Friday, June 06, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #286

Morning everyone!  It's Friday and time to look at what we have been grateful for over the past week. Join us as we share 5 favorites out of what we find.  I know I am late this morning with my list.  I cannot tell a lie:  I totally forgot what day it was until I opened my email and some were asking where FFF was.  Oops.

Mine was a very routine kind of week but I know in the everyday-ness (is that even a word?) there are still those things that lifted me.  I'll start you off with a video I can't stop watching and then I'll be back with more!

1.  Worship like this!!!    

2.  Fun evening spent with new friends.  We were invited to a new friends' home for supper and a very enjoyable evening.  They made us homemade burger patties cooked on the grill...soooo good!  The company was fun and we learned a great new card game called Sticks.  Lots of fun and teasing.  I love getting together with another couple.

3.  The smell of rain.  We've had a couple of rainy days this week and I just love the smell it leaves.  So fresh and clean as all the dust of windy spring gets washed away.

4.  Beautiful Blooms

This year I got the brilliant idea to take what would be a hanging basket planter and plunk them into my planter rather than planting little seedlings.  I cut off the "hanger" part and the result?  Already full flowering gorgeous dislplays of color.  It would take at least well into July for my planters to look like this and they've been showing off like this for 2 weeks now.  I think I'll do this every year.  Now barring any insane hail, wind or microburst storms, I just may be able to keep them alive until the season is over.

5.  Iced Teas.  I've been experimenting with all the different teas we've had hiding in the cupboards and making them into iced teas.  I've been trying the fruity ones without a lot a sweet added to them.  It's been a yummy way to use up all the teas and it's been refreshing on the warmer days.  And I like the fact that I can add the amount and type of sweetness I want (I usually use honey) and not have to have the overwhelming amount of sugar they usually put in the pre-packaged iced teas.  Especially enjoyable on a sunny day, on a deck chair with a good book.

What were the blessings that stood out for you this week?


Karen said...

Wow! What a great start to my morning!

Faith said...

I was just saying to my oldest that we have way too many herbal teas and I don't typically like got tea.....I got the herbal for her this winter but she never took it back to college with'm now gonna do your idea and make various iced teas and NO sugar! Unless it's honey. Thanks for the idea!! And yay for evenings out at friends!!!food fun and fellowship is awesome!

Monica said...

no worries! I forgot to put the link over here in my post! and to link up today! Had to go in and fix that!
Sounds like a beautiful week; rain, flowers, and tea!
Would like to let you know that I changed my url The Joyful Bookcase is now
Hope you will come by and visit! :)

Willow said...

Good idea to use the teas for iced tea!
I love the fresh smell of rain (I have vague memories of it--we're in drought and would love to experience some rain). I also love that crystal clear rain washed air after a storm.
I hope your weekend is as everyday-ordinary-blessed as your week was.

Barbara H. said...

I love the smell of rain, too - so refreshing.

Here some of the home improvement places will have ready-to-be-planted containers for planters. I usually like to get those because they do look fuller, but this year we found some bedding plants on clearance and got some of those for the planter. They've just really started looking nice and full recently. Love converting the hanging plant idea!

Your evening with friends sounds fun!

Snowbird said...

Wonderful video, what a lovely blessing, you just can't beat the smell of rain and how it has everything glowing afterwards, and iced teas!!!
It is always lovely to enjoy good company, hopefully you will have a lasting friendship!xxx

Jerralea said...

Iced tea and reading on the deck is definitely a highlight in my book.

Love your flowering plant idea. They look lovely.

Awesome worship video!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a great week! Your flowers are beautiful and I love learning new card games. I'll have to look up Sticks as I've never heard of that one before.

LivingforGod said...

Great video! Great idea for your planter! I also like the fresh smell of rain and I enjoy Thai iced tea (which is very sweet :)).

Have a blessed weekend in the Lord!