Monday, October 10, 2016

And Thanksgiving 2016 is in the books

Merry Christmas...or rather I mean...Happy Thanksgiving from Southern Alberta.  We woke up to a wonderfully sunny snowy day in which to give out thanks.  Life in Southen Alberta, you gotta roll with it.  

We had our big turkey dinner yesterday and today we are just resting and recuperating.  Yes recuperation is needed after this:

What seemed to be our theme for the weekend.

Mmmhmm...looking good. I think this is the best turkey I have ever cooked.

The spread!

The plate!

And the fam...the most important part of the day!  

Hubby took the pic so missed avoided getting in the pic.
Now, this was round two, a ham dinner being celebrated with my dad on Saturday at my sis's place but darned if I didn't forget to take a picture that day.

So today we are sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing and saying prayers for my son and his friend who have to drive back to Edmonton in the snow storm because he has classes tomorrow.

And this about wraps up Thanksgiving 2016!  Ha!


Wendy said...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving wishes. Glad it went well apart from the snow.

Barbara H. said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love the graphic at the end - too true.

ellen b said...

Yeah! So happy to see the family shot. Oye...about that snow shot. Really? Seriously? Yikes. Sorry about my response to photo number 1! But...I do love the spread shot!!

Faith said...

YIKES!! Oh my goodness....white stuff!!!! haha....I was hiking yesterday on a mountain that nearly froze my tootsies off...only a high of 44 at the summit but when we got back to the car it was 58 (F) and warming up the time I got south to my home, it was 62F. Today we have windows open while the sunlight is pouring in but by nightfall, the heat will probably click on as I just read a report that said in the higher elevations last night, there was a dusting of snow!!! It looks like you had an amazing Thanksgiving with all kinds of yummy eats, despite your storm.

Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all! The food all looks so good. I love your round roasting pan, too, it's a beauty.

No snow here yet, but your photo is a sobering reminder that it can happen any day now. Sigh.

Gattina said...

You have snow already ?? So early ! What a nice Thanksgiving you had ! The whole family together, that's so nice !

Ann said...

Glad it was so nice. It's weird to think of Thanksgiving being in October!! I would like that -- puts a little space between it and Christmas!!

Kathie said...

A belated Happy Thanksgiving Susanne! We had no snow although we had stormy weather! Thanksgiving Sunday was cloudy,but on Thanksgiving Monday we had the remnants of Hurricane Matthew - very windy, rainy and wild! But we ate on Sunday so no travelling for the family that day! Just sitting home in front of the fire and enjoying leftovers!

(I see you do a buffet style serving for your meal - I'm always debating which is best - serve up the plates? (my mil), put the bowls on the table after the blessing (my style but leaves me getting to the table so late) - I think I'll try buffet next year... How does it work for you?)

nikkipolani said...

I can see your Thanksgiving was thoroughly celebrated with that incredible spread and loved ones all around.

You had me grinning at the end ;-)