Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday's Fave Five #384

Hello and welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving and while it was wonderful to have an official holiday to remind us to be thankful, I love that this group intentionally makes it a part of their everyday.  Developing a habit of looking for your blessings and being thankful and grateful to God for them can transform one's life.  It can move us from anxiety and stress into peace and trust.  While a thanksgiving holiday can give us wonderful feelings in the moment that we can say a quick thank you for, intentional daily gratitude is a lifestyle, a way to navigate life, our compass when there are difficult times.  Please join us a we develop and work to maintain this attitude of consistent gratitude for the good things in our lives.

~ thanksgiving weekend ~ Once again it was a toned down celebration this year.  Our son and youngest daughter joined us as they only live a couple hours away but my oldest daughter and her hubby, who live about 6 1/2 hours away were not able to make it.  For the first time in forever I did not make a turkey.  We opted, with my sister, to instead order turkey dinner takeout from a fave restaurant and have our family dinner at Mom's supportive living home.  We booked the community room and enjoyed each other's company around good food.  I'm thankful that even in the midst of, again, a holiday with restrictions we were able to bless my Mom and have a family dinner with her.  It was the first one since covid all began.  She spent last thanksgiving in emergency, Christmas in the hospital, Easter in a hospital setting out of town only being allowed me and my sister to see her.  So even though it wasn't our usual, it was still a celebration.

~ kitchen table ~ after years of trying to find an oval shaped table that would work in our eat in kitchen space we finally found one and scored a great price to boot.  It was on clearance for a crazy good deal and then 20% off on top of that.  Our last table we foolishly didn't measure and it was too big for our space and the rectangle shape made it hard to get around.  For years we've been constantly bumping into the corners of it and hurting ourselves and it just made everything look crowded.  But for some reason, oval shaped tables were next to impossible to find.  This one will not be as large for family gatherings but we'll just have to go back to the old fashioned way of setting up tv trays in the living room and spread out over two rooms when absolutely everyone shows up for celebrations which my hubby prefers anyway compared to everyone trying to squish into the kitchen.  We're thankful we got such a great deal on something we've been searching for.

~ cozy sweaters ~ it has definitely turned into fall around here.  We had below freezing weather a couple of nights and the days have gotten colder.  Though forecasts for the weekend say nice, mild, sunny weather the sun may be warm but the air still has a crispness to it.  I love to get out the warmer, cozier sweaters and bundle up in them both in and outside.

~ offered help ~ one of my dayhome parents and her mom offered to winter my rosebud geranium and try to propogate it the spring.  I was very grateful for the offer as they are not cheap to buy but I love them.  But I don't have the space here or any windowsills on which to give them enough light come spring when they need to be put into pots to grow.  It was a very generous offer.

~ mulled cider ~ Our son had given us a gift of Williams Sonoma apple cider concentrate and mulling spices.  I simmered some up on Monday with our lunch.  It was absolutely warming and delicious.  Apple and warm spices are one of my favorite flavor combinations.

What have your favorite blessings from the week been?  What are you grateful for?


Gattina said...

That's wonderful that you could celebrate with your mother at her place ! I wonder if we have to do this for Christmas for Mr. G ! I have a round table which you can extend to oval, that's the only thing I have taken with me when moving !But everybody now prefers the "Buffet" way, so I put everything on the oval table with plates and cutlery and everybody sits where he wants to and can walk around instead of sitting hours at table ! and it's less work for me too.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh it makes my heart so happy to hear about your Thanksgiving! So sweet that you were able to get together at your mum’s place. She must have been so happy. I know you know this already but treasure these times. Even though they may not be ideal, you are are able to be together and that’s all that matters.
This year is going to be rough for us as it will be the first year since my mother’s passing in June.

Faith said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving family photo with you all (minus your oldest I mean). So Canada still has restrictions? I'm hosting XMAS for my side of the family (3 younger sisters and their fams) but I have no restrictions other than if they were exposed to or have had covid symptoms in the week leading up to the gift exchange that they must stay home. (only due to the medical fragility of some of my students whom are not old enough to get the vaccine).

Yay for good sale prices and furniture you love.

How thoughtful of the parent to help you!

Not super chilly here yet.....i'm still wearing summer and late spring attire to work! It's been a GLORIOUS Autumn here in New York State. We are truly blessed.


Deb said...

Hi Susanne. So glad you could gather with family for Thanksgiving. That is great that you were able to eat with your mom at her assisted living home. So glad you day home family offered to help winter your geranium. That is such a beautiful plant. I have some gorgeous geraniums that I need to look in "wintering" before it gets any colder here. Sounds like your week was a good one. Have a good weekend, and, as always, thanks for hosting FFF. :-)

Barbara Harper said...

Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving, though different. What a blessing for your mom, after having disrupted holidays and going through so much the last year. And as much as I love the turkey and all that goes with it, it would be nice some years to have the great food without the hours of work before and after.

Yay for an oval table and good deal!

Sound like it's much cooler, up there, which is understandable.

That was indeed a generous offer to winter the geraniums. And I loved mulled cider.

nikkipolani said...

Yes! Totally agree that FFF has been such a great influence for weekly acknowledgement of blessings.

I like how you've adjusted your plans for a celebration that included your dear mom. As you mentioned the oval table, I was trying to figure out where it's pictured in that photo and then realized you were at the community room! Beautiful smiles all around.

Now nice to have someone knowledgeable to help with that geranium! Hope it does well for you. Enjoy your cooling weather and cozy faves. Our cooling trend ends this weekend as we are back in the 90s.

Wendy said...

Your way of celebrating your Thanksgiving sounded perfect and what a lovely photo with your Mum. We have a rectangular table and I know exactly what you mean about the corners! lol

Willow said...

Your week sounds wonderful even if it has been cold.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and your family. I love the pictures of every one around the table. It was a good idea to meet at your mother's care home and do take away. Thanksgiving is more about fellowship with family than about the food.
I need to learn more about over wintering some of my plants. And do it soon! What a nice thing for your day care parent to do for you.
Happy week ahead to you!

ellen b. said...

Ahh, love the family photos. That was a wonderful way to celebrate. I do enjoy warmer clothes for cooler days. Hope your weekend was peaceful.