Thursday, October 30, 2008

I can't even think of a title for this stuff

After all the busyness and semi-excitement of the last month or so, this last week has been virtually calm and well, boring. And while it's been nice to just be able to pause and take a breath, I've also noticed that, uhm, I got nothin' to blog about. Yes, me, the motor mouth of the family has nothing to say. My sister would keel over from shock if she knew.

So, you get some random thoughts. Aren't you lucky. :v)

-I whacked my head on a shelf yesterday and gave myself a little cut. I didn't think I could ever see stars so close up. And did you know styling your hair with a little goose egg and cut is really painful?

-in the spirit of the big shuffle that's been going on around here since Kay moved off to school we now shuffled Tia. Moreso, Tia's bed. With Jay going to the downstairs bedroom formerly occupied by aforementioned moved away daughter, he got the queen bed that went with that room. So Tia laid dibs on the loft bed with the attached desk that was in Jays room. So we had to break that down and reassemble it in Tia's room and then move her bed in Jay's old room which is now Kay's room when she comes home to visit. You got that? I didn't lose you did I? 'Cause reading that back, MY head is spinning. But that could be from the shelf incident too. Anyway we did the whole job with nary an injury to any human beings, except the loft bed required a visit to the welding doctor after we removed a part and the desk end fell forward and snapped a bar that attached one end to the other. Who knew that was an important peice? Sheesh.

-Here's a picture of the Golden Rice of which I posted the recipe here, 2 days ago, that I forgot to put up and which I found on my camera today.

-The big color debate for my bedroom is on with the hubby. We haven't painted in about 12 years in there and it's needing it badly. Hubby likes the color it is, which is a really nice mossy green, and although I love the color after 12 years of it, I'm a bit ready for a change. Something more on the neutral side so I can do the bedding in whatever strikes my fancy (and budget) at the time. You got any suggestions?

-We're having pajama day in dayhome tomorrow and I'm thinking how I'm going to pull off making waffles for lunch with 7 little ones here. It's funny, the parents are saying the kids are more excited about getting to wear pajamas here than about their halloween costumes at night. The big discussion at the lunch table yesterday was what pajamas each of them was going to wear.

-hmmm, uhm, let's see, uhm, I got new towels last week. The color is called "cornstalk" and it's sort of a really nice browny taupey with hints of mellowed goldy kind of color. Can't you just see it?

-I need to get to the store where they have little table top prelit Christmas trees on for ten bucks. I want to send one to Kay as a surprise. She's the one who loves Christmas decorating and would decorate in November if I let her. Because of her we always had the tree and decorations up the first weekend in the December.

-I bought 3 white pumpkins this week to put on my front porch in my planter. Here's a pic of them. Now this is where you come in. Got any ideas how to decorate this up a bit so it looks like I did more than throw 3 pumpkins into my planter?

Are ya still here? Isn't my life utterly thrilling? If you stuck with me through that you are a very special person, indeed!


ellen b. said...

Even though my head is spinning over the new bedroom and furniture arrangements I'm glad to know "I'm Special" :0)

Pam said...

Maybe you could tie a length of fall ribbon or raffia around the planter, or find some of those silk fall leaves to scatter in and around the pumpkins or to attach to the plant.

Just some random ideas. I love the white pumpkins, Susanne.

Boring is good sometimes. I would welcome a little boring into my whirlwind occasionally.

HuNnY aNd PoPpA LeWiS said...

Enjoyed reading your randomn post without a title--lol. Love the white pumpkins in the planter. Before this fall, I had never even heard of a white pumpkin! Have a blessed day.

Faith said...

Love the planter....Pam's suggestion with faux autumn leaves would look great. I should post a picture of my little Amish wagon....but..that would mean getting off my butt and going outdoors in the cold and I just got home from work!
Have fun at your pajama day!
I am DREADING kindergarten tomorrow...I despise Halloween...ah well....

the voice of melody said...

I love pajama days! There's just something so comfy about spending the whole day in them!

Oh, and the bedroom color... why not go with a simple "light chocolate milk", go as light as you like and it goes with just about anything.

Many sweet blessings!

Islandsparrow said...

Um, corn stalks? Can they stand the Alberta wind? I'm not really a great decorator but I'll be putting up pine branches and red berries soon. As soon as I can stand to pull my petunias. They're still blooming!

Barb said...

Ouch! I pulled my favorite (heavy) Italian ceramic salad bowl down on my head and did the same thing, minus the cut. However, there's now a gash in the kitchen floor where one of the heavier pieces landed.

Your room? Well, beige or white are both pretty neutral. And with either of those colors, you can decorate pretty much however you want to. :-)

Boring is great. I'm sooooo loving being bored. Well, not really "bored." But also, not worried and upset.

Smilingsal said...

Okay, I'm still with ya. Put some Dollar Store fake fall leaves in that planter with the white pumpkins. You don't have time for much else.

gail@more than a song said...

Ouch on your head, it sounds painful! I'm not much help on the pumpkins in your planter but I love the white ones, so fun! I have some khaki colors in some of my rooms that are pretty neutral and one is a bedroom so I bet something like that would work for ya.
A calm week is nice isn't it and you still had something to blog about!

Mari said...

Hi Susanne - thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed my day in your life. I think I would like that color towel. Our bedroom is also that green color and I would like to change to blue and brown. However - since we just got done doing our kitchen and just tonight painted the entry, I think my hubby isn't ready to think about any more!

Org Junkie said...

Hey Susanne! Boring is so good, I love boring especially right now when my life is anything but. I've been so busy trying to get ready for this trip, I'm leaving on Saturday. Just me and my youngest.

I loved that you moved all the bedrooms around. Sounds fun to me :)

That was a great idea to have PJ Day tomorrow. Great for you too to be able to stay in your jammies all day. Sounds heavenly!

Hope your head feels better soon.

Linda said...

Of course we stuck with you, because we girls love to chat about just about anything. It's fun!!
We painted our bedroom a very soft green. I can match pretty much anything with it. Our kids are all painting their rooms very dark colors and think I am way out of touch. I, however, like lighter colors :-)
Have fun at the pajama party. I know I'd love wearing my pjs all day.

Mountain Mama said...

About your planter & Pumpkins, you could set a few bright red apples around them or some pretty fall leaves, like maybe a garland woven around them.

We never had pajama days. Girls weren't even allowed to wear jeans to school when I was a girl. Boy have things ever changed!

Jen said...

Doesn't sound like a boring week to me, seems pretty full.
PJ day sounds like fun!

Chappyswife said...

Still, your life seems more exciting than mine. lol

Happy weekend, Susanne!

Barbara H. said...

Very nice for a boring week!

Pajama day is a cute concept! I'd like to wear mine all day. :-) Half-day on Saturday is about as far as I go, though, unless I'm sick.

Wow, musical rooms for the furniture!

Hope your head is healing well!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

You just need some kind of orange. There! You're welcome!