Saturday, December 31, 2011

Memory Lane 2011

It was a bit of a stress filled, harder beginning for 2011.  But as life is, it ebbs and flows in different waves and  there is always many good memories to look back on too even through the tough stuff.  And that's why I love to do this meme.  You just look back over your year of blogging and find one thing that sticks out for you for each month.


January was presenting itself to be a really tough month with Hubby's Mom having a stroke.  But this little guy was now into his second month with us and he was doing his darndest to lighten the mood around the house.


January and February brought snow so we saw these guys out a few times clearing the roads.  A perfect opportunity to use the new camera.


Apparently I was in full on cooking mode this month because I cooked and shared quite a few recipes.  Upside down pizza, firecracker chicken, my sloppy joes,  and avocado chicken and shells all made it onto the blog that month.  At the beginning of the month we took in the Titanic Exhibit in the big city.  Sooo interesting and worth it.


There was more of the white stuff providing more fun camera time.  And hubby's beloved Mom went to be with the Lord on the Easter Sunday.  We still miss her greatly!


We celebrated my Dad's 80th with a suprise party in his condo party room.  He had no clue until we literally dragged him into the room.  We had to weave quite a convoluted tale of why I was there in dressier clothes to play pool.


Todd continued to amuse us with his antics.  One less person to keep an eye on him as T, our youngest, went to a 3 week youth missions course.


July found us on the road for an 7 hour one way trip to deliver our oldest daughter her new to her car.  We sure miss that girl and after 3 years still think 7 hours is much too long of a distance.  We'll never get used to it.


August saw me fullfill a bucket list wish of parasailing when we took a family vacation to the Okanagon Valley in British Columbia.  Yes, that is really me up there and it was one of the most thrilling yet peaceful things I have ever done.  I'd do it again in a nano-second!


Apparently September saw not a whole lot happen in my real life, blogging life, or picture taking life.  I talked a lot about the weather and books that month.  Hmmm.


Fall arrived in beauty.  I was blessed with boxes of fresh garden tomatoes so a lot of October found me making vats of spaghetti sauce and salsa to freeze.


November saw a real drop in blogging for me.  Only 9 posts.  I think I just got tired.  November also saw the craziest wind storm we have ever had around here, whipping a grass fire to extremely scary porportions as it sped towards the west side of our city.


Christmas was wonderful in spite of the fact that the beginning of December I was pretty darn unmotivated.  Surrounded by my family is where I'm most content!

So that about wraps up my year.  It's fun looking back to see where it started and the journey through it.  Happy New Year to everyone!  I'm looking forward to getting back to some more blogging fun in 2012!

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ellen b. said...

Hello there Susanne! I enjoyed going through your year with you. God bless you and yours in 2012! Happy New Year!

Faith said...

Hi Susanne!! I loved this...all your pictures...and I remembered so many things about your year! :) I have loved getting to know you through blogging...and hope to see you more on here in the next year...I plan on trying to be more faithful with my blogging. I think I'll take some time (have to dash out while the temps are still inthe 40s)after i take down the outdoor lights, to do this meme as well! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Donnetta said...

What a FUN way to summarize your year!

Although I have dropped off the face of the earth as commenting goes (of which I hope to remedy!) :-)... you can be sure I have read every post and thoroughly enjoyed this trip down memory lane with you.

Happy New Year Friend!

Marg said...

It's always good to come back here and visit. May you continue to find new blessings in 2012.
You are so right...when I started thinking about last year...I had many negative feelings...until I started looking at my photos and realized how many blessings really occurred.

Barbara H. said...

I do remember many of these! Each is such a mixture. I wish you a wonderful new year!

nikkipolani said...

Fantastic year in review, Susanne! I still can't get over your April photo. April is practically summer here! Here's to another adventurous year in 2012!

Karen said...

This was fun to read! Oh, and my dad celebrated his 80th birthday this year, too:) LOL

Wishing you health and many blessings in the new year, Susanne!

Trish said...

Lovely way to look back over the year. Bless you!

Michelle said...

Hi Susanne.happy new year to you.well put together
Blog Post;) Tod couldn't be any cuter :-)