Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Spicy Kind of Gal

If you've come to this blog for any length of time, you know I enjoy cooking.  So in anyone's home who enjoys cooking you would probably find some similar setup for spices on the counter.

This is normal.

Opening the cupboard you may also find something such as this:

Still quite in the norm, don't you think?

But then there is this.  This was supposed to be the spot where the spices from the countertop would go.  To, you know, get them off the top of the counter and let that gorgeous countertop show more.   Well, that didn't happen.

Maybe a spice intervention is in order?  Is there such a thing as a spice hoarder?  I'm not gonna end up on TLC or OWN with a bunch of my friends and family standing long faced as I'm confronted by the spice version of Peter Walsh, am I?  Or maybe, our very own Alberta version will be jumping in her van and driving a bit south and standing there will empathy in her eyes but a will of steel against my pleas, tears and arguments. 

But who can resist?  I mean, names like Greek, Italiano, Cajun and Thai call my name from grocery store shelves.  But seriously, who cannot pick up a bottle of Garlic Blaster, Zesta Fiesta, Smouldering Smoked Applewood, and Devil's Dust when on vacation?  Other's buy t-shirts.  I buy spices.  

Please tell me your cupboards are also explosions of flavors.  


Balisha said...

There's an explosion of flavor here in N. Illinois too:) I love to try new spices. My husband loves to buy huge bottles of seasonings...I try to hold him down and tell him that by the time I finish these the flavor will not be there.Mine aren't on the counter, but fill one spice cabinet and a drawer.

Sandra said...

If you end up on Spice Hoarders, you can be certain that I will end up there in the next episode following yours lol

Karen said...

I guess I'm a spice girl, too. My designated spice drawer is forever spilling out onto the counter and into the cabinet overhead. But, try as I might to purge any and I find that I use them all! Hard to believe.

Faith said...

I LOVE spices. My are alphabetized. I have cooking spices in one (TONS of them) and baking spices in another. The baking spices don't tend to stay alphabetized as 1. there are way less of them and 2. my youngest bakes alot and just places them in the cupboard haphazardly. My oldest and I? we're the OCD ones!! LOL..drives Dave nuts!

Jerralea said...

I do have a lot of spices but I believe you have more! There are worse things than being a spice girl!

nikkipolani said...

Um..., I think you've won the spice collection contest! At least they are all tidily in place now.

I tend to like individual spices rather than blends but I will admit that my vinegar collection seems a bit unbalanced (white, apple cider, sherry, white balsamic, regular balsamic, balsamic glaze, Chinese black, red wine, white wine, rice)

ellen b. said...

Oh man I think we both need to go to spiceaholics anonymous! Love your counters!!

Laura said...

LOL you are too funny! I love your spice collection and your built in "boundary" that you have there :) The spice rack on your counter is totally fine as long as it doesn't bother you when you look at it. If it doesn't then don't worry about it! Wow bet you didn't think I'd say that lol. Your kitchen is beautiful by the way!!

Carrie said...

:D re: spice intervention! LOL!