Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Mish Mash 3-12-12

In a strange turn of events I did not cook one thing this weekend.  My biggest effort at making food was spooning yogurt into a dish and pouring granola on the top.  Guaranteed the no cooking thing will not be happening again this week so I best get on with the menu plan.  So this week's table will be graced with, in no particular order:

-Crockpot Beef and Gravy
-Oven Baked Sour Cream Chicken
-Tuna Patties
-Paprika potaotes
-Savory Pork Chops
-Chicken Nuggets

We had Daylight Savings Time here in Alberta this weekend.  The infamous "Spring Ahead" occured on Sunday 12:00 A.M.  I'd like to know who had the bright idea of losing an hour sleep every spring.  I'd like a few words with said person.  On top of it Younger Girl worked until 1:15 in the a.m. on Saturday morning.  She should have been off at 11:30 or so.  She was able to get a ride home but I still stayed up because (1) she didn't have her key because I would have normally picked her up and (2) who can sleep when they're "baby" is out that late?  So to say I'm a wee bit tired this Monday morning is an major understatement.  Where did I put my extra large coffee mug?

Sunday after church hubby and I and some friends saw "The Iron Lady".  In spite of mixed reviews, all four of us really liked it.  It provided for much conversation at the restaurant afterword.

So that's about it for our weekend.  How was yours?



Mom24 said...

Between Friday night and Monday morning I only cooked twice. Thanks for making me feel not so alone about that. :) Hope you were busy with good things.

I want to see The Iron Lady, it looks intriguing.

I'm sorry about your daughter having to work that late. That's brutal! (Especially for Mom waiting up.)

I would SO love to "chat" with the inventor of Daylight Savings Time and all the sadists that keep it going. I really, really dislike this time change.

Barbara H. said...

I saw something on Facebook suggesting that the powers that be really should consider moving the DST changeover to Friday afternoon instead of the wee hours Sun. morning. I so agree.

It wasn't planned this way, but I ended up cooking last week for only two nights. That really made it feel like a vacation! If it wasn't so expensive and unhealthy I could go for that every week!

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

At least in the States the time change is at 2 am so less likely to be up...

Donnetta said...

Food list looks yummy!

For the first time, in a long time, I was actually grateful for the spring ahead time change.

Hubby was out of town and the little guy was being overly mischievous all day, including getting into the baby powder and having it on himself and the bathroom.

Having the time change allowed me to get him to bed early, because the next night would be his normal bedtime, right? :-)

Hope you're getting caught up on your sleep!...

Faith said...

rushing out door to work...wanted to link up but don't see the linky thing. will be back later tonite to comment on your FFF!