Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday's Fave Five #181

Yikes, is it Friday already?  Where have I been all week?.  Missed the whole week of blogging but I'm not missing Fridays because today is the day to look back and find our blessings from the week.  It's an exercise I find helps me to stay grateful in my life no matter what kind of week I'm having.  And it's been a bit of a crazy one, that's for sure, with some unexpected things happening.  I might just be digging deep to find those blessings.  But that is the whole point of the exercise.  There are blessings if we but take some time to look for them.  Some are obvious, some not so much.  But the point is looking for them, no matter the week.   If you're new and would like to join in, please feel welcome.  Stop on by here and read the guidelines and then just hop on board.

1.  Vanilla Slices.  Imagine light flaky puff pastry, fresh whipped cream, vanilla custard, raspberry jam, and a delicious smooth icing.  Now you're thinking of one of my all time favorite desserts.  Haven't had one for years because we couldn't find a bakery that made them anymore.  That is until yesterday.  We found them in a little dutch bakery in a little town just outside of my city.  Good thing we have to drive a bit to get to them or I might indulge a little too often.  But it was a really nice treat from hubby.  Of course the picture is off the net because we devoured them before I could even say "camera". 
pic courtesy of  Village Bakery

2.  Library Time.  Always a pleasure.  And this week was I found an unexpected half hour to wander the aisles and shelves.  This time at the new library in town which means that all the books and videos are brand new.  Of course I came out with way more books than I should have to add to the pile.  Sheesh.  Well I guess it will be just in time to decide what I want to read for...

3.  This.  The Spring Reading Thing 2012.  I can't believe it's already that time.  But I always find it fun to choose which books I'm going to do for this challenge. I'll be going through above mentioned pile along with all my books overflowing in my basket and closet and choosing amongst them.  Why I find this so fun, I don't know.  But it makes my week.  

4.  Yoga Pants.  Okay, I'm a bit slow on the uptake but it's taken me awhile to get on the band wagon of this clothing item.  Mainly because it horrifies me how it shows every bump and curve so well.  But I found a wonderful pair that don't do that.  So now I own two.  They'll probably be out of style tomorrow just because I finally own a pair but I don't care because they are sooo comfortable.  
UPDATE:  The brand is Ellen Tracy and I purchased them at Costco.  They even have tummy control and so far they haven't stretched out of size at all.  

5.  After vacuum look.  Call me weird but I love how a house looks immediately after it's been vacuumed.   It's almost a de-stress thing for me.  Can't explain it, but I know it's a fave.  Make of it what you will.  ;v)

What are your favorites from the last week? Hope you had a week where they were easy to find and if you didn't, then bless you for searching for them anyway and joing in.   Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  



Willow said...

I had to laugh about the yoga pants. Since they'll now be out of style by next week, I can find some and purchase them, maybe even on sale! lol

A clean and vacuumed home is truly a blessing-nothing weird about that, unless that means we're both weird.

Have a great weekend, Susanne!

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

Before I read past your #1, I had to Google "Vanilla Slices." That combination of flavours wows me!!Looks like there are plenty of recipes for this "iconic Australian dessert." Who knew? I see a baking time in my near future. YUMMM.

Okay. Now I can get back to reading the rest of your items. ;)

I want a pair of yoga pants that don't show my imperfections. Tell us the brand, please!

I'll be joining the Spring Reading Thing too.

Gattina said...

Good for you that the Dutch bakery is not just across the street, lol !

PS. Can't you please take out this "I am not a Robot" thing, it's so time consume in a meme.
Jill Samter Photography explains what to do to protect you even without this feature.

Kara said...

Love the library, love vacuuming...and that vanilla thing?? ooohh la la

Faith said...

So glad you discovered yoga pants..I'm on my 5th pair! lol...i have them in long length for winter months and capri length for summer :) I LOVE them for power walking, yoga exercises and even biking in cooler weather are gonna LOVE em! and yes...they're still in style :) I love a vacuumed house too and it's on my agenda for tomorrow afternoon! that dessert looks downright decadent and thank for letting me know about the spring fling!! i am on a reading roll..have cut out tv altogether except for the occasional 5:30 news while i cook dinner! happy weekend Susanne!

Barbara H. said...

I've never heard of vanilla slices. Looks yummy!

I love the way the house looks freshly vacuumed, too. It's nice while it lasts, lol!

I need to get going on my SRT list. Usually I am planning for it way in advance but it snuck up on me this year.

Kathie said...

I just found yoga pants too - they must definitely be going out of style. :) They are comfortable! I'd like to know what brand you found too - I got mine at Reitman's. You have to buy them tight because they stretch like crazy. Very comfortable!

That dessert looks so yummy - I've been trying to cut back. But I hear there's a new Dutch bakery in town - I might have to drop in just for a treat.

I love clean counters - no clutter. It's like taking a deep breath!

Hope next week is not quite so eventful - looking forward to hearing about your books - they always make me happy too.


Annette {This Simple Home} said...

Well, I don't have any yoga pants....maybe I should. I love FFF bc it makes me consider the blessing and sometimes search them out!

nikkipolani said...

Those Fridays sneak up on you, don't they? I know what you mean about delicious treats being safer at a distance ;-) Not surprised reading took up two of your faves this week - enjoy your stash!

Mom24 said...

I have yoga pants, I'm sure they look horrendous, but some days you just need to be comfortable. Period.

Those pastries sound awesome. Yum!

Sorry the week has been challenging. I'll be thinking and praying for you.

Brenda said...

I love vanilla slices too, but you don't find them too often.

I'll have to check and see if our Costco has that brand of Yoga pants- that is my preferred "day off" clothing item :)

Jientje said...

I have no idea what yoga pants look like, but I'm sure they're comfortable! What you call vanilla slices we call Tom Pouce in Belgium. I don't indulge myself too often with them, once or twice a year when I'm on holiday. Still trying to loose some weight here! I already lost almost eight kilos, isn't that great?
Have a great weekend Susanne!

Jerralea said...

I've never had yoga pants or even seen them - are they like sweat pants? I've heard about them all over blog land, though. So since I've never bought any, perhaps they will stay in style!

I love a new stack of books to read, so I totally relate to your new library trip being a fave.

I've never had vanilla slices ... but I feel hungry now!

Bluerose said...

It's always SO hard to come out of the library without a ton of books! :)

I've got to go check out the Spring challenge. I've been seeing it around.

Hope said...

That pastry looks delicious! And I love going to the library. And reading! I like that just vacuumed look too. Although now we have wood floors in all the rooms due to my allergies. But a just swept room is great too! Glad you had a nice week. Enjoy the weekend.

Lynette said...

Vacumming is satisfying, a quick and easy cleanup.
What a yummy looking treat you had.

Donnetta said...

Library time is always a favorite for me too! And since we mostly have hardwood floors, I can't relate to the vacuum look, but the cleanly swept floors do resonate similarly with me. :-)

One of the favorites of my week?... actually having the time to stop and comment, not just read. I really am still here!! :-)

Carrie said...

So looking forward to Spring Reading Thing!

And I'm laughing about Yoga pants going out of style because you finally own a pair. :D hahaha!