Friday, March 11, 2022

Friday's Fave Five #674

Welcome to another Friday and another opportunity to hit that pause button on our busy lives and intentionally take note of the blessings that God has sent us over the past week.  I found it so easy this week to drift from noticing good things in my life as, along with the rest of the world, I was caught up in the horror that is happening to the country and people of Ukraine.  If I let myself, I'm very easily addicted to being glued to the tv watching the news channels and I become consumed.  Having this discipline of purposefully looking back at my week to find and take notice of the good things in my life keeps my perspective.  It puts my focus back on being thankful instead of being fearful and filled with worry.  The blessings I find might be as simple as a new food I've tried and liked or something that made me laugh but it hones in a habit the starts to uplift my days instead of dragging them down.  Sometimes they are easy to find and sometimes I have to dig deep, but the point is to develop a gratefulness in my heart daily to the goodness of God in my personal life.  Thanks for joining me in this journey.

~ sunshine and fresh air

After spending last Saturday holed up in the house sick, Sunday beckoned me to get outside.  It was a gorgeous day and though still below freezing, the sun was out and warm without a speck of wind.  So Tux and I took advantage and went for a walk.  The sun and fresh air helped to revive me and though I still felt kind of weak and slow, it was great to be outside and moving instead of sprawled out on the couch.  Usually Tux is full of energy on his walks and we go at a brisk pace but he seemed to sense that wasn't possible that day and slowed it down for me.    What a blessing that beautiful day was.

~ new candle ~  I finally finished up the candle I had bought for winter which was a frosty, forest-y kind of smell that I loved.  Time for a new one and last week I found "Clear Skies" a scent that leans more toward a lighter, spring time smell without being flowery.  It's made by DW Home Candles, a brand that I am really liking.  I find their scents not so overwhelming as some other brands.  I do like me a nice candle scent.  

~ safe travels ~ Hubby had to make a long drive, about 12 hours round trip in one day.  I was very thankful he had good driving conditions there and back and he made it home safe and sound.  

~ fresh strawberries ~  the last clamshell I bought were especially flavorful and juicy.  Have you ever had Bavarian strawberries?  Dip a strawberry in sour cream and then into brown sugar.  Oh my.  So good.

~ good night's sleep ~ I am thankful for good night's of sleep.  One's where I sleep right through without being woken up until the alarm goes off.  

What were your favorite five blessings from the last week?


Faith said...

I didn't know you were sick last weekend! SO thankful you're better and could enjoy that nice walk with that adorable puppy.

YAY for candles that aren't too strong. I FINALLY found a light one for spring at good ole Target. I don't know the brand...i think it's a generic Target one but it's lovely. Kinda of a very light floral scent but i can't identify the flower and there's no label on the bottom! It's a light green. I can no longer do the really powerful brands.

My husband and daughters love strawberries but I'm allergic to them. Glad you found some you like.

I also am praying for Ukraine but I only read the news online. I refuse to turn on the tv. You're right about being intentional to find our blessings. SO important. and It's what brings glory to God.

Yay for safe travels and for a good night's sleep. i'm taking a "mental health/sick day" today because i had a HORRIBLE night's sleep. not sure why. I often do this time of year.


Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Susanne. I completely agree with your opening to this post. I too have been horrified over the past several with what is taking place in Ukraine. I needed to think about all I am grateful for this Friday, so thanks for hosting this every week. So glad you are feeling better and were able to get out for a snowy walk on Sunday. I am so glad your husband was safe in his travels. 12 hours is a lot of driving in one day. Fresh strawberries and a new candle sound good too. I think my favorite thing in this post is a good night's sleep, something I am always grateful for, because it is too often elusive for me. I hope you have a good weekend. See you again next time. :-)

Barbara Harper said...

You're brave to go out in below-freezing weather! I'm glad your husband had a safe trip. 12 hours is a long trip to do in a day. Oh, fresh strawberries sound so good. I'll have to look for some. My husband allergic, and we can only get them in containers (pint? quart?), so I don't usually buy them just for myself. I might see if my youngest son will split a container with me as he loves them, too. I had sleep on my list this week, too!

Willow said...

I love that last statement...the more beauty. Yes! True! And I agree that we must look for the small things in the midst of all the horror.
I'm glad your husband was safe on that long journey!
Your walk with Tux looks like so much fun. Younger Daughter's Sawyer is like Tux. He is so happy to be outside that he just keeps tugging. Warmer weather is coming and we will be able to be outside more and more. Anticipation!
Have a good weekend.

nikkipolani said...

Ah, man. I can't do sour cream anymore, but that strawberry combination is SO SO GOOD!

Very nice that you got to be out in a beautiful day with an accommodating Tux and beginning to feel better.

I like what you're describing about that Clear Skies candle. And thankful you have had some good sleep.

Wendy said...

Sorry you were sick but hope you're fully recovered by now. Yes it's hard at the moment not to get too bogged down in the news but you found some good things to list. Have a good weekend Susanne.

Karen said...

A full night's sleep is something I've been missing lately. It seems my sleep patterns go in circles. I'm due for a good one!

Your walk with Tux in the fresh air sounds so nice. I was able to go for one this morning, and it has lifted my mood after all the cold weather we've had.

Those strawberries sound so good. I have to make myself eat fruit, but I don't think it would take much coaxing to have those:)

ellen b. said...

Safe travels, candles, a walk, fresh strawberries, a good nights sleep... all good things. Hope this new week goes well.