Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday's Fave Five #171

One more day!  Christmas is on our doorsteps so I know how busy everyone must be.  So thank you for popping by and joining in on taking a moment to find the blessings in the busyness.  So in no particular order:

1.  Christmas cards finished.  Albeit late, but they are done.  I always have such good intentions of getting them out the first week of December but this year that just did not happen.  But they did get done.  That is the main thing.

2.  Ladies study group Christmas party.  Always a nice time to share an evening of laughs and fun and gifts.  I love not only studying with this great group of women but getting to know them as friends and the Christmas party is a looked forward to tradition with us.

3.   My mom ended up in emerg with a kidney stone.  A blessing in disguise because it was dealt with by that night rather than her having to wait until the original appointment in the 3rd week of January.  Now if you know my mom, you know she is a worrier and that long wait would have wreaked havoc on her sleep and mind.  Now, though it was a horribly long day (she went in at 3:30 a.m. and didn't have surgery until 8 p.m.), it is over and done with and she is onto recovery and a nice Christmas!

4.  Oldest daughter home for Christmas.  Arrived safe and sound and ready for a rest before she starts university the first week of January.  I'm so glad to have her home for two weeks.  

5.  Having all the family together for Christmas.  What a blessing it is.  I'll take every minute of it because I know that won't last forever. 

On this last Friday before Christmas I want to take the opportunity to wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas full of God's love, peace and joy!  As you share blessings and gifts with your loved ones, may you remember the most precious gift of all, the Reason for the season, Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us.

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nikkipolani said...

Unlike you, I forgot about intentions of getting cards out in early December! Thanks for sharing that story about your mom -- God works in mysterious ways :-) Merry Christmas to you and your family, Susanne!

Gattina said...

As a modern woman I gave up snail mail christmas cards and send them per email ! I do them myself and people can print them if they like.
Those who don't have a computer I give a phone call. Less and less people send cards here. So far I have got only two ! One from Belgium and one from Germany. All the others are emails ! We are going to Amsterdam to celebrate Christmas with our son and one year old Toby !

Faith said...

I am late on my Xmas cards as well altho I did send a few out....i still have about 5 more to do! Yikes....and I love parties with friends/fellow study ladies and having my oldest home for Xmas, too! So glad things went well for your mom and she can enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas, Susanne...I'm gonna try to write a devotional post for tomorrow so stop on by.....and that will be it until at least Monday! I"m looking forward to the week off!!

Barbara H. said...

I just got cards out on Monday -- hopefully they'll get to the people farthest away in time. Every year I say I'm going to get them done early, but every year I don't...

So glad your mom was able to get the kidney stone taken care of without having to wait and go through Christmas with it.

My oldest is home, too -- only for about 6 days, but I'll take whatever time we can get.

I hope you have a very special Christmas with your family!

Hazel said...

Last year I got one Christmas card, and this year I am told there's one coming and that's all. I guess Christmas greetings in my part of the world have also gone mostly electronic.

Merry Christmas to you too Susanne. I'm ever glad and thankful for Friday's Fave Five.

Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed reading about your favorite happenings of the week...have a blessed Christmas.
Mama Bear

Karyn said...

I had good intentions for Christmas cards, too (and a letter) but life got in the way. I've decided to write the letter and mail the cards AFTER Christmas.

So glad your mom is OK and on the way to recovery!

What a wonderful feeling to have your whole family under one roof for a couple weeks! Enjoy.

Have a Blessed Christmas, Susanne!

Kathie said...

Glad to hear your mom is recovering Susanne.

And so happy for you that all the family is together this Christmas.

Have a wonderful celebration! God's rich blessing on you and yours!

Carrie said...

Oh, I'm glad your mom got that taken care of! (I hate having things lingering like that either.)

YES! We've conquered the e-mail and both got Christmas cards done. ;D (I high five you.)

Enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your family!!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Sweet, sweet picture. I love Christmas cards -- both sending and receiving them.

Yes, relish having them all home. It's a real treat. We're sharing this year, but thankful we had Thanksgiving all together.

Have a blessed Christmas, Susanne!

Karen said...

Merry Christmas, Susanne. I know how excited you are to have your family all together. I love having all my kids home, too. Glad your mom is okay!

Susanne said...

This is a test comment. For some reason I'm not getting my comments in my email. Is anyone else finding that?

Lynette said...

Merry Christmas! I glad to hear our mom is recovering well. Kidney stones are very painful. My husband has had them.