Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday's Fave Five #180

Hello there and welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Are you ready to reflect back over your week and find some blessings, whether big or small, to share?  For guidelines please go here first and then come on back and join us.

1.  After my lamenting the Picnik closure in this post, my blogging buddy, fellow Canuck, Michelle emailed me with this link to a list of other free online editing options.  Thank you, Michelle!  If you guys only knew how stressed out I was about it.    She, herself,,  likes BeFunky (#10 on the list).  I liked the trial too and think I'll be going with that one along with iPiccy (#13 on the list).   I don't think either of these sites stores your photos.  but that is not what I wanted.  I just wanted an easy, user friendly, fun editing site.   The list is added to as the blog owner hears of other ones so check back with her if none of those suit you.

2.  Turkey dinner in February.  Saturday I discovered I had a turkey in the freezer, which got me craving stuffing and gravy.  So Sunday after church we enjoyed a yummy turkey dinner.  It wasn't as elaborate as on a holiday with a bazillion side options but the turkey, stuffing and gravy showed up.  And that's all that mattered.  

3.   The honor of praying for and with the ladie's in my study group.  It always amazes me how God can bring together such a diverse group of women, who under any other circumstances would not naturally be drawn to each other, and knit our hearts together such as He has.  

4.  Snowfall.   Yes, I said snowfall.  It's been such an odd, mild, brown winter this year.  We had only our 3rd or so snowfall of the season this past weekend. And I loved it.  I miss the snow.  And we're missing the moisture.  In fact, Alberta has declared fire season already.  A month earlier than usual.  So the white stuff was welcome by at least me.

5.  A day to do nothing.  Saturday found me with nothing on the calendar.  No where to have to run.  Nothing to have to go buy or return.  Very unusual and very wonderful.  I putzed around the house, enjoyed leisurely sipping on my coffee and reading on and off throughout the day, watched a couple of movies.  I wouldn't want it quite that slow all the time but once in awhile is very good.  

What were your favorite blessings of the week.  Don't forget to sign your post onto Mr. Linky.   Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 



nikkipolani said...

Wait, snow made your list? Have I come to the right FFF? But then I came to "a day to do nothing" and about swooned. And Turkey Dinner in February had me inspired.

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

I have to say that having turkey in February is a brilliant idea! After reading your post, I had to get up to see what I could eat that could fix a turkey-gravy-cranberry sandwich! Nothing in the fridge. :(

Thanks for the link to other photo editing options. I will check that out.

It is awesome how prayer can knit women together; and such an honour too.

Michelle said...

Awww Gee blushing here Susanne :) Have a fantastic weekend

Willow said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the snow. I suppose that snow for you is like rain for us. We need it and it makes our brown landscape green and keeps us from a rampant fire season.

Do nothing days = Bliss!

Gattina said...

Snow ! how odd ! I am at the French Rivera sitting outside !

Jientje said...

I use Photoscape, and have been for a lot of years now. It's very user friendly.
Like you I have used the tulip logo, because I'm counting the days till Spring. I know all about brown Winters, and enjoyed the snow we had a couple of weeks back. But now I want Spring, no more snow for me please!
How nice to discover hidden treasures in the freezer! I'm trying to empty mine as well!
I hope you'll have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend Susanne!

Faith said...

Happy FFF susanne! Well, I didn't have turkey this week but i did make chicken and dumplings and served cranberry sauce on the side...gave me a hint of thanksgiving
We just had our FIRST snowfall of the winter (not counting the weird 2 inches on halloween day). i must say it IS pretty..but it'll be gone tomorrow (we got 4 inches) because temps are soaring to the 50s. At least my ground got a good soaking.
Thanks for the editing links...I am SOOOO gonna miss picnik. i actually want a site that DOESN'T store them. I store them on my memory stick, hard drive. Have a good wkend.

Mom24 said...

I too am very sad about Picnik. I can't help but feel there's more to the story than has come out, someone has to be bankrolling all those refunds, maybe they'll be resurrected as something else down the road?

I love turkey and, turkey leftovers! I often buy two turkeys when they're very cheap here just so I can make one later. I'm glad you enjoyed.

A day off with nothing on the schedule. Awesome!

Brenda said...

Turkey tastes extra good at other times of the year. I wish I had a freezer big enough to store one!

I'm with you, a day to do nothing is wonderful!

Carrie said...

Tomorrow is MY Saturday in which we have nothing on the calendar. HURRAY! I'm SO glad! I kind of need a break!!

Sometimes eating turkey NOT on Thanksgiving just needs to happen, that's what! =)

Hollace said...

Have a great weekend!

Karyn said...

I could have done without the snow, but I'm sure the farmers were breathing a sigh of relief! Although, I'm not complaining - after all, the calendar says spring is nearly here!

Also, this dump of snow has given opportunity for the sleds to come out!

Turkey on a 'random day' is the best. Kind of like missing work to spend the day with your honey.

Jerralea said...

I adore days with nothing to do! I just told my hubby this week that I needed a "lazy Monday," my version of a day with nothing to do.

Thanks for sharing the photo editing sites. I'm going to check them out.

Turkey and dressing is great anytime!

Bluerose said...

I'm amazed at the snow! We've been having great spring weather, although we are preparing for bad storms the next couple of days. :P

I LOVE those days when there's nothing to do!!!! :)

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad you found another photo-editing option!

It sounds a little strange to have turkey in Feb. -- but then just reading about it has my mouth watering for it. My husband's mom used to make a turkey dinner when we would come up in the summers because it fed so many people. That seemed different, too, but we got used to it.

It's funny, praying with others isn't something I am naturally inclined to -- usually I prefer to pray alone -- yet when I do, it is such a blessing.

I wish we'd had one good snowfall this winter, but we have more than enough last year.

Your day with nothing to do sounds very nice!

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

I happen to like ham and turkey dinners occasionally for no real reason, too. I made TONS of stuffing at TG time...and should have it soon!

I am also a Picnik fan...signed up and fell in love with it about a week before their announcement. I will be looking at those options! Thanks for sharing!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I kind of understand about picnik, I have been feeling that way about GFC, but it all works out. I'm glad your friend could help! Oh, and thanks for reminding me, I have a turkey in my freezer, too!

We had a snow this week, too. Only three inches, but it was the first in over a month.

How nice that you enjoyed a lazy Saturday! It sounds nice. :)

Hope said...

I found a turkey in my freezer this week too! Haven't made it yet , though, but sure am looking forward to it. I also had a day of doing nothing. Isn't it great?! AND we now have tons of snow this week as well. Great list of faves! Have a wonderful weekend.

Lynette said...

We had turkey last month!

Putzed, not too many people use that word that I know have.One of my favorite words and things to.