, the ducks and geese are putting on their show.  But our beloved dog was not with us.  We couldn't help reminiscing how he used to really love walking around the lake and we really missed him.

~ spring breezes thru open windows ~ throwing open the windows and airing out the house has been so nice.  

~ insulated coffee mug ~ Found this insulated mug at Winners last week and I nabbed it.  I've wanted a covered mug for use while working so that (1) the kids can't dump my coffee and (2) my coffee will stay hot longer, cause heavens knows I mostly end up drinking cold coffee all day.  I've got travel mugs but they're so tall and I miss the feel of a mug with a handle.  This fit the bill perfectly.  

~ wonderful smelling soap ~ I had originally purchased this soap from Wild Prairie Soap Company go in a gift bag but ended up with buying something different for my friend.  Lucky me, because it turns out I am loving the smell of this soap.  And I wash my hands a million times a day with dayhome so it's nice to get that nice scent every time.  All the soaps from this company smell lovely but I'm especially partial to the fresh smell of the mint and lime.  

What have been your favorite blessings this week?


Barbara Harper said...

How nice to have a bike ride and walk in the fresh air and nice weather! That's one thing I never liked about insulated coffee mugs--they were too tall and had no handle. It's good to know about this one.

Deb said...

The bike ride sounds great, as does the walk around the lake. It is so nice that the weather is finally getting warmer. That looks like a great coffee mug. I bet that soap smells wonderful. Have a good weekend. See you again soon. :-)

nikkipolani said...

Love that photo of the scenery as you rode your bikes and soaked in all that sunshine. I can imagine your family enjoying such adventures with the little furry one again one day on the New Earth.

I know just what you mean about finding that one soap that (almost) makes you look forward to washing your hands (again).

Faith said...

Yay for getting in a bike ride!! I"m envious.....too cold here still although tomorrow we are supposed to start a warming trend! YAY!!! i'll be getting mine out Sunday I think. It's gonna needa good cleaning!

LOVE the lake pic. Treasure the memories of your beloved pup.

I love it when i find a really good hand soap with a scent I LOVE. I've lucked out with that lately myself.

I saw one of those travel mugs at Target this afternoon!!! I was like...oh look! a coffee travel mug with a handle! SCORE. (i didn't buy it though as i have way too many already!)


Willow said...

That insulated mug sounds perfect for your daily coffee. We have some we use for camping--love the 'feel' of the mug even in the woods.
Yay for bike rides and walks! Spring is the BEST because we can be outside! Even if it is sad because you miss your sweet pup.
Thank you as always for hosting us!

Gattina said...

What a wonderful place to walk or bike around ! I don't dare anymore to climb on a bike because I haven't done this since at least 30 years and now I fear I won't have the balance anymore. I can imagine that you missed your doggie so much ! I am happy that we have moved becausse otherwise I would see Arthur in all corners, even after a year !
There is a white cat walking around on the grass and looks at me on my balcony and I think it's my Arthur. The cup is very practical !!

ellen b. said...

I'm way behind after an epic birthday celebration weekend. How lovely to to be able to throw open the windows. Soon that will be the case here. That bike ride photo looks fabulous. It is hard to lose a faithful pet. Hugs.