Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Couple of Observations

My 15 year old's comment after I told her to make sure she dresses warm with socks and good shoes 'cause there were inches of snow on the ground:

"That's just rude!"

I agree, girly, I agree.


So the big news in Alberta is the 32 year old fella who got laid off a couple of weeks ago, went and bought a lotto ticket to try and win a little something to help him through. Well, the winners were announced and I'd say the 41.7 million dollars should help him squeak by quite nicely.

I could use a little something myself. My chances however, I'm told, are pretty much zip. They tell me I have to buy a ticket to win. Well, geez.


I finished this book yesterday. Oh. my. word. What a great story. Talk about pulling on every emotion. I can hardly wait to get his other book. If you want to see my review, it's on my book blog "For the Love of Reading". Just scroll on down to #17. I can't believe I've already read 17 books this year. I seem to be landing on some really great stories that I just can't put down. I've even finished a few non-fiction books. Which, let me tell you, is a miracle. I've found a couple new favorite authors, too. Reading is my passion. Now to just figure out a way I could get paid for it. :v)


Carrie said...

HURRAY! You liked The Silent Gift. That was one incredible book, wasn't it?!

And yes, I can see how snow on the ground would be rude. =)

Anonymous said...

Indeed snow on the ground would be rude. Was this the one yesterday where he bought the ticket at L&L? That's a company from Hawai"I They serve great food. I heard he wanted chicken katsu.

Jerralea said...

If you ever find a way to get paid for reading books, please let me know. I could make a tidy sum!

Barbara H. said...

It would be so nice to be paid for reading and reviewing!

I hope that snow goes away soon!

Laura said...

My hubbie told me about that guy that one and he said "oh I was so close!" meaning distance. LOL but not close enough :)

Faith said...

AFter I read your review I went to the library to try to find "the Silent Gift'...I couldn't! so...I may have to break down and buy that one.
I just finished one called The Weight of Silence which isn't on my original Spring Reading Thing list but....once I started it I just could not put that one down!
Snow on the ground?? i have cherry blossoms on the ground. because of yesterday's wind!
Hope you have a great evening!!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I just saw your comment on Clover Lane, and I love meeting bloggers who have older kids. My eldest is 15 but I'm always looking to learn about what is down the road. A Canadian to boot.
Have a great day,

Tina said...

Thanks for coming by my blog; it is nice to meet you. Snow? the middle of May? I like snow but not in May. I love the South!
I didn't know Michael Landon was an author. Another book to go on my reading list.

Stephani Cochran said...

OK I thought I was doing good by reading 5 so far this year! I'm just the opposite, I've read 2 fiction books this year and that is a miracle! Rarely read fiction. Hope to see you tomorrow at fave five, but I don't have a post ready yet!

nikkipolani said...

Yep. Snow in May is pretty rude. So sorry! Glad you are having such a great time reading :-)