Friday, October 07, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #400

Hi everyone.  It's been a crazy week with a new babe in dayhome so I am very short on computer time and super tired in the evenings.  I had a couple of posts started but they just didn't go anywhere.  But I want to make sure I take time to look back and see the blessings of the last week.  Please join in with the FFF group!

1.  Movie night with good friends.  I love spending time with this couple, they are so much fun.  We had coffee is a nice local coffee shop and then headed out to see Sully.  Such a good movie.  I love true story movies and I have to say this one had my heart in my throat a few times.

2.  Operation Christmas Child kickoff.  Sunday was our kickoff to the shoebox campaign and it went really well.  I always love this time of year and it's always so much fun to pray and pack those boxes for the children.  

3.  Good sales on things I need.  I always love me a good deal but it's even sweeter when it's something I really needed and needed to get right at the time.  Sometimes things just go kaputz and break down at inconvenient times.  You just cannot wait until a sale comes along.  It's especially a blessing to find that item you need right away at a good price.  Always thankful for that.

4.  Hardly any wasps during the normal wasp season.  Yes there were some though nothing like last year.  It was so bad last year that all the stores had literally run out of wasp traps and we literally drove and hour and half to another city to find some.  We stocked up but I only used one this year and it was mostly empty of wasps.   And here it is October so the season would be officially done for them critters.  Yipee!

5.  Spicy fall scents.  I love all the warm spicy scents of Fall's wax melts and candles.  A favorite I've been had in the melter is Autumn Sunset from Scentsy and a favorite candle is Autumn Day from Bath and Body.  I just love everything about fall.

What were your favorites this week?


Gattina said...

We are not allowed to kill wasps anymore, or at least we should avoid it, because of the orchards and fruit trees. Without wasps, bees etc, the blossoms will make no fruits ! That happened in China and they had to go from tree to tree and do it by hand ! Imagine, that's why we are all getting re-educated ! No killing anymore !

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I love the spicy fall scents as well. I usually burn a crisp apple or a pumpkin spice scented candle at this time of year.

Ann said...

We plan to go see Sully soon. Blessings to you as you take care of that precious new baby!!

Barbara H. said...

It's always an adjustment with a new little one in the house. Hope that's all going well. The movie night sounds fun! I hear you on #3 - sometimes you need things when you need them and can't wait for them to go on sale, so it's wonderful when that thing happens top be on sale right then. Yay for fewer wasps!

Karen said...

I'm enjoying my fall candles, too, and actually remembering to light them each evening;)

We had so many wasps this summer, and they weren't at all attracted to the wasp traps we hung up. It makes me wonder if there are different kinds of wasps?

I can't believe it's Operation Shoe box time already! That always sounds like such a fun project.

We are so bad about getting out to see movies. I think we get lazy. But, we did buy a new DVD player last night! so we'll be catching up on some shows through Netflix.

Enjoy the new little one! Have a good weekend, Susanne.

ellen b said...

I'd be thankful for less wasps, too. We don't get many but our son does in Eastern Washington. I'm always happy to see a good sale on things I want. Glad you got some bargains! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and Thanksgiving Monday!

Kathie said...

I have to get some fall candles - I really enjoy them. I love Yankee candles the best. They're expensive but they last a long time.

We're starting up our shoeboxes this Sunday - it's such a good project.

Thanks for the movie recommendation. I like a movie night!

Hope you have a restful weekend Susanne! And congrats on reaching 400 fff posts - wow!! A milestone for sure!

Wendy said...

Wow 400 FFF s well done! Love getting a bargain. Have a good weekend.

Willow said...

I do love fall although I don't get to experience it much. However, I love 'experiencing' it vicariously through others' photos and descriptions.

I also love hearing about the Christmas Child shoeboxes. A friend in my Bible Study is "Susanne" in our area and I know she is super busy but also loves 'packing and praying', too.

Have a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! (It is this weekend, isn't it? My niece just moved to Vancouver Island and mentioned it)

Faith said...

well of course here in the northeast we especially love autumn!! people from all over the US come to NY to see our beloved mountains in full fall foliage. this weekend is peak colors in the higher elevations. and they come to VT, ( where i was today), NH and MA too.

its a little early for our church to do OCC ...we usually wait until closer to Thanksgiving.....

yay for sales and movie dates!!!!

nikkipolani said...

Timely deals are so nice when they happen! So glad you had a few of those recently. Enjoy your wasp-free fall and scents and autumnal colors, Susanne!