Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank Sept. 6/07

Today I'm going to join Peach at Without Fear for her Thursday Thanks Tank. I have been reading Peach's Thursday Tanks for more than a year and it always blesses me. It is so uplifting reading all the thinkgs she is thankful for even on those weeks that were hard. It is so good to keep our eyes on the good things and be grateful for all the blessings in our lives. So I have decided I'm going to start joining Peach in filling up with thanks and making my own list of intentional gratefulness. If you'd like to join in just pop over and let her know.

This week I'm thankful for:

1. That Jay was able to get a really good orthopedic doctor who gave us other options for his feet other than surgery. The thought of surgery really scared me and now we are armed with some really good options instead.

2. I am really grateful for the cooler evenings and mornings. I love fall and really am thankful it is here.

3. I am thankful that for the most part, school got off to a great start without so much as a hiccup.

4. I am thankful for the raise my hubby just got. While not massive it is still a raise.

5. I'm very thankful for the wonderful families I have in my dayhome. It's a blessing to have supportive parents.

6. I'm thankful that last week I recieved a very lovely bloggy award. The Nice Matters award from Tammy. It is very humbling to recieve this from such a nice lady. Nice does matter a lot to me. Thank you Tammy.

Now the part I find very hard is passing these awards on because I think you are all nice. But I'm going to pass it on to Ann at It's Always a Production. Ann has always left me the nicest, encouraging comments. She's lifted my spirits many a time.


ellen b said...

It is wonderful to feel those crispy mornings and evenings. I love Fall..
Hope the feet can be helped without surgery, too!
Blessings on you.

PastorMac's Ann said...

Wow Susanne! That's so sweet! Thanks.

I feel like I've only been 1/2 here the last couple of months. Glad to hear that it appears that I haven't completely dropped off the face of the earth.

I'm honored to be on your "Thanks Tank" list!

Tammy said...

Aww, again, you are so deserving, Susanne!
And I have never heard of the Thanks Tank (only Thankful Thursday) so I'll have to check this out!
I loved your list! :D

Sandra said...

Great list Susanne, enjoyed reading it :)

dcrmom said...

That's a lot to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing. :-)

gail@more than a song said...

Counting your blessings and being thankful in all things, such a great thing to do.
Ah, fall, hoping for it eventually in the deep south too!

Jen said...

nice post

praying for Jay

while you might be enjoying the cooler weather Im thankful for the warmer weather we are beginning to get

pleased school has got off to a good start

a bit of extra $$ is always good

have a good rest of the week

Missy said...

Still just dreaming of fall here-- blow it down our way!

Beck said...

Those are LOVELY things to be grateful for! I'm glad that your husband got a raise - yay!

Peach said...

Great list, Susanne! I am touched that you decided to join in and I really enjoyed reading what God is doing in your life.

Congrats on your hubby's raise, that's wonderful.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Oh, I can't wait for some cooler weather. I think today had to be close to 100, and we are WILTING here! Send some cool air our way! Glad to hear school got off to a good start. Another year closer to an empty(er) nest?