Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Random Dozen

It's Wednesday so that means it's the day we all get together and join our lovely hostess, Linda from 2nd Cup of Coffee, and answer her questions of the week. Join us for some random fun.

1. What was the last thing about which you procrastinated? Oh my. This is one of my issues. I am a huge procrastinator. What haven't I procrastinated? Ok. Let's see. I'm supposed to be writing a blurp about the area I am in charge of at church. And it's pretty self explanatory so I don't quite know what to write, so I've been putting it off for weeks and pretending I never did see the email asking us to do that. I know. I'm bad.

2. How long does it take you to fall asleep, and do you sleep through the night? I'm usually a quick faller asleeper. That is unless someone slips me a caffeinated coffee too late in the day. But even when I'm worried about something I can usually get to sleep pretty quick. And I usually sleep through the night unless the dog is hogging my side of the bed or someone opened the heating vents in the room. (I like my room on the cold side).

3. Which decade would you choose to exemplify your favorite fashion styles? Oh Lidna, fashion and I, well we just never seemed to connect. I have no idea how to answer this one. As long as something looks good, fits great and gives me confidence, I'm good.

4. What is your personal best dish to feed a crowd? Bbq Beef on big fresh buns. Throw in homemade potato salad and fresh veggies and dip. Easy and yummy.

5. Are you an impulse shopper? What was the last thing you bought on impulse? Depends on my mood. Last thing I bought on impulse was Dead Sea minerals exfoliating face mask. Now I'm looking at the dark brown muck in the jar and wondering whatever possessed me. Oh yeah, it said my skin would be lovely and nourished. Well, we'll see I guess.

6. What is one wish you have for your own funeral? I've never really thought about it. I think I would like the gospel expressed somehow in it.

7. If it's true that joy is in found in the simple things in life, what does your joy look like today? Today my joy would be bright and cheery and red and would look like almost a dozen red tulips sitting pretty on my mantle.

8. What is your favorite type of bread? Homemade. Warm with real butter melting on it.

9. What trait do you fear developing the most? (Laziness, greediness, grumpiness, etc.) Well seeing as I already have a handle on procrastination, I think it would be cynicism. I don't want to become an old, cynical, unhappy person finding no joy in anything.

10. What trait would you like most to develop? I would like to be more even tempered. I would like to genuinely listen to people better.

11. Which room in your house best reflects your personality? Why? I don't know. Maybe my living room. I like to think it's homey and inviting and comfortable. I hope I make people feel at home and comfortable and invited. It's got my personal touches of things I love like pictures of my family, little birds and books. It's neutral with splashes of color here and there. I think my personality is sort of like that.

12. How do you maintain balance in your life regarding, work, family, church, other organizations and activities, and blogging? I'm probably never perfectly balanced. I usually find I performing a fine juggling act. Over the years I have learned to say no. Which was a huge thing for me. But even now, I have to constantly re-evaluate and take a look at what is going on and readjust. I have to constantly ask myself what are my priorities and shuffle things.

Whew, some of those were hard. Who'd of thought I'd get hung up on fashion and home style questions. Oh, yeah, me. I totally could have predicted that.


Laura said...

I have a song picked out for my own funeral and my friends think I'm totally wacko because of it. I just want to make it easy on those left behind :)

Hope you are doing well. Thinking of you!


Jan said...

Hello Susanne, lovely to read your thoughts....have you written that blurb ?
It is great that so many of us share joy in simple things.

BARBIE said...

Loved your answers, and the next time you feed a crowd, can I come? Blessings!

debseveryday said...

I really liked your answers :) your crowd pleasing dish(es) sound wonderful!

Kirsty said...

Oh that bread sounds devine!!!

Joyce said...

Oh I love the tulips..they are one of my favorite flowers. I wish they stayed around longer.

I probably should have said 'stop procrastinating' as the trait I would like to acquire : )

Mary said...

BBQ: What better way to feed a crowd?
Some of your answers were very similar to mine! I guess I didn't stop to think enough on the impulse buying; after I posted and started reading some, I thought of some things!

Barbara H. said...

I enjoyed all your answers. I so agree with 9 and 10. I think we probably all struggle to maintain the right balance on #12. Even though some days may be out of whack, I hope over the long haul I have the right balance.

Lea @ CiCis Corner said...

Always enjoy my visit on Random Dozen Wednesdays. It's always so interesting to read the varied answers to everyone's questions. Really enjoyed your answers! Blessings to you!

Donnetta said...

Like you I am also supposed to be writing up a blurb about the area I lead at church. Although I've yet to do it, I do have a deadline in which is has to be done. That should help push me a bit.

I am also an easy sleeper. Anytime, anywhere... it doesn't take much if I'm given the opportunity. :-)

For sure at my funeral I want the truth of the gospel shared. I don't even care if one thing is said about me, I want it all to be about HIM!

You're right, some of those were tough questions. Like always you made them seem so easy.

Jerralea said...

I like how you described your living room being like your personality!

Your go-to meal for a crowd sounds great. Made me hungry ...

I wrote about loving butter melting on bread too. Give me the real thing, none of that plastic margarine!

So... I'm not the only one that pretends I don't see certain emails ...

Unknown said...

I love the way you cook and even the way you bake.Real butter!
Mine is here
Nice to meet you.
Happy Wednesday!
Wishing you an advance HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Unknown said...

i found you thru random dozen and I like what I see, I am your newest follower, I think I may copy your idea about posting your current reads and cross of the ones you have as I love that idea, I also want to ask you is the silent gift a true story? is it about michael landon's son??? do tell, I am buying it if it is...
come visit me at
I am in my 40's with a 4 year old and a step son who is 18

Faith said...

Love your answers!! Wow...the thing bringing me joy today is my pink tulip I cut last nite to put in my sterling silver bud vase for my living room bookshelf. AND...when I got home from work, the scent from my 2 small lilac bushes was just breathtaking....I'll have a pic of the lilacs for FFF!!! blessings to you!

Skoots1moM said...

opening the heat vent...them's fightin' words :) hahaha!

Robin Lambright said...

The power of "NO"! You are so right. When I say yes to something that I don't want to do, or I am doing it for the wrong reason I am blocking a blessing for someone else to step up and do it for the right reason.


God is so cool when HE gives us permission to say yes and to say no!