Thursday, June 19, 2014

Of Arks and Anniversaries

I have been hiding.  And I feel justifiably so.  It's been pouring here for about 2 or  3 days.  Oh the grayness.  Oh the water.  It started seeping into the basement once again.  I'm very thankful that we only get a bit.  And in places where it doesn't hurt a whole lot.  But boy, oh boy, what a pain and what a stress when it is finding it's way in.  Every towel in the house is commissioned in the fight to sop that water up and keep it contained.  And if I forgot to be thankful for the washer and dryer before I am very much singing the duo's praises now.  They have been constantly spinning and drying said towels so they may get back to their job of soaking up.

Smack dab in the middle of it yesterday Hubby and I had our 31st anniversary.  31 one years.  Wow, who'd have thought on that very windy June day of 1983 that we'd be here announcing 31 years together in matrimony.  In the midst of discussing whether to build an ark or not, we wished each other a Happy Anniversary.  Just a little reminder of how life likes to roll.  The good and the bad.  And with the grace of God we've "weathered" them together for 31 years.  Happy Anniversary to my forever Sweetheart!

beautiful bouquet from my Sweetheart!


Barbara H. said...

Happy anniversary! What bright, pretty flowers!

We don't usually travel, but we took a special trip a few years ago on our 25th anniversary. We ended up spending the night in separate beds in the hotel room, each with different physical issues. I've often thought that though romantic trips and dinners are nice, the real stuff of marriage is working together and seeing each other through thick and thin.

ellen b. said...

Happy Anniversary to the two of you! Amen to that's how life rolls...up and down. Blessings on many more years and may that basement dry up soon!!

Deb said...

I often miss having a basement (they are quite rare here in the Phoenix area) until I hear stories like yours. Water in the basement is no fun at all. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. My sweetie and I celebrated 35 years on June 8. Over 30 years of marriage is something to be proud of and happy about in a time when so few people bother to "tie the knot" at all. Hope you get some sunshine soon!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary! Another thing we have in common -- we were both June brides. We celebrated our 30th this year.

Ugh, water in the basement is such a pain. It sounds like you've had more than your share of it lately. Hope it dries up soon for you.

nikkipolani said...

Wonderful bouquet from your beloved. And wonderful for 31 years together through thick and thin.

Faith said...

Happy anniversary!!! Even amidst a flood. Last year we spent our # 24 anniversary on June 30. Helping my dad shovel out mud from HIS flood. He lost everything in the basement. 😢 thankfully you don't have to deal with that!