Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Mish Mash

Where has the time gone? There is only 2 days left in this month and then we are on the end leg of summer holidays already! And we haven't even gone anywhere on summer holidays yet! That is just not right! And there is nothing to rob the joy of summer holidays from my kids than to see all the back to school ads and the stores clearing out summer stock to put in fall clothes and school supplies. The words "Back to school" are not to be spoken out loud in my home as I found out last week, so hubby and I must talk in hushed tones in corners of the house to do our BTS budgeting. I feel like I'm some sort of crook planning a heist in a seedy back alley location so that I am not caught in said planning.

I feel like this last week I have been sort of this crazy path like the little bug took in my tree's leaf. Up, down, all around to get from one end to the other. It sure would be easier just to go straight across, but I never tend to go the easy way. We have had a tad bit of financial attack as the week saw several things around the house decide they had had enough and were going to lay down and die on us. First we got cut in one of our monthly cheques, then the microwave decided heating things was just not it's thing anymore. Then on a smoking hot day the air conditioner fan blade decided it didn't want to turn anymore, and just to make sure the week ended on a high note the computer desk keyboard tray decided to jump ship. Meaning it ended up on the floor. Rebellion I tell ya! Outright rebellion. Oh and how on earth could I have forgotten the obnoxious noise coming from my vacuum cleaner when I turn it off. Nasty, nasty.

The painting is done in the kitchen finally last week and can I say I absolutely looooove it. Finally after 3 colors over the space of about 10 years I have a color I just say "aaahhhh" to when I walk into it. From an ugly dusty pinky thing with blue verticals, (as in this sad picture):

I now have a lovely light olive green-yellow-gray type color called "safari" that looks sort of different shades of green when different light hits it. But never a minty green. I didn't want minty. And I have to insert here that I have the best hubby. You wouldn't believe what he went through to get me this color. We finally picked the color off those crazy little cards they have at paint stores. Then when we got the paint, because we ordered a semi gloss, once on the wall it was a lot darker than the color on the card, a dark olive, which we didn't want. So this wonderful man, having experience working in a paint store and knowing the mixing of colors, went back and forth to the paint store getting them to add "x" number of drops of yellow, red, green, black, until he got the color exact. I cannot tell you how many trips this took. Lets just say more than a half a dozen. I now I have this wonderful color kitchen. I also painted out the blinds in a lovely browny/red color called "nutmeg". Can everyone say "Aaaaahhhh"?!

I still need to change the valences, I'm looking for new ones to match at IKEA when we go on holidays, and I want to paint out the frame of the picture in the nutmeg color and add nutmeg candles to the wall sconces. The pictures don't do it justice at all. Maybe one day when the lighting is just right and I'm not in such a hurry, I'll take a better pic.

The hi-light of the week was Kay coming home from her bible training and missions trip. We were so excited to have her back. She learned alot, became closer to the Lord, made lots of great new friends from all across western Canada and had a lot of fun. And now, bless my mother's heart, she is talking about bible college after high school. She was pretty disoriented the first few days back. The first day I gave her a present in that I let her sleep in as long as she wanted. In three weeks she never had a sleep in day, not even on weekends, so I knew she'd really appreciate it. Even though it made me crazy, I actually let her sleep until 2:45 p.m. that first morning day. LOL! She was so worn out. I finally did have to wake her to take Tia to swim lessons for me. I wonder how long she would have gone had I just left her? I guess we'll never know.

Menu Plan Monday will just have to come later. And there is still lot's of "happenings" but this post is long enough for today. So I'll call it part I and we'll do part II tomorrow. Except then it won't be Monday, but it'll still be mish mash. Now, I need to go catch up with the dayhome kids.


Jen said...

oh i dont like it when things decide to break down all at the same time

bless your hubby
and the kitchen looks lovely :)

pleased Kay had a great time and that shes gotten closer to the LOrd through it

angeleyes Blue said...

Love the kitchen. This will happen to me in my lifetime preferebly befoe I am 99.

Barb said...

It's funny how things seem to break down or wear out in groups. I think out of all your breakdowns, the air conditioner fan would have been the worst.

Love the new color in the kitchen. The only thing worst to pain than a kitchen is a bathroom, so good job hubby. And good job getting the color right, too.

It's standard procedure around my place to post things at least a day late. So post your Menu Monday tomorrow and you can join my club! :-)

Beck said...

Your kitchen looks beautiful!
I did mention the week that our furnace, dryer and fridge all died in sync, right? And it WAS the middle of the winter, too. That was expensive.

Linda said...

Lovely transformation, Susanne! Doesn't it make you feel good every time you survey your work?! I need to do the same in my home, just can't get motivated.

Linda said...

I think that's a lovely color Susanne - very peaceful. We have a similar color.
I'm so glad you're daughter is safely home and all caught up on her sleep!!!
It is my considered opinion that things like appliances should never break down. After all, they
cost a fortune and as far as I'm concerned that means they should last. And then they seem to conspire to all give up the ghost at the same time. I'm sorry they did that to you.
Have a good week and shhh about the back to school stuff!!

DeeDee said...

Love the mish mash...and the kitchen! Isn't it fun to see the transformation? Such an accomplishment! If you're like me, things won't change now for many years to come. I get it like I like it and leave it that way!

Heather Smith said...

That is so awesome that your daughter is talking about Bible college! Hey, everything in your house might break, but you've done a great job with the kids!! Praying that this week is a bit less hectic for you!!

ellen b said...

Yikes as they say when it rains it pours! happy daughter is back safe and sound. I like the green, lovely! blessings....

Laurel Wreath said...

We always had a running joke while growing up, when one thing broke we waited until the other "two things" broke. IT ALWAYS CAME IN THREE. It never failed to dissapoint, oh and it usually like to happen around big holidays like Thanksgiving, etc... Seriously we had to laugh or we would have been crying our head off.

gail@more than a song said...

Oooh I love seeing pics of your kitchen, great job on all the painting! Mine got painted a soft green color too a few years back & everyone comments how calming that color is. You'll enjoy it.
So glad your daughter is back and had a wonderful time!

Dianne said...

Nice paint job. A few years ago I attempted to paint my kitchen the same color. I kid you not - it turned out looking like a McD's shamrock shake! Ugh - minty is not me! What did I do -- about the same as you. Went back and got a different color and repainted the same day (if I didn't hurry and do it, I knew I might never and then I'd be inwardly puking every time I cooked or ate in there. Anyways your kitchen looks lovely. Curious to know how you "painted out" the blinds!??

Jenny in Ca said...

your kitchen looks lovely!

how wonderful Kay had such a sweet time with the Lord, how neat she is talking bible college!!

Shalee said...

Love the kitchen color, Susanne! It yells, "Shalee needs to sip coffee here!"

And may God bless you with a few great sales to replace the broken things. Or better yet, I hope he just gives them to you!

Chappyswife said...

Things always seem to break one right after the other, don't they, and a person is left feeling like they are the only one in the world that all the bad stuff is happening to? I hope things are going better now for you.

I LOVE the colors you chose. Very pretty!