Friday, March 08, 2019

Friday's Fave Five #524

Welcome Friday and welcome to everyone here to participate in Friday's Fave Five.  We are a group that's intentional in our goal of finding blessings in our normal everydays.  We are purposeful in being thankful for those blessings, whether we are having a good week, a bad week, a crazy week or a boring week.  Please join us in sharing 5 of your favorite blessings from the past week.

~ treated to Sunday lunch ~ At church on Sunday we received a spur of  the moment invitation out for lunch.  Usually we have my Mom for lunch on Sundays but this week we had spent a fair bit of time with her Saturday, so we actually had no plans for lunch.  What a nice treat it was.  The company was wonderful, great friends of ours, the laughter abounded and the food was great.  No better way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday.

~ warm up ~ looks like the severe deep freeze of February and beginning of March is over, at least for the next 14 days.   Today the temperature rose to the freezing mark.  Yes, it actually felt warm and balmy compared to what we have had!  The sun was out and the snow was melting.  Can't wait for spring!

~ shampoo/conditioner scents ~ One of my favorite things is lovely smelling shampoos and conditioners.  I am so not a morning person but on the days my hair needs a wash I look forward to that nice smell helping to wake me up.

~ headphones ~  I am not an earbud kind of gal.  Hate how they feel and most of them actually hurt to have them in my ears.  But every once in a while I do need them to listen to something on my computer.  I was using this super old pair of headphones that my son had left behind but they finally bit the the dust.  Hubby gifted me with a new pair that sound wonderful and feel great over my ears.

~ cups of tea and good conversation ~ there has been some great conversation and discussion shared over cups of warm, fragrant tea on cold nights with our ladies group.  Love these wonderful women that God has placed in my life to bond with and grow with.

What have been your favorite blessings this week?


Faith said...

Oh I'm so glad you are having a warm up in the weather. We are supposed to as well starting tomorrow and it can't come soon enough for me!!

I love sharing with the ladies in my life and hot cups of tea are great on these cold winter evenings.

There's nothing like a great scented shampoo. My fave right now is a coconut one. Mmmmm.....

Lunch out with good food and friends is always a blessing!

Many ear buds bother me too. My oldest finally gifted me with a good set but I'd much rather have a headphone...those big ones that completely cover the ears. . Hers were pricey so I'm waiting. Glad you found some good ones!

Have a happy weekend.

Ps i finished book 2 in the Lavender tide series. Wasn't impressed. I liked book 1 better. Am now waiting for book 3!

Melanie said...

Hi, Susanne. I joined here with you this week! I too love tea and conversation. There is something so special about a fragrant cup of tea and I love to experiment with different flavors. I seem to have the opposite problem with ear phones vs ear buds. Ear phones tend to make my head hurt. Ear buds work better for me. Have a blessed day.

Barbara H. said...

Wow - that's cold when freezing is warming up! Here's hoping spring comes soon to all of us. The Sunday lunch sounds wonderful. It's so nice when something spontaneous works out and turns out to be so much fun. Glad your husband found some headphones that work well for you! I don't really like headphones or ear buds, but, like you say, sometimes you need them. My husband gave me some that feel better than anything else I've tried, but I'm still hoping to find something that works better.

ellen b. said...

I am happy with you for a warm up in temps! I'm a headphone ruin your hairdo kind of gal. Earbuds just don't cut it for me and like you I find that they hurt. We took the plunge and bought Bose headphones especially for a long plane ride to England. A cup of tea and conversation sounds real good to me. Hope you have a good weekend.

Wendy said...

Tea and chat are definitely a good combination. I'm glad you are feeling warmer but freezing point doesn't sound warm to me lol. An unexpected outing is usually a nice treat. Have a good weekend.

Willow said...

A weather warm up! Yay! I know it has been a long cold winter. I'm glad it's 'warming up'.
Tea or coffee and a chat is a favorite at Willow's Cottage, too. Lunches (or dinners) are too. And with friends--that's the best!
Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Such nice favorites this week, Susanne. Friends, tea, and warmer weather. Simple pleasures are the sweetest. I have a pair of earbuds that weren't super expensive, but they aren't the $5 kind either. They're so comfortable, that I actually enjoy wearing them. I usually spend a day at the library each week, and I take them with me to listen to music. (and drown out all the chatter -- whatever happened to the days when you didn't talk in the library? Do I sound old?)

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I love smelling shampoo and conditioner as well. It's one of the best parts of going to the hairdressers.