Friday, May 06, 2022

Friday's Fave Five #680

Happy Friday, everyone!  Another week has whizzed right by and it's time to take a breath and a pause to consider what the Lord has blessed us with over the last week.  I swear, the weeks are just in a race and without pausing to think about my blessings I would not even notice some of them.  Blessings in our lives don't have to be big, over the top events.  They can be subtle and meaningful in so many different ways.  Sometimes unless we take that pause to think about it, a certain thing actually being a blessing may totally be taken for granted and not even noticed.  Let's be intentional in noticing all our blessings brought into our everyday lives that lift us up and then take the next step and be thankful to the Lord for them.

~ geraniums bought ~  we took a drive to the nursery that has the rosebud geraniums that I absolutely love and have been purchasing the last few years.  I wanted to make sure I got my geraniums as they have limited quantity and with Mother's Day being this Sunday I didn't want to miss out.  Because it's a couple weeks early yet and the bedding out plants are still being set out and organized for the big shopping weekends coming up, some of the geraniums were not labeled yet.  But I saw the color I was looking for and grabbed three of them.  There were gorgeous but I remembered thinking the individual "rosebuds" on them looked bigger and the pink was a bit more red.  But I happily bought them home and have been nursing them.  Our plant out date is May 24 or so because it can still freeze overnight around here so I bring them in every night.  Well one night I noticed there was a tag stuck in one of the pots and lo and behold I never bought the rosebud geraniums after all.  I bought ones called "Apple Blossom" geraniums.  At first I was so disappointed and wondered if I could get there this weekend in the Mother's Day rush and exchanged them.  But then the more I looked at them the more I thought how much I liked these one's too so I'm going to give them a go.  Hopefully they will bush out like the others and produce a nice display too.  If not, well there is always next year.

~ pizza takeout ~ have I ever mentioned I love pizza. I can have it anytime.  We have a new pizza takeout place here on the south end of town and it's become a favorite.  

~ Mother's Day crafts ~  even though it's a ton of extra work, I really do enjoy doing special occasion crafts with the kids.  My group this year is still in the age category where they need all the supervision and lots of help and explanation but I try to pick crafts that they are capable of doing with as little of my "doing" as is possible.  I help and guide but perfection is not my aim, not even with Mother's Day crafts, the process is what's important.   I'm just not the provider who sends home crafts where I've had to do 90% of the work.  I love when they are all excited to take home a "present" or can't wait to show the parent what they made.

~ cinnamon buns ~ I rarely ever buy baking or sweets anymore.  But once in a while I get a craving so Saturday I happened to be in the store and they had some really yummy looking cinnamon buns that came in a two pack.  Perfect, I would be bringing home and eating a whole dozen by myself, so I decided I'd treat myself.  It was so good.  Super fresh and lots of cinnamon with just the right amount of cream cheese icing.  I hate when you rarely get a treat and you finally buy one and you get it home and it isn't as good as it looked.  That was not the case with this one.  Delicious!

~ summer shoes ~ I'm so glad the weather has been getting nicer and I can pack away the big ol' boots and heavier shoes and get out the fun summer sandals and shoes that I can just slip into. 

What have been your 5 favorite blessings from the week?



Gattina said...

I remember the "mother day" gifts I did for my mother, they were horrible, but she pretended (I suppose) they were beautiful.
Same as I did with my son ! And when they can buy gifts for mum, they forget motherday ! Not all of them because with all the publicity for Mother day you have to be blind not to see that it is Mother Day. I keep the same shoes the whole year, except boots with fake fur inside, our winters are never that cold. Once we had - 10 and that was really an exception.

Deb said...

Hi Susanne. Those are beautiful geraniums. I haven't done any planting at all because it has been so cold and wet here. I need to get going on it thought. Mother's Day crafts just touch my heart. I know that I still have every sweet Mother's Day craft any of my children brought home from school, church or day care. They are precious memories. Good for you for taking the extra time and effort to help your day home children remember their moms! A good take-out pizza place nearby is a must! I do love pizza. Glad to hear you had a good week. See you again soon!

Barbara Harper said...

Those geraniums are pretty! I wish they had that color here. I love that you select Mother's Day crafts the kids can do--that is so much more meaningful to parents. I know what you mean about getting a rare treat and then it's not as expected. I'm glad your cinnamon buns were. I love those, but I'm the only one who eats them, so I rarely get them. I'll have to look for the two-pack. Yay for pizza takeout! We get that pretty often. and usually have a bit left over for the next day's lunch.

nikkipolani said...

I've been looking high and low around here for these geraniums (Mom's collecting them) but have only located online seeds. Glad you were ahead of the game and got plenty to grow!

Bet your kids had a great time crafting for their mothers ;-)

How nice to find smaller quantities of a beloved treat. And that it fulfilled your craving!

Schotzy said...

I absolutely love your geraniums
I hope to find some to add to my porch!!!

Jerralea said...

Loved your list! I recently broke out the sandals myself. I have tons of boots, and quite a few sandals. But I don't have that many "in-between season" shoes. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl!

Faith said...

Pretty flowers!! All of my tulips came up this year and I'm loving them! Our pear tree has bloomed and the 2 cherry trees in the front yard. I loved all of my handmade mother's day gifts the girls would make in preschool and elementary school. I treasure them in a journal and my very first one when Courtney was in 3 yr old preschool is still going strong. It was a chives plant in a styrofoam cup and she decorated it with a happy face. The chives went into the ground in May 1996 and are still growing strong! Yay for pizza places and summer shoes!

I hope you have a good weekend!

Wendy said...

Snap - I bought some geraniums today along with other plants for my garden. Take out pizza you like is definitely a blessing as is finding a 2 pack of the buns you love. I'd be eating all of them if they were in a bigger pack too. I'm glad you don't do cards etc that are mostly done by you. The kids need to be involved in the making of those as much as possible - makes it much more treasurable for the recipient. Mother's Day and Father's Day can be a bit tricky when you have Grandchildren who have 2 Mums but so far their nursery and school have been pretty switched on about it. Have a good weekend Susanne.

Willow said...

Moms don't care how the projects look; they care about the fact that their children made them something. That's the treasure.
I wish my hubby liked geraniums. I don't buy them because he can't stand the smell. Oh well, there are lots of other lovely flowers...
If you ever come visit Ohio, I'll take you to have the best cinnamon rolls ever made!
Have a good weekend!