Thursday, November 19, 2009

Book Tour ~ Double Cross

"Double Cross" by James David Jordan

Publisher's Summary:

The day my mother came back into my life began with a low December fog and a suicide.” So begins James David Jordan’s latest novel, Double Cross, which follows the exploits of Taylor Pasbury, a young ex-Secret Service agent with a checkered past and a penchant for finding trouble. Even as a high school kid, Taylor knew she was not like most other girls. Raised by her father, a retired Special Forces officer, she learned to camp, shoot, and most of all, take care of herself. Now a young adult, Pasbury opens her own security agency and finds herself in the middle of a mysterious case full of danger and intrigue.

When the top assistant of her former client turns up dead, all signs point to embezzlement and suicide. But in the world of Taylor Pasbury, nothing is as it seems. A trail of clues leads to Taylor’s mother, who abandoned her when she was nine. What begins as a suicide investigation becomes a personal quest to find the truth about her past.

Double Cross is an action-packed story that provides thrilling twists and turns as well as a thought-provoking look at the personal and spiritual struggles of characters who are as complex as they are flawed. Ultimately, it’s a story of self-examination that describes Taylor’s journey toward the conclusion that some sacrifices can never be earned.

Author Bio:

James David Jordan is a successful business attorney in Dallas, Texas, and was named by the Dallas Business Journal as one of the most influential leaders in that legal community. Jordan followed his aspirations of becoming an author, taking five years to create his first book, Something That Lasts, which was well-received by both critics and the public. His second book, Forsaken, won the Reader’s Choice award from RelzReviews and The Suspense Zone.

Jordan writes with a commitment to tell page-turning stories that challenge readers to explore and grow in their faith. With gripping authenticity, Jordan examines subjects of family and faith and skillfully draws readers into the crisis faced by Taylor Pasbury. Along the way, readers will find ample opportunity to re-assess their own life situations and wrestle with their own thoughts about forgiveness and grace.

My Thoughts:

I was very excited to see that the second installment in the Taylor Pasbury story was ready for release. The first book, Forsaken, left a profound impact on me and made me really think what I would do if I had to make a choice between the life of one of my kids and standing for Christ. A year later I still think on that story. Now in this novel, Jordan takes us further into ex-Secret Service agent Taylor Pasbury's life and explores her relationship with her mother. Taylors mother, as told in the first novel, had left her when she was 9 and she was raised by her father with no contact with her mother whatsoever. Now in the midst of a unexpected suicide investigation, Taylor's mother is shockingly back in her life and Taylor is forced in more ways than one to once again face her past and learn that grace is not something you earn.

I once again was touched by the flawed characters in Jordan's story and how relatable they are in their feelings and reactions. While Taylor is struggling with her private life and how it relates to Christianity, we are privy to her thoughts and self conversations. Tough on the outside, but hurting on the inside, Taylor's character is like many of us. Her mother showing up unexpectedly only makes more of her inner struggles and vulnerabilities rise to the surface even as she is figuring out if the suicide they came upon is really a suicide or a well covered murder.

Double Cross will appeal to both male and female readers and both Christian and non-Christian. The message is there but not in your face and makes for a "cannot put down" fast paced reading that will leave you thinking about your own thoughts on grace.

Thank you to B&B Media Group for providing the book for review.

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