Friday, May 26, 2023

Friday's Fave Five #735

Happy Friday!  Time for another edition of Friday's Fave Five.  Are you ready to push pause on the busy and take a few moments to just look back on the week and find those things that were a blessing to you?  Sometimes it comes easy and sometimes it is a struggle to either want to do it, make the time to do it or to find blessings in a tough week.  But the more we practice keeping our eyes open for blessings in the hard, in the mundane and in the busy the more natural it will become to find them.  Please join us as we develop the habit of looking for blessings and then being grateful and thankful for them.

~ long weekend ~  who doesn't love a long weekend?  An extra day off.  An extra day to sleep in, sit and relax or catch up on whatever has been needing doing. I made sure to get all my chores and work done so that I would totally have sweet nothing to do on Monday.

~ flower shopping with my sister ~ May long weekend is planting out weekend in these parts.  Usually I have my flowers bought before that time but this year I just didn't have the motivation to drag them in and out every morning and evening.  So I went shopping on the Saturday with my sister.  It was a pleasant way to spend a few hours with her.  I got some lovely flowers including this gem I just couldn't leave behind:  red lupin.  I have never seen this color. And have never seen lupin around these parts.

~ planting the flowers out ~ Sunday I spent the day and planted everything out.  I was exhausted but happy it was all done and now it can just grow!  Here's a few pics of just some of them.  I'll post more when the pots are filled out a bit

~ simple pleasures ~ Saturday I grabbed a couple ice capps to take for my visit with Mom.  It's not something I buy often, but there is a Tim Horton's right close by to where she lives.  When I arrived she just happened to be heading out to the garden courtyard.  We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful day, sipping on the drinks. It was a blessing to share something as simple as small treat and warm sunshine with flowers beside us.  It made her so happy.

~ support of good friends ~ this last year the support of friends has really shown itself a blessing to me and I am truly grateful for all the friends who have prayed for me, checked up on me and had words of encouragement both in email, text and in real life.  Every bit has tremendously helped in a year of walking through some difficult things. 

What blessings have you been thankful for?


Susan said...

Your flowers are all so pretty! My roses are blooming and my plumerias are coming back to life. It is good to have a good support system. Enjoy your long weekend!

Wendy said...

Yes sometimes just sitting together in a nice setting is enough. Glad you enjoyed your free day - we have one on Monday but it's not quite the same when you're retired lol. We need to get plants for the garden too. We had lupins in the garden when I was growing up but I've not seen one like yours either. Have a good weekend Susanne.

Faith said...

wow Susanne! Those plants are just gorgeous! I have one pot of mixed annuals on my deck and either tonight or tomorrow after my morning hike, I will be going back to get more annuals and pot them. I've NEVER seen red lupins!! We have purple/blue lupins growing in abundance along the roadsides here in most of NYS and they're all over the place in the mountain areas here on the east coast.

I'm right there with ya, too on the blessing of friends and sisters in Christ. Can't get through this past year without the prayers of my friends (you included!!).

That iced coffee looks amazing!! We don't have Tim Hortons around here.....Starbucks, Spot Coffee, and DD reign.....or Uncommon Grounds (not my fave). Sometimes I buy Tim's from Target when they have it.

glad you had a relaxing long weekend doing the things you love.

Barbara H. said...

This is a long weekend for us, and I am looking forward to it. Your flowers are all so pretty! What a fun get-together-with your mom. Jim used to take sausage biscuits or some kind of frappe to his mom when she was in assisted living. She always loved the treats. Good friends are indeed a blessing.

Willow said...

Flowers in the garden will always bring joy! That lupin--wow! It's beautiful! I think it might be a perennial?
This is our long weekend and I am looking forward to it. There will be a parade to attend but other than that and church, I will be getting my hands dirty in the garden or just sitting and enjoying it. I really had better not go to the garden store again :)
I am glad for you that you still have those times with your mom. Treasure each moment.
Have a good weekend!

ellen b. said...

A great variety of blessings this week. Your flower pots are so pretty. Hope you have a restful weekend.

nikkipolani said...

Love seeing everyone's spring planting choices. And I love the color combinations you put together. That is a most unusual color for lupins! I've seen yellow and blue, and I think pink growing wild on our hillsides, but not this coral/salmon color.

Hurray for long weekends! Glad you have some time off to relax. That Ice Capp thing sounds amazing. I can already feel the brain freeze coming on!