Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday's Fave Five #548

I cannot believe another whole week has so quickly come and gone.  I have such great intentions on posting during the week including Part III of my Operation Christmas Child Costa Rica trip.  We've had members of the household sick, things have cropped up that needed dealing with and the next thing I know here it is Friday.  But all the more reason to pause and look for blessings through my week I may have missed in the hectic days.  Please join us.  Guidelines are linked in the sidebar.

1.  Treated out for supper.  We were treated out by friends of ours to a delicious little local Vietnamese restaurant.  This place has really taken off here in town and with good reason.  The food was fresh and delicious and you got good portions.  It was fun enjoying this little gem of a place with great company.

2.  Fall Mums.  Though it is a sure sign the cooler weather is coming, the fall mums, also known as chrysanthemums, are out in all the stores.  I love these prolific blooming little flowers and they are showing up in all sorts of colors.  Paired with pumpkins or other fall decorations they look gorgeous by front door entries.  I haven't bought mine yet because I just can't decide what color I want.

3.  Cool evenings, warm days.  Tomorrow we will turn the calendar to September 1st which in my mind is the real start of fall.  We are already seeing the signs.  The weather is turning here.    We are still getting nice warm days but the evenings definitely are cooling off.  So glad that for the most part we don't have to run the ac during the night.  I much prefer fresh and natural air. 

4.  Laundry fresh out of the dryer.  As you know, I was without my dryer for a whole month.  Well this week I realized just what a blessing soft, lovely smelling laundry is.  You just don't realize until you don't have it, what a blessing having a dryer is.  Yes, I did run to Mom's for a few loads, but I also tried to wash and then throw some loads over the deck railing to dry.  And though it smelled awesome, it was for the most part rough and the towels downright crunchy-ish.  It tell you, that first couple of loads, warm and soft, right when the load was done in the dryer?  Heaven!  It's the little things, I tell ya!

5.  Texting.  So thankful when I get those little texts from my grown kids that let me in on the goings on in their lives, or those little hellos that let me know they are thinking of me.

What have your favorite blessings been this week?  Are you seeing signs of fall in your neck of the woods?


Gattina said...

After having thought that fall arrives, we had a heat wave for the third time ! Has never happened ! chrysanthemums start only in October and then the flower shops are full of them because it is the use to go to the cemetary and put them on graves ! I was critisized because I had planted two plants in front of the house and that made "graveyard" but I didn't care ! It's a nice plant. Others do it too now. Yes a dryer is so important although I still have two old fashioned friends who refuse to use it and prefer open air ! For me a dryer is practical and you don't need to iron !

a spirit of simplicity said...

Oh I am loving the cooler evenings! Even the days have cooled off. No dryer must have been rough! Clothes on the line are nice but it’s been so humid it would take forever for them to dry!

Faith said...

Oh i would LOVE to try Vietnamese food!! We love Japanese, Chinese, Ethiopian ( some) and Thai but we've never tried nice of your friends to treat you!
I love the soft feeling that dryers bring to my towels but this week i actually put my line dry only items out on the deck on our little folding rack and i loved how my tee shirts came out!!
We don't really have signs of autumn here yet although,the days are cooler and evenings are getting down to the 40s in the mountains and 50s here so no AC needed which makes us happy. I did see a yellow leaf on my hike Tuesday as i was in the high peaks region. The lower peaks are not turning yet. I'm glad. I savor these next two weeks!!

I love getting texts too. You'll see the news of one text i got over the made my faves, 😀

Enjoy the weekend!

Barbara Harper said...

No signs of fall here yet--it's still very hot and humid. I always think of Sept. 1 as the beginning of fall, too, though it won't feel like it here for a few weeks yet.

How nice to be treated out for dinner at such a great place!

I have not thought about my dryer in a long time, but I remember not having one and how stiff clothes were without it, even using fabric softener. It definitely is the little things!

I know what you mean about texts from our kids. Love them.

Karen said...

Our stores have mums out, too. I'm so tempted to get some, but our front door faces the west and it is still hot most days and potted plants really get fried.

Those texts are precious, no matter how near or far the kids live.

ellen b. said...

You had some special blessings this week. Woohoo on appreciating that dryer. I really enjoy seeing texts from our adult children, especially when they attach a photo. Have a great weekend.

Willow said...

I think my absolute favorite is getting those texts and phone calls especially if the kids initiate them. What a blessing to have adult children who love you.
Fall? No, not here. I did notice some brown leaves on the ground but I think they dried up because of the lack of rain.
I have a brilliant yellow mum on my kitchen counter right now! Love mums!
Have a great weekend!

Wendy said...

Catching up here after being away. I would hate to be without my dryer for a month. I do try to use it less during the summer when I can get washing out to dry but things like towels ALWAYS go in the dryer! Yes messages from the kids are always welcome. We use a Whatsapp group to keep each other up to date. A meal out, new food, good company and no bill to pay. What's not to like?