Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cereal and Scents

I've got a couple of product reviews to run by you this morning. And as usual with products I do not get monetary reimbursement. I just get a free sample of the product and am asked to write an honest review.

First off Fibre One Raisin Bran Clutsters

When they first asked me to give a fibre cereal a try I thought, Blech. I can't stand fiber cereals. Can't stand how they turn soggy almost immediately in your bowl. But there is always that niggling little thought "What if this one is different", so seeing I wasn't shelling out money that I thought would end up sitting in the cupboard for a year, I said yes.

Fibre One Raisin Bran Clusters apparently has 40% of your Daily Value of fibre. That's a big plus. The taste wasn't too bad. We thought it tasted a bit like maple. Another plus. The raisins were not rock hard. Bonus. The clusters tasted good. I love an oatmeal cluster, but I wouldn't have really called it a cluster. They were pretty tiny as far as clusters go. Sogginess factor: A bit better than your standard Raisin Bran type cereal. I actually got through most of the bowl before they started to turn. The biggest bonus: 2 out of 3 of my teens loved it. That's a huge plus.
For your info from the side of the box:

serving size 1 cup

calories 170

total fat 1 g(all other fats 0)

Cholesterol 0

Sodium 260

potassium 330

total carbohydrate 45g

dietary fiber 11g

soluble fiber 3g

sugars 13g

other carbohydrates 21g

protein 4g


I was given the "Apple Spice & Delight" scent to try and I must say that the packaging they sent it to me in was very nice. A lovely box with snaps that I'll now use for photos. Thanks Febreze. But back to the candle.

Febreze candles takes burning a scented candle one step farther by apparently having a new technology in an advanced core within the candle that is supposed to eliminate odors. While it is eliminating odors it gives off it's scent. While I am not even going to pretend to know how on earth it would do that, the scent it gave off was quite nice. Not really overpowering, but just nicely there. I don't know if it actually eliminates other smells or just covers over them nicely. One of my family who is more scent sensitive did notice a bit of an edge to the scent, however, that was not an apple/spice smell. When the candle isn't burning unless you are very close to it, you don't notice a smell. Each candle will apparently burn up to 30 hours. That a lot of candle time for under $10.

Febreze Candles come in 5 scents: Meadows & Rain, Spring and Renewal, Linen & Sky, Vanilla & Refresh, and the Apple Spice & Delight. I think I'd like to try the Meadows and Rain next.


Chris @ Come to the Table said...

Thanks for the reviews and thank you for your encouraging words on my blog.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Good reviews! I need to get hooked up with this kind of stuff - we love raisin bran and I love candles. So cool that you get these products to review. Enjoy :)

Beck said...

I'm going to get one of those candles and leave it burning by the litter box all the time.

Shalee said...

Hey! I want some of those free candles too! I'll put them to the test by using them in the kids bathroom...

Chappyswife said...

I really like the Febreeze spray. It is my favorite air freshener.

Dianne said...

My eyes must be fooling with me. i read Febreeze. and Candies. Candy? Yuck. Oh - candles. Yes, candles sound good! LOL!