Monday, January 02, 2012

A New Year, A New Start

Are you a resolution maker?  I am so not.  I have tried over the years and fail before the week is out.  But I do feel like I need to somehow have some goals, something to shoot for, something that directs the way life will be approached in the next year.  I have noticed several people talk about seeking God for a word for the year.  Something about that has struck a chord with me.  But I didn't want to panic and just pull any old word out of the year.  I wanted to really wait on God for something I really felt was from Him.  And I know I've got it.

When the word "Purposefully" came to me it immediately connected.  And as I spent time thinking on it, dwelling on it a few days, I knew it was my word.  I've really felt over the last couple of years a sort of drifting from day to day, week to week.  A lack of purpose and direction to my days and about a lot of things in my life.  So I know "Purposefully" is my word for the year.  I'm going to use it to direct my days, my choices, my time.  It feels right.

As I think on the meaning of the word:  having a purpose, determined, resolute, full of meaning, significant...I can already think all sorts of ways it definitely can be applied to my life.  I want my life more filled with meaning and significant.  Who doesn't?   All I have right now is a little word.  No real direction other than that.  Not much, but as I let God work some things out in my heart concerning the word and where He'll lead me with it in the next year I feel a new excitement for the year.  One I haven't had in some time.

What about you?  Are you a resolution kind of person?  Do you make goals for your year?

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ellen b. said...

No...I stay away from resolutions or "guilt makers" as I not so lovingly call them. I like the idea of a word or something to chew on for the year like a verse from the Bible. That's the direction I'll go in.
Here's to your new purposeful year Susanne!

Donnetta said...

I have not been much of a resolution person. While thinking about it the other day it finally struck me as to why.

I tend to set goals, assess and re-set goals throughout the year instead of just one time each year.

Works better for me that way I guess. :-)

Barbara H. said...

I haven't set resolutions in years. It just seemed a set-up for failure. I do like to set goals, as Donetta said, and have the flexibility to adjust them throughout the year.

But then our pastor has been preaching through the book of Job since early fall and started a segment yesterday on Job's resolutions. Very interesting! And he also read Jonathan Edwards introductory remarks about his 70 resolutions.

I think for me resolution seems to conjure of the idea of me mustering up enough umph to accomplish them. But Edwards wrote that he could only keep them with God's help. I've been reluctant to form resolutions that I think are beyond me, but that's just an indication of how much help I need to accomplish them.

I've seen people choose words for the year the last couple of years. I had never heard of it before. I hadn't really felt led to -- there are probably multiple words I need to heed. :-) But "intentional" has been coming to mind a lot lately, somewhat similar to purposeful. I don't know -- that may be my word for the year after all. "Having good intentions" is not the same think as living intentionally, and I do need to implement those intentions into every day life rather than thinking they're going to get there on their own somehow.

I may have just written a blog post here for later in the week, lol! Forgive me for taking up so much space here to sort out thoughts.

Faith said...

I don't do resolutions either but I DO set goals for my self, usually spiritual ones but sometimes physical ones like hiking more mountains or power walking every single day not just 3 times a week, etc. This year I decided this needed a word like so many people do. For me that word is Intimacy. Intimacy with my Savior.....going even deeper than before.....thanks for making me think about it again, Susanne! I haven't even written my post about it yet! :)

Willow said...

I'm not a resolution maker, either, but I do think about goals. Here it is January 2nd and I haven't done any serious thinking about it yet. Well, I do have 12 months...

nikkipolani said...

I like your word for the year. Seems like the only difference between resolving to make a change (making resolutions) and having goals is the term -- a permanent change versus something to be completed. For myself, I'm conducting a little experiment in the next months. It may turn out to be a resolution :-)

Carrie said...

No, not really a resolutions type of person. (Why set myself up to fail!?) About the only way I seem to be able to Make a Plan is to think of it in terms of books - which constantly change the way I think, believe and act. So I figure I'm doin' ok.

However, this past Christmas vacation Jonathan and I spent a lot of time talking about family vision, goals, dreams and budgeting. So I feel like we're more purposeful and it, too, feels good!

Another year to grow in, Lord willing!

Mom24 said...

I went with positively, but purposefully was right up there, I hope we both achieve it. Life's slips by too quickly not to live it purposefully.

Kathie said...

I don't do resolutions - in fact it must be the teacher in me but I think of Sept as the time for fresh starts. And Mondays!

Purposefully is a great word Susanne - exited with you to see where the Lord leads!

Karen said...

Susanne, I love the word you've chosen! This is the fourth? year to choose a word and it always amazes me how the theme will carry through the year. It will come at me from so many directions when I open my eyes and ears. It will be exciting to see what we both learn!

Marg said...

I enjoyed this post...simple, and purposeful, living a life to serve God and others. Similar to how I've been feeling this new year.
I'm not good at making resolutions, but I can work at becoming more purposeful and intentional in my relationships at work and home.