Sunday, June 24, 2007

Book Review ~ For Young Women Only

"for young women only" by Shaunti Feldham & Lisa A. Rice

I had read "For Women Only" by Shaunti Feldham last year and found it totally changed my way of thinking in certain areas. Some things in the book were total eye openers, so when I saw she had written one for teen girls and young women I ordered it for my 17 year old daughter to read and also for myself, seeing I had a 15 year old son and thought I could use all the help I could get in figuring him out, too!

The authors have written a very insightful book that should be a help for teens in the very confusing and scarey world of boys, friendships with guys and dating and wondering what on earth guys are really thinking. This book deals with topics from respect, acceptance, "mean girls", trust, what guys think about the way girls dress, to s*x. The authors have taken surveys of several hundred guys from every walk of life, Christian and non-Christian to see what they are really thinking. From the surveys they also developed focus groups with the young men to discuss what they saw where common answers on the surveys and use quotes from young men throughout the book.

I thought this book was helpful simply because they are writing from surveys taken & quotes from young guys rather than just from their own personal opinions. I think this will give credibility to what they are trying to say with teen girls. Even though girls may have already heard some of this from parents, as my daughter has, actually reading from the surveys what the guys are saying,to me, gives it that extra backing.

Although, some have criticized this book in the area of young men's thought lives, as giving guys the excuse they might be looking for to be exempt from responsibility for their thought life, I did not take it that way. In fact the authors several times said that most guys shared they struggle to bring their thoughts under control especially if they are church attenders. The fact is, the book was written for girls, so that they would have some understanding as to what a guy is thinking, not as a teaching book for young men to convict them.

I read it ahead of my daughter so that we could discuss the different areas and if nothing else it gives open doors to conversations that otherwise they might not just start themselves. If you would like more reviews on this book to give you a better idea, click on the link at the beginning of the post.


Donnetta said...

I will have to look into this one... not only for my growing daughter but also for the youth group.

Do you happen to know what age span it is recommeded for??

Carol said...

You read the most interesting things! Thanks for the recommendation.

Do take a sec to stop by She Lives today.

Tammy said...

Wow...thanks, Susanne. I'll keep this one in mind. My oldest turns 8, which seems so young on the one hand, but the way time is flying by, really isn't!
I haven't read For Women Only, either, so am going to look for this on in my church library!
Have a good Monday, Susanne!

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

I just might get this one for my 16 year old niece. And of coarse I will need all the help I can get in this area soon with my four girls:) Thanks for the review.

I'm Always impressed with how much you read:)

Beck said...

Wow, that book sounds great. I'm so glad, though, that I am a couple of years away from having to deal directly with things like that - phew!

Eden said...

Great review, Susanne! I'll have to check this one out, along with "for women only".

Hope you had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed for Women Only as well! I really like this author. Need to check out the one for Young Women!


Annie said...

Sounds interesting Susanne.
My daughter is back from Canada... she loved it so much up there she didn't want to come home!

StarKnits said...

i've been wondering about the book for women only. i guess if it was so good that you've bought the younger one... anyways i'll have to see if the library at church has it..

Karen said...

Great book review. I like your blog as well! That Susie is sumpthin' isn't she?

Thanks for stopping by.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I think I saw the author interviewed on TV. I'd like to get this book, but I don't know if she would read it willingly. Maybe she'd pick it up when no one was around.

Unknown said...

Hey another nonfiction book for you! I've heard of her first book and have wanted to pick it up. I'm glad that you could read this and discuss it with her. I'm going to link up to this post on one of the reasons why people should Read Together (it's my new mission for the summer).

Barb said...

Oh my, I hope you get your Internet back soon. Startin' to miss you!

I just put your name in the favor giveaway hat. :-)

Shawna said...

I hadn't thought of reading this for the sake of my son. Good advice, Susanne.

Girl Raised in the South said...

We highly recommended this book in the bookstore at church - everyone who read it told me it was fabulous.