Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Mish Mash & The Week in Words

It's a long weekend for us Canadians. Yipee! Is it for you guys too? It's funny about long weekends. I always have these visions of doing absolutely nothing. But somehow it never works that way. It seems I have hit the floor running every weekend for the last I don't know how many weeks and I thought finally I would have a Saturday with nothing to do. But as the month progressed appointments were scheduled into this Saturday too. Sigh. Between a hair cut, which was earlier, so there went sitting around in housecoat with coffee and book in hand, and appointments with the grad photographer and grocery shopping and blah, blah, blah, my Saturday totally got away on me.

Finally, I said "Stop the bus" and I phoned my friend and we had what we call a Girl's chip and dip night. These nights involve a movie or two, usually a Starbuck's coffee, lots of much needed conversation and of course chips and dip. Onion for her, herb and spice for me. I am so thankful for a friend that I can do this with. We feel free with each other that when either of us needs a night like this we are there for each other and find somewhere in the weekend to do it.

Sunday was church, more running around and I finally got around to trimming the cedar bushes at the side of the house. By the time I was done my back and shoulders were aching from holding the darn trimmer at should level so I just walked away from the clean up. So guess what's waiting for me today? Sigh. And all the flowers are finally going to be planted today, I think, I hope. It looks like the nights for the rest of the week will not dip to freezing so I'm getting it done.

And hopefully somewhere in there is my book and some fresh, hot coffee.

So before I get the shovels out here's the Week in Words.

Barbara at Stray Thoughts hosts a weekly meme where we share our favorite quotes from our reading over the previous week. It can be anything that spoke to us, challenged us, made us laugh or cry but it has to come from reading. Join us and share your quotes from the week.
"What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you're saying".

Ralph Waldo Emerson
From a new blog I have found as I was going through some of the archives
Wow, so convicting.

Have a happy Monday everyone!


Janet said...

Yes, that's a convicting quote all right! I've heard it before, but I don't think I realized Emerson said it.

Thanks for the reminder...

Teresa Dawn said...

In answer to "Is it for you guys too?" Well, I'm also Canadian so yes in a sense, but I'm still working today haha. Actually I talked my way into the shift. I'm only part-time at the rink so I get enough time off anyways and so Stat Pay is always a bonus

Barbara H. said...

We have our 3-day weekend this coming weekend with Memorial Day on Monday. I have no idea yet what Hubby has planned except for a reunion thing at his former workplace on Saturday. We do need to get some yard work and planting done -- this might be a good weekend as it's not too terribly hot yet.

Like Janet, I have heard that quote before, but didn't realize it was Emerson's. It is a good reminder. I think as Christians sometimes we get so used to the idea of grace and the truth that we can be forgiven, that we can get a little slack in our everyday actions. Some people watching will not have that same grace -- will not even let us know they were offended or give us a chance to explain or apologize -- and our testimony will be marred before them. A good reminder to walk "circumspectly."

Susan said...

I'm an American living in Canada, so I keep getting American and Canadian holidays mixed up! It's nice that many of them are close together - this week is Victoria Day; next week, Memorial Day! ;)

Jientje said...

It WAS a long weekend, but it seems to have whizzed by so quyickly! The weather was nice and it felt like a vacation.

ellen b. said...

Happy long weekend to you on this Queen Victoria day! Yep that quote is pretty convicting!!

Islandsparrow said...

Your Victoria day sounds like ours - year work! But it was nice to get the flower beds done. And the day was gorgeous!! Our last frost date is June 10th but Everything is warmer this year so I think I'll get my hanging pots and window boxes done before that.

I got some reading in - an author named Linda Hall. Ever hear of her? She's from NB.

Powerful quote!

Karen said...

LOVE the quote.

Our long weekend is coming up, and I am hoping for a quiet day on Monday. We'll see! Like you, things don't always work out as planned for me.