Thursday, June 02, 2011

A Whole Lotta Random

Well, holy smokes.  I can't believe I haven't posted this week at all.  It's just been crazy busy around here, at least for me.  I don't know about anyone else in the house. I've been trying to get my flowers beds and pots planted but the weather has not been cooperating in the least.  It's June 2nd and I still don't have it done.  I cannot ever remember my flowers not being in by this time.  Ever.  My cedar bushes aren't even trimmed and usually they are done by the end of April.  Between days on end of rain and freeze warnings out at night,  my poor flowers sit becoming root bound in their tiny little pots.  But today it's getting done.  There is rain forecast, again, but I don't care.  I'll be out there in raincoat and shovel and it will be put to rest even if it takes looking like a drowned rat to do it.

My son went to the cycle store to buy an inner tube for his bike the other day.  And guess what he came home with?  C'mon, guess.  I'll tell ya.  Are you ready for it?  ...A unicycle.  Yes, you read that right.  A unicycle.  Apparently he's always wanted one.  And it happened to be on sale. Because it had mountain bike treads on it.   So now I not only have to worry about him mountain biking and crashing, which he has done, now I can worry about him, out and about on one tire and crashing.  I swear that kid does these things just to see me break out in a sweat and see my hair turn gray before his very eyes.  But I guess if that is the extent of him doing crazy things, as compared to some kids who really go through the drinking/partying thing at this age, I'll take it.

I'm trying to come to terms with my youngest being gone for 3 weeks this July. She'll be attending a summer youth training program.   Man, that is a tough one.  It was hard when my oldest did it and it's no easier with my youngest.  The consolation I have with this time though is my youngest can stay with her big sis whereas when big sis went she knew nobody.  Not even the people she was billeted with.  I know the time will stretch her spiritually, bring out really good things in her and she'll make many new friends.  So it's with mixed feelings I'm preparing to send her off.  At least I don't have to put her on a Greyhound bus all by herself like with the oldest.  I'll actually be able to drive her the 7 hours away and Big Sis will bring her back and then spend the week at home.

At church this last month, the pastor has been doing a series on evangelism.  It has been really good to be reminded that it is easier than we Christians tend to make it sometimes.  The messages have gotten me thinking in that area again.  When one has been a Christian a long time, sometimes we can get complacent in areas and the reminders and the stirring up are good.  There have definitely been some things within the messages, though, that are really stretching me.  Which is a good thing.  It forces me to the Word and prayer as I work it through.

The library had a pre-summer book sale again.  I swore I wasn't going to go because, seriously, I still have some books from the last sale that I haven't got to yet.  But the books, they called to me.  How can I seriously pass up books that are a dollar or so.  So I can home with more.  Yikes.   Someone shake me!

I guess I've shook out some of my thoughts that have been banging around in my brain.  Thanks for putting up with it today.  Hopefully, there's some space in my brain now to actually think things through so that I can do a decent Friday's Fave Five post.  Or any post for that matter.  :v)


Carrie said...

My husband (and all of his siblings) rode unicycles growing up. In fact, they even played unicycle hockey.

Ever heard of THAT?! (I hadn't either.) It's very . . . interesting.

Faith said...

guess what!! I have always wanted to try a unicycle. bet ya didn't know that about me. seriously....there was, different kind of man in my village growing up. he was a bit quirky and us kids would see him riding a unicycle all over town. (it was a small central NY village). he was a decent guy....a loner...very quirky with various outfits, and was always friendly to kids but not inappropriately so. I remember wanting to ride that unicycle in the worse way! hope your son enjoys every minute and can always color the grey, right? lol!!! by the way...the summer training thing sounds great for your daughter. but i'll bet you'll miss her! and my FFF is up as I have a busy day tomorrow after work and probably won't get a chance to link up til much later in the day...but it IS up! have a good nite

Christina said...

OH my a unicycle. Now this sounds hard to ride. I'm sure he will do fine. You are right, this is much better then the other kind of dare devil.

I am sending my 13 year old on his first mission trip this year and it is only to California for 9 days, so like you I have mixed feeling. This is always a good experience though.

nikkipolani said...

Oh, Susanne, I can relate to the craziness that eats up your week and spits it out just before the weekend. Your week sounds definitely crazy topped off by your son's unicycle! Too funny. Hope you survive his uni-phase.

Barbara H. said...

It's good your son's sense of adventure comes out in various cycles, as you say, rather than in worse ways. Yet as a Mom, I know what you mean -- I'd be concerned, too, every time he went out on his mountain bike or unicycle.

I can empathize with the feelings about the youngest being gone -- mine will be on a mission trip for only a week and a half, but it's to a place none of us has never been before, though in the States -- and he's the youngest. :-) So glad your youngest will be able to stay with her Sis and come home with her.

Karen said...

I'm going through your posts, getting caught up. I love this one, just random bits of life, but really the meat of it all. How nice that your girls can go to camp together! I'm sure it will create lots and lots of memories for them. I love that your son got a unicycle. My brother had one when we were kids and he would ride it all over town. He was always marching to his own drummer and still does.

We finally have summer weather. It seems it happened over night, and we are in the 90s.

Have a great week, Susanne!