Monday, January 03, 2011

Baby Steps Back to Routine

Happy New Year everyone.  If you came here looking for my New Years resolutions you came to the wrong place.  I seem to be allergic to them.  Or at least to keeping them, so this year I am avoiding them with everything in me.  Instead I'll catch you up on the New Years weekend.  How does that sound?  Good?  Good.

 I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I know ours was pretty full.  We visited lots, ate lots, played lots, ate lots, drank more coffee than we normally would, stayed up way too late every single night.  Oh and did I mention we ate lots?  Oy.  My poor ol' body is crying out for some routine.   As is with the beginning of January it was forced into routine bright and early this morning.  Wow, that 6:30 alarm came early.  Especially after a fairly sleepless night.

I think I'm still catching up from New Years.  We are not big party people, at least me and hubby are not.  The young people can go all night if we let them.  So New Year's Eve found us at my sister's playing games, watching movies and again, eating too much.  I figure as long as my teen and grown kids are willing to spend New Years with us I'm going to force myself to ring in that new year with them.  The game of the night was "The Michael Jackson Experience" on the Wii.  Too. much. fun.  If you want to laugh till you cry you must try this game.  You get to dance with Michael and his back up dancers.   Just close your eyes and imagine a handful of middle aged parents doing the moves and you'll get the idea.  Of course, my dancing oldest daughter, K., smoked us all.  While we were groaning through the easy levels and looking like we were swatting bees buzzing around us,  she was dancing through the hard levels looking like she actually was one of the back up dancers.  And no, the young people were not allowed to record the mayhem.  We do have some pride after all and us older ones are that dense.  We knew facebook would get a posting and there was no way we were going to let that go viral.

Yesterday was sad as we drove K., to the bus depot.  It's always hard saying good bye after having her home.  And the drive to the smaller city where she catches her bus was absolutely stressful.  The roads were horrible!  A nail biter there and back.  Blowing snow and highways covered in snow in sections.  Pretty scary.   And then her bus was full so she was on the overflow bus which promptly started to stall so they were stuck on the edge of town sitting in the bus waiting for another one for an hour and a half.  Meanwhile, we were already on the road back home ourselves.  So take the stressful, horrible conditions of the winter roads back and add the stress of hanging onto the cell phone waiting for her to say she was again on her way on a new bus and then trying not to worry about how the roads were for her trip back and I was T.I.R.E.D!  But sleep did not come easy until I got that text saying she had made it back safe and sound.  At one in the morning.  Let's just say 6:30 came mighty early this morning.  Oh yeah, I already said that.

So far none of the dayhome kids have shown up.  I could have slept in!  Oy!  But I'm just going to sit and have coffee and read a few blogs and try to get myself going.  Then I think I'll take down the remainder of the leftover decorations and my getting back to routine plans should be well under way.  I think I'll try to figure out how to get the pics out of my camera and then I might even cook something for supper out of this cookbook or maybe this one that I got as gifts.  Then again, maybe I'll just sit and read them.  After all, did I mention I ate way too much over the holidays?


Finding Pam said...

I remember ringing in the New Year with our kids. It sounds like a fun night with family.

I hope you have a great year.

Barbara H. said...

A trip in that weather does sound harrowing! We got to keep our oldest for an extra couple of days -- his flight's problem wasn't weather-related, but scheduling another one was delayed due to stranded travelers because of weather.

I had to make my family promise not to post a video of me boxing with the Kinect!

Mom24 said...

I'm missing my girl too. She went back to school Saturday. It's hard letting go, isn't it?

Happy New Year.

Karyn said...

The best way to bring in the new year is with your kids. or grandkids.

My sympathies regarding the blizzard driving AND leaving your girl to travel in that weather. Glad she arrived safely.

Wii is a blast! And one of our kids got a Kinect for the XBox so we had a turn at that last night, too. Barbara....I made them promise that the photos would NOT show up on facebook! LOL

Jerralea said...

Well it sounds as though you had a great weekend. But as you say, it is time to baby step back to routine. I was off today, so tomorrow it's back to my normal schedule.

Isn't it funny that we now have to worry about being pictured on facebook in ways we don't want to be seen?