Thursday, July 14, 2011

I think I need to find someone who will run for Prime Minister that will bring in a 4 day work week.  I will back them, for sure, 'cause my unexpected day off yesterday was gold, pure gold, I tell ya.  It was so productive and yet so refreshing, I can't believe it.

So I'll tell you what I did 'cause I know you all are just dying to know.  :v)

I made the major decision of doing some big work in the morning.  I know me and had I started out the day shopping or reading, nothing would get done!  So until 1 p.m. I worked on getting all my yard sale stuff priced and sorted and ready to go.  I've got boxes of stuff.  Man, why do I hang onto to some of this stuff that I will never use.  I need to have Laura come and give me a good talking to.  As I went through all the things on my shelves in the storage room, I asked myself a couple of questions:

  •  Have I used it in the past two years?
  • If not, what is the likely hood that I will use it in the next year?
If I didn't think I'd use it in the next year, into the box it went.  I figure on the off chance I need it that bad, I'll go buy another one.  I'll bet the item won't be on my shopping lists anytime soon.

Another thing I dealt with on a tough basis with myself was the emotional attachment I had to some things.  Mostly things from my kid's childhood.  When my kids were little, they always had fun when they went to Grandma's (my mom) and they got to dig in the "treasure box".  This treasure box was a mish mash of stuff she had saved from my childhood.  Toys, clothing, books.  They loved going in there and getting to bring a "treasure" home.  Funny thing, all my polyester goodies were almost right in style again when my oldest wore them home.  Anyway, I always thought that would be fun for my grandkids one day.  But it was getting on the ridiculous side, much beyond a "treasure box" size.  So I tried to do what Laura suggests, and I gave myself boundaries and borders.  I picked a small sized rubbermaid tote I knew I had room to store.  And I didn't allow myself to have more than what could fit in there.  I got tough.  So as a result, I've even got baby clothes in my yard sale.  What was I thinking hanging onto those?  Seriously, it was cute when my kids wore it but it will be so out of date or old looking by the time grandkids come along that the parents probably won't want them anyway.  And I know one of my girls is not the sentimental hanger on-er type anyway.

Another area that was tough for me was my books.  I love my books. I love the look of lots of books.  I would love to own a home that has a library room with walls that are floor to ceiling built in shelves and a fireplace.  But seriously folks, the likely hood of that ever coming true is very miniscule.  So I got tough with the books too.  I took out every book, mostly old paperbacks, that I knew I would never read again, simply because the print was way too small.  I asked myself if I seriously would ever spend the time to reread a story when there are so many books I haven't read yet that are on my ever expanding want to read list and hold for later list at the library.  And into the box they all went.  If they don't sell at the yard sale they will go to a used book store or senior center or women's shelter.

So by 1 p.m. I was tired of all that.  I did a quick vacuum job upstairs just because I love a clean, vacuumed look and then I went shopping!  Not for long because I'm trying to be a good girl and not spend willy-nilly. And I'm the type that tends to buy if I just wander.   But I had a goal of blue towels to match the shower curtain.  And I found them for a good price. Yipee!

A good cup of coffee and putting my feet up reading my book, which is a really good one, while my chicken was roasting in the oven ended the unexpected day off.  I'd say it was a good one.


Barbara H. said...

A very good day indeed! I wrestled with giving away kid's clothes, too, but gave most of them away for reasons you mentioned. But sometimes I do wish I had kept a little more. OTOH, better someone get some use out of them now.

Faith said...

Oh yes...a great day!! I can soooo relate to the books thing...i've been simplifying lately tho and donating them to the library. OR i just borrow books and don't buy. the hard thing for me is the childrens' books both girls have THREE bins of them from early childhood/elementary level yet they want them to pass basement is full of bins this summer between the oldest getting packed for college and the rest of the stuff from childhood....but...i do like your idea of a 4 day work

Lisa writes... said...

I love productive, refreshing days!

I too got tough book-wise recently and took many boxes to the downtown rescue mission; difficult but necessary!

The kids clothes, though, are a different story! I love getting rid of them once they've finally made the rounds through all four boys!

Kathie said...

A lovely day!! Good for you for getting your work done first- then you could enjoy all the rest with a satisfied mind! You're killing me with getting rid of books - I've tried - can't do it - I need an intervention!

nikkipolani said...

You are such a good girl -- getting all your chores done and making headway on other projects too. AND tackling the books. Well done!

Karen said...

This post is motivation for me to keep decluttering. My friend and I were going to have a garage sale, but decided we didn't have enough stuff worth selling. But it sure got us to clean out a lot! I went through the same thing as you did with my books. It was hard to purge, but I'm so glad I did. I "blessed" our library's used book shop and also a used book store in town. It helped knowing that someone else would enjoy them and it feels good to have some more shelf space. I would love to keep every single book that I've read and enjoyed, but just don't have the space. It was hard to let go!

Hollace said...

Sounds great.