Friday, May 11, 2007

The Questions Game

Picked this up from Jen at Prayer Warrior. She lives in New Zealand. Cool, eh? I can say I now "know" someone in New Zealand. It's the randomized questions meme that Linda already hit me up with here, but I like the questions Jen got so I'm answering them. (And shhh, don't tell but I was short of a cute or thought provoking post so I jumped on it).

1. What book are you currently reading or have just finished reading?

Right now, I'm working on getting through "Graced Based Parenting" by Dr. Tim Kimmel. I'm so not a great non-fiction reader but I really want to get through this one. I just finished "Uncharted" by Angela Hunt and if you haven't already you can read my review here.

2. If money were no object, where would you live and what would you be doing?

Wow, if money were no object. That is hard to answer simply for the fact that I have not been a big traveller so I can think I might like to live somewhere, but reality would probably be very different from the dream. In my dreams maybe I'd like to live in Hawaii or Santorini, Greece. But I do love my Canada. I would love to be in a newer house on maybe a small acreage so the kids had a bit more yard space but then I'd like the gardener to go with it! And the house would have to have a pool. :vD But money is no object right? I would love to be a SAHM with no other job responsibilites than my home and family. The money being no object dream would tend to go more toward getting to travel for me. I would love travel all over the world.

3. Some people crave chocolate or coffee, what do you keep stashed for when the urge strikes?

Well, we all know the coffee thing with me so we'll move on from there. The only thing I think I crave on a regular basis is maybe potatoe chips but I don't keep them at home because then I'd always be eating them. If I crave it, I go to the corner store and get some. The other thing I get to craving is the "Lite" pizza from Pizza 73.

4. What is your idea of how to spend the perfect day?

Ahhh, sleeping until I actually wake up on my own accord! Having coffee watching the morning news or if it's a beautiful morning on the deck in my pj's. Then getting to blog and/or read my book until I'm tired of it. Lunch out with hubby or a girl friend. Picking the kids up from school, time at the lake with them. Then cooking a really nice supper at home and enjoying it with my whole family there. Relaxed, with no one having to run to sports, work, or other obligations. Then having a couple friends over for coffee and dessert. Finished with curling up with my book before bed.

5. What spurred you into starting a blog way back when?

It's just about my first year of blogging anniversary. And I clearly remember why I started. It was the community and support that I saw manifested when a blogging friend went through a life and death situation. I couldn't believe how virtual strangers, except through the avenue of blogging, rallied around this friend in her time of need and I wanted to be a part of that. I had been a commentor for a couple months and become cyber friends with her, her and her and another wonderful lady named Lauren who no longer blogs. And it was my dear friend Shalee who got me to jump in with both feet. I always tell her my forray into the blogging world is all her fault, so you can take it up with her! :vD To read the whole story you can go here. Now, it's all about the friendships I made.

Now I won't make anyone "volunteer" seeing as I already did this to ya, and the only one brave enough to take on my questions was Barb. But I do have one question. Is there a prize for having the most links of anyone in one single post? Sheesh.


Tammy said...

This was fun, Susanne! Just when you think you know a lot about someone, these memes make you find out more!
And Hawaii...ah use to be my dream, too...once upon a time. ;)
Can I suggest just a seasonal home there? If you're going to dream, might as well dream big and have several homes spread out aroundt the world! :)
Happy Mother's Day early, Susanne!

{Karla} said...

I think I have had you beat in the Links contest. ;0) My last couple of posts have been completely link-filled!

I've been reading Grace Based Parenting too. Great book.

Whatever your reasons, I'm glad you started blogging!


dcrmom said...

Funny! I just did the same thing today (answered another person's questions b/c I liked them). I like your prefect day. :-)

PastorMac's Ann said...

Great answers Susanne.

I want to try a "Lite" pizza from Pizza 73. Sounds yummy.

I did your "Random Things" meme today.

And think I might be brave enough to accept a Susanne interview.

Jen said...

coffee and chips yum

they were good questions

the tricky part is what to ask the voluteers

momrn2 said...

As you near your one year of blogging, we are in the midst of celebrating one year since that life and death experience. It truly was amazing to see God's hand at work, including in the blogosphere!! The encouragment and support that came from this place is unexplainable!

I'm glad to know that it spurred you on to blogging. That is one good thing that came from that experience... getting to know you! :-)

Blessings friend!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

org junkie said...

I want to live in Hawaii too!!! I got married there 12 years ago and have yet to be back!

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Sarah is reading Grace Based Parenting, and I saw the author had one on marriage also. I'd buy it if I wasn't on a book fast. I loved that you said you'd just live where you were, only update the house and enlarge the lot a bit. xoxox

Shalee said...

I'm with you on #2. I'd be a SAHM too. And I still feel honored to take the blame for your blogging. It's such a nicer place here with you in it!

Carmen in California said...

I feel exactly the same way with your answer to number five, and pizza is my biggest weakness!