Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday's Fave Five #726

Happy Spring everyone and welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  How has your week been?  Good or bad, hard or pleasant, it is important to intentionally take a pause and look for blessings.  When things are going our way and all seems good in our world blessings can easily get by us as we don't really take note of them or we take them for granted.  When things are harder and we are in a season of testing and trying the blessings can sometimes be unnoticeable.  In both cases, if we have developed the habit of pausing at some point and taking note of those good things God brings into our days, then it is easier not to let them slip by without being grateful and thankful.  This habit can get us through our toughest times and make our good days even better.  Please join us as we share five of the blessings from our past week.

~ memories ~ today is one year since my Dad passed away.  This has been a week of not only remembering his last week and how grateful I am that I was able to take time off and spend it with him, but also remembering all the fond memories of childhood.   My sweet Hubby spent a lot of hours trying to restore this very faded favorite pic of me, my Dad and my sister at the Calgary zoo probably from 1965 or '66.  I'm so grateful he did that for me.  

~ beautiful frost ~ this last week we have had some nice days, but the nights have been below freezing and we've woken up to fog several days.  On one of those mornings once the fog dissipated with the rising sun it left behind a lovely coating of hoar frost on the trees.  Such a pretty picture it made against the blue sky.  

~ spots filled ~ it took some time but all my spots in my dayhome are now filled.  It feels like the family and I will be a great fit for each other and I can't wait to have my home full again.  I actually find it easier and more fulfilling when all the spots are filled and all the kids are here.  I'm so thankful.

~ hair cut and color ~ a nice spruce up for spring!

~ declutter and clean ~ I went through a couple of drawers and got rid of stuff that I know I won't use or wear anymore.  Felt good to get it pared down and off to someone else who can put the items to better use.  And the good feeling makes me want to keep going.  I've found that if I just do smaller steps, like a drawer or two at a time, rather than like say a whole room, I am much more motivated and way less overwhelmed. 

What have been your favorites from the week?


Barbara Harper said...

Though this is a hard anniversary, I hope it's filled with sweet memories of your dad. What a neat photo.

Those trees are pretty! We've had rain some days and hard freezes others--I'm glad they weren't on the same day, or we would have had some icy weather.

Yay for having all your dayhome slots filled!

I'm better with decluttering just a drawer or shelf or two at a time, too. I have a large box in the bottom of the pantry where I can keep things to give away until I accumulate enough to take to the thrift store.

New haircuts are a real boost! I'm hoping to get mine cut this afternoon.

Faith said...

omgosh Susanne!! that photo reminds me of one with me and 2 of my 3 younger sisters in the 1960s (Jill didn't appear until 1975 when I was 15). Mom would dress Joy, Hope and I in polka dot dresses...we had those same bangs and cardigans over our dresses. Gotta love the memories and the 1960s childhood trends. hahah

YAY and Praise God for your daycare being filled now. That brings a huge relief to you I know.

And yay for new color and cuts.....I did the same thing last weekend!

I'm like you: I tend to declutter one area at a time.....this past month it's been our walk in closet. This weekend it wil be a part of the basement where we store old camping/camper supplies. We don't own a camper any more and have NO plans to ever camp again. So I need to go through that stuff and purge.


ellen b. said...

What a precious photo of you and your sister with your father. Glad you had that time with him in his last week. Sweet that your dayhome is full again. I like the idea of decluttering in a way that doesn't become overwhelming. Happy weekend to you and Happy Spring!

Willow said...

Thanks for the reminder about decluttering. I need to get back into it. And doing one or two drawers or shelves at a time works well.
I'm glad with you that your day care is filled up again.
A good cut and color is certainly a way to lift our spirits.
Hugs to you on this remembrance day.

nikkipolani said...

Oh, you make me look forward to my spring cleaning projects, too. Alas, can't be anytime too soon. Glad you got to do some.

How lovely to have a full house! And with kids that will be a good fit. A blessing indeed.

That's a nice job your hubby did on that sweet image of you, your sister, and dear Dad. So precious.

Billie Jo said...

Hello! Prayers as you commemorate the one-year passing of your father. The photo is a treasure, and I am so happy you have it. I am thinking about beginning to declutter too. I want less, you know? I need to get started! Have a cozy weekend.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Susan. I didn't expect to post at all today and so didn't link up. I will be back next week I'm sure. I love the picture of you, your sister and your dad. Sweet memories. So glad that your day home is full now and that everything is working out. I hope you have a good weekend. See you again soon!

Gattina said...

I had a rather sad week behind me too ! Your hubby did an excellent work, the picture looks like new ! I started "spring cleaning" too, just giving a call to the health insurance and ask for help !

Melanie said...

I really enjoy decluttering. It feels so satisfying. Your "frosty" photo is beautiful! Nature is beautiful in any season.

Hugs to you as you treasure those memories of your dad. Such cute dresses! March is difficult for me as well. I lost my husband and mother in March. Thank goodness for memories that keep them alive in our hearts.

Good for you that your 'family' is full now. It must be a challenging but very rewarding thing to do what you do.

Have a blessed weekend.

Hena Tayeb said...

It must be a hard day, the quote applies to so many scenarios. Cherish the memories, small, big and everything in between.