Friday, October 26, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #505

Welcome to the last Friday's Fave Five for the month of October.  Here we pause to count our blessings, to develop a habit of being grateful and to cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving.  Won't you please join us in this journey?

Just like that that beautiful wall of gold mentioned in last week's FFF overnight all came tumbling down and there is not one leaf left on a tree.  Fall is truly here in every sense of the word in my neck of the woods.  In no particular order here are five of my blessings from last week.

~ warranty still in effect ~  in January of this year we had purchased a new stove when the other one went kaputz.  This new one is the kind that has two ovens, a smaller one on top and the larger one on the bottom.   I always use the smaller one because that is sufficient for our needs, but this last Thanksgiving when I cooked the turkey I noticed that the bottom oven just wasn't coming up to temperature the way it should.  After checking the manual, hubby tried to calibrate it like it instructed but it still wasn't just right.  When we checked, the whole thing is still under warranty, so the repair is going to be no charge.  We have the worst luck with things going just after warranty wears off, or putting it off trying to fix it ourselves and then finding the warranty finished, so I'm really thankful we got on it this time and the warranty is all good.

~ new recipe ~ I tried this quinoa recipe for our meatless meal this week and it was delicious.  Everyone loved it and it's definitely going to go into keeper file.  The only thing I did different was put it into a smaller baking dish, I think a 9x9, as I found the 9x13  the recipe called for would be too big.  With a fresh side salad it made a great meal.

~ online grocery shopping ~ I haven't shopped this way for a while even though I really liked it and was taking advantage of it quite regularly for quite some time.  But this last weekend it was just too busy and late Sunday afternoon, I gave in and ordered the groceries online.  It really helped out this weekend.

~ spur of the moment day trip ~  Saturday Hubby and I jumped in the car and took off for getaway to Calgary for the day.  Even though they were asked with only a half hour to get ready my sister and brother in law joined us and we had a really lovely day.  We introduced them to the farmer's market there and went on a quick mall trip then had a lovely supper together and came home.  It was just the thing all of us needed to destress and unwind a bit.

~ new vet ~ after our  former vet, whom we really liked, started to only do surgeries, we found we couldn't click with the vet who took his place in the clinic.  We tried a couple of other places but there was always just something that didn't quite fit with us, but this week we found a lovely lady who really seemed to care and was patient with both our dog and in explaining things to us.  Keeping our fingers crossed that she works out.  I don't like jumping from here to there and all over the place.

What were your favorite blessings this week?


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I'm glad to hear your oven was still under warranty. One year we had to bring our whole turkey over to a friend's house because we had a houseful of people coming over and our oven quit on Thanksgiving morning!

Faith said...

Oh wow your tree is bare now?? Our smaller maple which is golden is just starting to drop the leaves which means i will be raking every day next week after work...ugh....and and our large maple is JUST starting to turn but this morning is our coldest one since last March so I'm guessing those will soon drop.

Praise God the oven warranty is still vital!!

I love spontaneous trips!! Sounds like a wonderful day. Calgary is still on our bucket list. Will i ever get there??!

So glad you found a new vet!! Our oldest niece is finishing her vet residency in VA. She loves it!!

Happy weekend

Barbara H. said...

That's so frustrating when something needs repair or replacement just after the warranty expires. So glad yours was still good and will take care of the issue. I shop at two different grocery stores (they both have things the other doesn't). One has online ordering, the other doesn't. I'm really loving the online ordering!

What a fun day trip! Hope your new vet works out. We're having to go through the same thing with our eye dr. - the one we had retired, one partner went somewhere else, and we don't like the partner who remained (we felt he missed my husband's detached retina in its beginning stages, so it was much worse when it was finally caught.) To find a new one we have to look through my husband's insurance information to see what doctors they work with, and I have haven't gotten around to doing that. I need to, though - I am way overdue for an eye exam.

I don't say this every week, but thanks for hosting this, Susanne!

Wendy said...

Spontaneous outings can often be the most fun. Glad you still had your warranty. We still have leaves on our trees. Hope the vet works out ok. Have a great weekend.

Karen said...

I really want to try having our groceries delivered. I just can't seem to get organized for that first order, but I think it would make my life and my budget much simpler. I like quinoa when there's lots of other stuff with it, so I'm tagging your recipe. Your day trip sounds so nice. We still have lots of leaves on trees, and the colors are more vivid each day.

Enjoy your weekend, Susanne:)

Gattina said...

I had troubles with a vacuum cleaner once ! One day before the warranty expired ! They gave me a new one ! Was I happy ! I never tried online shopping for food, I think I should try it once, at lease to see how it works. A good vet is important, we have one for years a lady who really loves animals and is not only a money maker !

Willow said...

I'm glad you have found a vet you click with. It's like finding a human dr you like and trust.

That getaway day sounds like so much fun. It's nice that your sister and bil enjoy spontaneous fun things, too.

Whew! The warranty on the stove/oven was still in effect. That's definitely a blessing!

susan said...

Just like with doctors for humans, it is so important to click with doctors for pets. Keeping my fingers crossed with you that this new vet is what you are looking for.

Hurray for your 2nd oven being under warranty. It is so great that you found out in time.

It is so nice when you have an opportunity to go on a spontaneous day trip and can even bring along family. I want to go to our local farmer's market today. Thanks for the reminder as on Saturday mornings I usually just want to stay home in my jammies.

Have a great weekend, Susanne.

ellen b. said...

Glad you caught that oven issue before the warranty expired. Love spontaneous trips like that. Glad you enjoyed your day. Happy new week to you!