Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another Meme to Go

I found this meme at Lori4SquareMom's Place tucked it away in my meme stash for such a time as this. My feet hit the floor running this morning so enjoy and let me know it you take it so I can come and read your answers!

1. Name six things in your refrigerator:
~Southern Butter Pecan coffee creamer
~extra hot pepperoni
~about a dozen heads of garlic (don't ask)
~leftover hawaiian meatballs
~pickled hot pepper rings
~marble cheese

2. Name six things in your freezer:
~banana rhubarb pie
~box of chicken burgers
~Ristorante spinach pizza
~ freezer burnt cherry ice cream
~mixed veggies
~frozen Minute Maid juice

3. Name six things under your kitchen sink:
~dish drain board
~empty juice bottles for recycling
~rubber gloves
~bottle scrubber
~scrubbing sponges
~Clorox lemon scented wipes

4. Name six things around your computer:
Mine's a laptop so this changes with any given moment but right now:
~my coffe mug filled with coffe with Southern Butter Pecan creamer (but I bet you knew that)
~birthday invitation to my daughter for her friend's birthday on Saturday
~my hubby on his laptop
~Totally Coffee Cookbook (sent to me by my sweet friend who gets my passion for all things coffee)
~St. Patrick's day coloring pages (I really need to put some stuff away)

5. Name six things in your medicine cabinet:
~Oil of Olay
~nail polish
~surgical scrub cleanser

6. Name six things on or around your nightstand:
~my book bag
~wedding photo album
~mug of water

So there you go, you might know me a bit better in all my weirdness, from items around my house. Good thing it didn't ask what was in my closets!


momrn2 said...

From the sounds of all that yummy food in your fridge and freezer... I'm heading on over! :-)

Mine would read something like: ketchup, mustard, eggs,....

Yours sounds much more appetizing and "fun"!

Cyndi said...

This was fun! (Now I want a snack... LOL)

Peach said...

Sounds good, Susanne. I think I may need to climb aboard this meme soon, too.

I've never had banana rhubarb pie, but it sounds delish!

Jen said...

Good meme Im going to tuck it away too
Ill let u know when I do it sometime
YUm I love coffee too
Susanne whats in my closets????????? LOL

Linda said...

Now that is an interesting group in the fridge. I've got milk and eggs. Boy howdy, that pie sounds good. I was jealous of the laptop, and then when you said you and H are both using ones at the same time, it was cute! As is the wedding album on the nightstand.

Beck said...

Susanne, if I ever visit, you'll find me standing with your fridge door open, stuffing my face.

Chris said...

Very fun...I have Southern Butter Pecan Coffee Creamer in my frig right now too! It's my favorite!

org junkie said...

I had to laugh at the freezer burnt ice cream....can I come over and throw it out for you...please!....its my favortie thing to do...he he.
Well I don't even drink coffee so how do you like that BUT I totally get addictive!


gail said...

Fun one! I played Susanne, thanks!

GiBee said...

Well, if you have them (garlic), use them!!!

You should try this recipe - Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic by Ina Garten:,1977,FOOD_9936_31318,00.html

Or better yet ... here's a crock pot version -- slightly different but close enough!:

Melissa said...

I needed a non-thinking activity to do anyway! :) Yours was fun to read!

Jen said...

mines up :)