Friday, August 23, 2019

Friday's Fave Five #547

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five .  We're looking for blessings in our lives in a purposeful way.  By taking some moments to take note of those things that bring joy or lift us up we are cultivating a grateful attitude and training our hearts to look for the hand of God in our everyday routines.  Feel free to join us if you are new.  The more the merrier.  Guidelines are linked in the sidebar.  

1.  Dryer fixed.  I had been without a dryer for a month.  Wow, you don't really realize how much you rely on an appliance until it's taken away from you.  I was washing my clothes at my house and then taking two wet loads at a time to my mom's to dry each week.   So thankful for that but it did add so much more effort compared to just throwing it in a home.  And the huge blessing is we got it fixed for free even though it's off warranty.   After expressing shock and dismay that they would make me pay any part of what was  faulty circuitry (or whatever it's called) and that they were lucky they didn't burn my house down the company acquiesced and agreed to pay the whole shot.    Very thankful for that because last week my car's steering decided it was going to put up a protest!

2.  Car fixed.  As mentioned above my car's steering decided to join the dryer in mutiny.  We took it to our mechanic who ordered the part.  Unfortunately when the part came it came with a huge warning sticker that it must be programmed by the dealership.  So then we had to book into a dealership.  And then the weekend came so I was without a vehicle for almost a week. I finally have it back and I'm so grateful.

3.  Pool replaced.  I had bought the dayhome kids a new pool for the summer in July.  It's the same one I've bought for years and they usually last me 3-5 years which is good considering how often it's set up and taken down.  This one, though, lasted me 3 uses.  I was going to start the repairs on it (good ol' shoe goo and duct tape are miracle workers) when I thought I should phone the store and ask for a replacement even though I no longer had the box or receipt.  I did that and within a few minutes of being passed to a couple different departments I was told to come in and get a new one.  Very thankful for that.

4.  New favorite lip balm.  Caramel Creme by Chapstick.  I think it's a seasonal one (Christmas, maybe?) but still loving it in the summer.

5.  Favorite bookmark found.  I had misplaced a favorite bookmark given to me by my daughter which had a sweet picture of Winnie the Pooh on it.  Winnie is a favorite nostalgic character from their childhood so the fact that she gave it to me makes it very special.  I had lost it and now have found it again.  Makes me happy everytime I look at it in my book.  :)

Bonus:  Loving this quote:

Goes very well with the goals of Friday's Fave Five, don't you think?

Just a note:  My internet server has had a major issue this past week that has affected the receiving and sending of emails.  As in I can't do either.  So if you've wondered why I might not have answered something you might have emailed me that is why.  They've set up a temporary email online and I can now receive my emails but I still cannot send any.  It has also messed with me posting pictures from my phone.  Has been very frustrating but I know it will eventually get back.  Learning a little lesson in patience.

What were your 5 favorite blessings from the last week?


Gattina said...

I have noticed that once one thing falls apart others follow ! I had it once with the diswasher, then the fridge,then the dryer tthe washing machine allone after the other ! Fortunately all is Ok now in your home but it is always a worry !

Wendy said...

Oh wow no dryer and then no car. Not a good time! Glad everything is fixed especially with the bonus of the pool. I hate losing things that I know I should be able to find. Have a goood weekend.

Faith said...

So thankful for new parts and car repairs....seems like the week for it!!

So glad you found the bookmark. I had one "break" on me this week and i was a bit sad as it was special from my sister Joy my fellow avid book buddy. She had bought me one for xmas with a cute little bead on it and the bead fell off and when I tried to fix it, it fell apart!! I still can use the book mark but it's missing the cute bauble. sigh.

So thankful the store made good on the pool!! Was a hot summer here so if where you are, i'm sure those precious kiddoes enjoyed it!

Happy Weekend (I did send you an email about a book i just is up...was posted Wed) your email bounced back to me and I'm just now getting a chance to tell you :)

Barbara Harper said...

It's frustrating when appliances and vehicles mutiny. Glad everything is back in working order now. It's especially nice the dryer and pool were taken care of for free. So glad you found the missing special bookmark. Pooh is nostalgic for us, too. That quote is so accurate.

Love Bears All Things said...

My Mother always said bad luck came in 3s and it seems that is the had more than your share...However there is joy in adversity...Being thankful is always right...I'm often thankful for little things like spotting a baby rabbit or seeing the Red Headed Woodpecker again or watching the Hummingbird visit the feeder in the window...And thankful for God's grace.
Mama Bear

Karen said...

I can't think of any other thing (well, maybe the washing machine) that brings my life to a halt like a broken car or dryer. Happy for you that yours are up and running again!

It's so nice to find those small lost treasures:)

Have a good weekend, Susanne:)

ellen b. said...

Oh boy, dryer, steering and internet...a trifecta. Glad you got some things fixed and that you had that pool replaced. Finding something you thought was lost is always such a great experience. Yippee for Pooh showing up. Hope your last week of August is a good one.

nikkipolani said...

I'm shocked the dryer manufacturer would think to do anything but to repair your unit at their cost! I realize it's out of warranty, but having their name added to "Breaking News" of a house fire would not fare well! Glad you are back on track with appliances. A month is a long time to be out of your routine!