Friday, December 10, 2021

Friday's Fave Five #662

Can the second week of December already be over?  My goodness the time is flying right by me.  I seem to be stuck in park as is evidenced by the lack of Christmas presents anywhere in the house.  I need to give myself a pinch to wake up and get it together or I might just find myself amongst the harried Christmas Eve shoppers I always used to laugh at.  But tonight I'm putting a pause on that and taking the time just to look for my blessings from the past week.  With everything going on right now in my life I really, really need to purposefully do this in order to keep my perspective focused on God and His goodness.  Won't you join in?

~ shoveled walk and driveway ~  Last Sunday we received some snowfall.  Not a huge dump but it had been snowing a good portion of the day.  As it turned out, I was having computer issues and Hubby was busy trying to figure it out and I was trying to get the tree decorated with no motivation to give me some "oomph" to it.  I was trying to push the thought of having to go out later and shovel to the back of my mind when I heard shoveling that seemed like it was on our driveway or at least close to the house but sometimes sound in my driveway area is deceiving and I dismissed it as our neighbor on his driveway.  But when we looked out it was our neighbor indeed, or rather his teenage son, but he was shoveling not his, but our driveway and front walk.  What a sweet guy!  We were so thankful for his generosity in doing that for us.

~ speaking of the tree ~  Here it is:  Christmas tree 2021.  I love sitting in the room with just the tree lights on.  Something so satisfying and relaxing about it.  And I love looking at other people's trees and seeing their personalities coming through in the way they decorate it.

~ coffee body scrub ~  I had bought some Lalicious Sugar Coffee Scrub at a salon on a after Christmas sale last year and never opened it thinking I would put it away for a gift.  But as time went on I was hesitant in case it had a shelf life and something went bad in it.  I finally cracked it open for my self and it is wonderful stuff.  Smells delicious and works great.  A little pampering is uplifting for the mind, body and spirit.

~ snack deal ~ one of my dayhome families needed some extra care this month for their child in preschool.  She was only coming here for about 7 weeks anyway and I had already contracted for the amount with them so we struck a deal that had mom bring a couple snacks a week for the remaining weeks of December instead of adding to her payment which she already made.  It has been wonderful.  That is 2 snacks I don't have to meal plan or prep for.  I'm feeling very spoiled.  

~ stuff sold ~  There was a bunch of stuff cluttering the garage that I kept forgetting to put on the FB marketplace to try and sell.  I finally got around to it and within an hour of listing it had 6 people interested and sold it and got it out of the garage by that afternoon.  The fastest sale I've ever been a part of.  Now if I could just get a bunch of crystal sold that nobody seems to want anymore so I could get it out of my basement it would be wonderful!

What has been your favorite blessings this week?


Gattina said...

That's nice of your neighbor's son to clean the entrance ! Fortunately I don't have to worry anymore about that ! Your Christmas tree is beautiful ! I haven't done anything for Christmas yet. I still don't know what we will or can do. I also have a lot of stuff to sell, but I always tell myself "tomorrow"


a spirit of simplicity said...

Your tree is beautiful. I like sitting with just the Christmas lights as well. What a kind thing you did for your student's family...and it helped you as well. That is just the kind of thing that the season calls for.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Susanne - what a beautiful tree you have! It really is stunning! That body scrub sounds so good - wow, made me wonder where I could get some for myself! It is always so great to get some stuff sold that we don't want/need any more - and the extra cash isn't bad either! So glad you had some help with snacks from the day home family, and that is just extra nice of your neighbor to shovel your walks. People can be so nice! Hope you have a good weekend as you continue to get ready for Christmas!

Barbara Harper said...

This month does seem to be going by even faster than most. What a wonderful help your neighbor was with the snow shoveling. Your tree is beautiful. That was a creative and helpful solution to the one family's needing extra care. Yay for stuff sold so quickly!

nikkipolani said...

I'm totally aligned with that first paragraph. I'm not nearly ready for ...anything this year. But the tree is up and like you it's a joy to look at :-)

That's so nice to have some help along the way with snow, snacks, and even sugar! And clearing things out as well as bringing in a bit of money? Very nice indeed.

Willow said...

What a sweet neighbor! Having your driveway and sidewalk shoveled and cleared of snow is a true blessing.
Now you are encouraging me to put something up on facebook marketplace and sell it. It's been sitting in my daughter's garage for too long. Maybe it will bless someone for Christmas?
Love your tree! If you saw my tree this year, you would conclude that we are boring and simple--we decided we loved the look of the tree with just the lights on it. First time ever that we haven't put ANY decorations on it.
Have a happy and blessed weekend!

Faith said...

What a kind neighbor boy!
The tree is so pretty...i've never seen people put those cranberry bunches on a tree....i do have cranberry and white berry candle wreaths.....that's really an interesting look! I LOVE just sitting in my living room too with just the tree lights's so peaceful before bed.
FB Marketplace is a great place to get rid of stuff you no longer want/need. got rid of some old ones by donating them to a thrift store and our local Goodwill. Perhaps you could donate them to a church or thrift store?? Salvation Army also takes old dishes. I know dave's folks got rid of a lot of old crystal by donating to their church's fellowship hall for use with big church dinners, events, etc.

ENJOY the weekend!! That body scrub sounds perfect. I just splurged on a Cherry Blossom one from Target...i just LOVE it. It has matching hand cream and body spray too

ellen b. said...

Your tree is so pretty and I love all the lights reflecting in the windows. Happy Weekend!!

Wendy said...

Your tree looks beautiful. I know what you mean about needing to catch up with Christmas plans. I started early this year but now I've slipped way behind schedule and am trying not to let panic set in. Well done on getting your things sold. Have a good weekend.