Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday-Spring Flower Craft

Well, I am totally itching to see all the beautiful things that come with spring. It has been so windy, so constantly around here that I'm longing for the gentle rains, the flowers springing up and the trees budding out. So in an effort to try and hurry spring along we made these cute flowers in dayhome for the kids to take home. They loved them and they are really easy.

For supplies you'll need:

-coffee filters, tempra paint, green pipe cleaners, long straws

I used liquid tempra paints and mixed springy type colors like soft purples, blues, pinks and yellows. Mix only about a tablespoon for each color. Now in tiny jars or small containers such as yogurt cups, I mixed them thoroughly down with water. I used about 1/4 teaspoon of color to about 3 or 4 tablespoons of water. You want the mix to be very watery and not thick at all. This is what will make the coffee filter absorb the colors and blend them. If the paint is thick the colors will not be blended by the filter.

Now just let the kids paint a filter only on the inside. Explain to them to also do up the sides and to try not to squash down the sides. Although if they do, as preschoolers will, don't worry about it. It just won't keep the ruffle edging. I supervised this part closely as the younger ones tended to want to just keep painting in the same spot and then you end up with a big puddle underneath the filter.

When they are happy with their painting, the filter needs a day to dry (especially those who were very generous with their paints :vP ). I put them into small cereal bowls to help them keep their shape as some of the children had flattened them out. 500ml yogurt containers would also work. Anything like that.

When dry, have the child thread a long pipe cleaner through the straw. This gives it strength so it doesn't flop over. Have it flush on the bottom end. At the top, where you have extra pipe cleaner coming out the top of the straw, place tape over the pipe cleaner and tape to the back of the flower. You'll have to help here so that they don't flatten out their flower again.

Now take a long green pipe cleaner, lay it horizontal on the table, have them lay the flower stem vertical onto it and then have the child bring up the ends of the pipe cleaner together and criss cross them, so that you are actually wrappying it once around the stem. Now they can just bend a leaf shape out of each side and wrap the end once around the stem to secure.

Voila, springtime come early. Works for Me.

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Tammy said...

Great children's craft, Susanne! In fact...I had to be in charge of crafts for the kids in our home Bible Study last Sunday and found a similar-yet different- craft using coffee filters. I may post on that for next Wednesday...we hadn't used the coffee filters before and my girls can't get enough of it!

I'm going to try this one you've shown, now...very cute! :)

Chris said...

very cute and I am ready for Spring time flowers too!

Air Force Family said...

Awesome craft!

org junkie said...

That's fantastic and clever!

annie said...

What a fun craft, I think my Emelia would love to make those!


Barb said...

Your dayhome parents must feel so blessed, Susanne. I love the way you do all these crafty things with the kids. You must have the patience of a saint!

These are cute, cute.

Cyndi said...

Oh, I love this craft! I think we'll do these next week sometime. My kids are older, but I'm finding that they are really enjoying doing projects like this like we used to. Thanks for reminding me of this!

Beck said...

What a great craft - I think that will be fun to do with my three on Friday, when they're all going to be home!

Jen said...

very nice
I may use this idea one day :)

gail said...

I bet they had fun with it!