Thursday, March 01, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey

Forgetting to take the meat out of the freezer for supper left me in a bit of a last minute quandry yesterday.  Good thing I cooked a turkey on Sunday and had a dish full of yummy turkey screaming "Use me!" when I opened the fridge door.  Yes, I cooked a turkey.  In February.   No special occasion, I just happened to have a smaller one and when I saw it sitting all lonesome in the bottom of the freezer I got a craving going for a good turkey dinner.  And it was all the more yummier because there wasn't the stress of  holiday perfection  going along with it.   Anyhoo, the last of the leftover turkey made a great fried rice for dinner last night.  I think I can manage the stuffing and gravy craving now until Easter.  It is coming early this year after all, isn't it?



ellen b. said...

I've been using up all the meat in the freezer I've been ignoring for a while this week. A turkey meal sounds pretty good right about now!

Faith said...

This is similar to what happened to ME yesterday, Susanne!! Leaving work was sllllooowww due to our first major snowstorm here in Albany NY! good grief...i think we all forgot how to drive in the white i was home later than usual and had just was exhausted as one of my students had a ROUGH day. pulled out leftover chicken stew and turned it into chicken and dumplings with some chicken strips i had set aside for lunches.....added some more mixed veggies and it was delish! in fact, i think i showed a pic of it for the diary of 5 yesterday! I love getting rid of leftovers!