Monday, May 09, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I need to make a decision that will change the world.  Well, my world at least.  Is anybody else out there a horrible decision maker when it comes to something as simple as a shower curtain in your home?  Seriously, what is wrong with me?  We're repainting the bathroom and have put in a new counter top and do you think I can make up my mind about a shower curtain.  Hubby is ready to roll, as in the paint, and I have yet to decide.  Although the walls will be a neutral color, the trouble, I think may be in the fact that I want to go a total different color with the accessories, from my usual neutrals and greens

 to browns and blues.

 I think I'm afraid to take the plunge of change.  Maybe it's the fact that a decent shower curtain nowadays runs a pretty penny and if I change color that means I'll have to splurge for new towels too. But I love a new fluffy towel. But what if I decide that what I had is what I like better?  But what I had is probably at least 10 years old.  See how I drive myself nuts?  Lots of "buts" in there. Where is my oldest when I need her.  She makes up her mind within a second and rarely, if ever, rethinks her decision.  I need some of that to rub off on me.

 Sigh.  I create such dilemma for myself.. Such a silly little thing that causes such waffling and second guessing, yet I'm good with making the bigger decisions of life.  What is up with that?   I must not have enough drama in my life.  Or something.


Love Bears All Things said...

Of the two choices you gave, I like the first one the best but neither would be my choice. If your walls are neutral, why not go with a bold color for the curtain? I bought mine at General Dollar..not expensive at all.
Mama Bear

Barbara H. said...

I am the same way with decorating decisions -- thinking up all the ramifications. Or I do get a vision in mind of what I want, but then can't find anything like it.

Faith said...

You are so much like me! I tend to like plain white or white with just a couple of colors. my current one is from Target and it was less than $15. It is a soft cotton with a couple of pink, blue, and purple flowers on it (as in just like 3 flowers, plus a dragonfly and a butterfly in each corner. the flowers have a green stem. ) so I splurge on the nicer towels in the colors of the shower curtain. I'd go with white...ya can't go wrong!!

fruitfulwords said...

i am a fast decision maker too. it drives me crazy to not have things settled. i just deal with the ramifications later when there are some. it's just how i am. i wish i could take more time sometimes.

and you have a different personality, susanne.and that's cool too. there is strength in being able to really pursue your options.

but i hear your dilemna. for what it's worth, i say go with your gut instinct.let us know what you decide.

Donnetta said...

Oh I can relate. It seems I can make big decisions easier than ones such as these. I take some comfort in knowing I'm not alone. LOL

Do share what you decide!

Karen said...

I'm the worst at making decorating decisions, which is why my house never really matches. I tend to change direction midstream! I so wish I could be one of those people who could make a decision and stick with it, and everything was settled.

I love both of the prints you're showing. The second one really catches my eye, it's so fresh.