Thursday, December 29, 2011

Enjoying the Peace

It's a peaceful, albiet windy, morning this Thursday morning.  I can't believe I've  haven't even opened my computer in almost a week.  And, if I have to be honest with myself, I have enjoyed the break.  We had a wonderful family Christmas and I've been enjoying having all my family together for the holidays.  We've laughed together, ate way too much together, spent time just hanging out together, caught up on lots of episodes of Flashpoint together and just basically enjoyed life and relaxing over the past days.

Oh and we made a little day trip into the bigger city, a little birthday present to me from my hubby.  So much fun.  We went to a newly expanded mall, expanded with all sorts of designer stores.   There was lots of teasing and laughing as we looked over items that were just crazily priced.  I think I jokingly tried to get hubby to purchase a ridicuously priced purse, basically a box with handles in the designer's signature pattern, that was priced at $1000 something dollars.  Seriously?  Who buys this stuff?  It wasn't even nice.  Or cute.  Or practical.  But I guess when you're buying status, cute and practical are not on the list of desired elements of the purchase.  Name is what it's all about. (And if you think that one was ridiculously priced, check out this one on their website. I am at a loss for words.) Oh, and the matching wallet to the one I saw was a steal of a deal at $365.  Cloth and plastic.  I cannot fathom that craziness.  My son got me an oh so much nicer wallet, leather to boot, for a heck of a lot less than that!  Like $340 less than that and I'll have it any day over the "designer" one.  Yeesh.  I guess you can have stores like that do well in an oil rich city.  It would never fly in my city, that's for sure.  But it was fun to go and touch and look at all that kind of stuff.  And more fun, to me anyway, than laying down that kind of money for one item, was walking away with two great sweaters, boxing week priced, for under $30 which was under what one of those sweaters would have cost before the sale.  Now that felt so much more satisfying.  Yes, I'm the girl who gets a high off of a great deal rather than a brand.  Lucky hubby!  :v)

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Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a fun and restful week! I can't fathom paying those prices, even if I had the money to do so. I'd rather get a great deal, too!

Carrie said...

Ditto what Barbara said! But your trip sounds like a lot of fun!

Faith said...

your trip sounds like fun but I'm with on the price of those Burberry purses!! good grief!! I am soooo not into designer purses and thankfully neither is my college gal although we DO enjoy sales on some of the less expensive brands. And she got a cute plaid winter wool jacket with a sherpa lining, regularly $90 for only $40 so we were blessed this week too! I'm loving a lazy week at home and plan on posting my FFF soon before bed because we have to celebrate xmas tomorrow in the part of the state where my parents will be gone all day into the night. Enjoy the rest of the holiday week Susanne!!

Karyn said...

Seriously? Are there actually people who pay over 17 THOUSAND dollars for a PURSE?! I do NOT want to know those people. The only thing I can say about that bag is at least it has a bit of syle - your assessment of the thousand dollar bag was kind.

Glad you've been having a fun, family filled holiday, though!

nikkipolani said...

I have a co-worker who gets into those high-end purses. She calls them "an investment." I can't see it myself, but to each her own.

I feel as you do when I've had a little computer break -- it feels refreshing :-)

Lynette said...

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!