Friday, June 18, 2021

Friday's Fave Five #638

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Our little corner of the internet to reset out focus and look for blessings in our past week and be grateful for them.  Why do we do this?  Because as humans in general, we lean towards noticing the negative way more than we do noticing the blessings that come our way.  And our culture trains us to never be content and grateful for what we have.  We must always be striving for more, more, more.  And because our culture also trys to tell us that we are self sufficient, that we can do it all, that it's all up to us.  Looking for the blessings in our lives shows us that we really are not in total control, only God is, and that He is the Giver of all good gifts.  It teaches us when we are busy looking for blessings and being grateful for them we have way less time to dwell in negativity.  It lifts us up and helps us get through the really hard things of life as we look for even the smallest bits of good.  It helps make us better people.  Are you ready to join us?

~ anniversary ~ today I celebrate being married to my Sweetheart for 38 years.   We have seen and experienced so much together, blessings and hard times both and I wouldn't trade any of it for it's made us strong together!  Though we don't always see eye to eye, what couple does, we face whatever life throws at us together.   He loves God and has such a grateful attitude.  He has my heart and always will.  

~ bike ride ~  Sunday was absolutely gorgeous outside so we hopped on our bikes and had a very relaxing ride to one of our favorites subdivisions in town.  A stop at a Starbucks along the way for an iced coffee and a rest was the cherry on top of a lovely couple of hours spent together with my hubby.

~ quiet evenings ~ lately I've kinda fallen into a nice evening routine that I've been able to keep up.  After supper, I relax with hubby and watch a little tv, then I check my emails and catch up on the computer.  When the evening has cooled a bit I take the dog for his evening walk and then a little reading, cleaning up the kitchen and it's bed.  I find the sameness of the weekday evening brings peace and calm.

~ a friend's offer ~  we've been going through my Mom's home in order to ready it to sell.  We have had an organization make us an offer and though they are a great organization my sister and I and Mom feel totally out of our league in the process and what we have to know in order to negotiate well.  A realtor friend of mine, whom I asked to do the fair market value on it, offered to either advise and talk us through it or to  negotiate it for us without listing it for very little in compensation.  I am so grateful because I was totally stressed about it all.  We have no idea what we are doing and the organization has a board of 12 people who have done this before so it's nice to know we have someone who totally knows what he is doing and has our back.

~ beautiful peonies ~ peonies are one of my absolute favorite flowers and though I have a bush it's totally in the wrong place in the yard and doesn't flower hardly at all.  My Mom's bushes however are prolific with blooms and I've been enjoying them in their season!

What are you grateful for this week?


Faith said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! WOW...You got married young!! I hope you have a very blessed day doing the things you love to do together.

The bike ride sounds perfect as does the quiet evening routine. I have a similar one except i check my email usually right after work. I'm trying to stay off crackbook during the work week and I'm finding it's much better for me as now i'm finally back to reading alot again in the evenings. I do avoid tv cause there's nothing on I like and I save Netflix for rainy evenings or when I'm doing light housework. There's just something about quiet evenings that soothe the soul isn't there after a long work day??

Our peonies are doing well this year too. In fact the bushes are so heavy with them that they're drooping. I cut some for a vase on the deck and just love the light scent. Yours are gorgeous!

OOH...i remember going through house sale stuff with my dad and sisters when mom died and he needed to go into assisted living. It was so hard but thankfully he did a lot of the work himself as his dementia hadn't fully set in and he had already had a good realtor lined up. I just remember the stress of it all. Glad you found some good people to assist!!

Happy weekend!

Barbara Harper said...

A very happy anniversary to you and your husband! I have a similar quiet evening routine, minus the dog-walking. That's my favorite part of the day. That's so good to have some help with your mom's house. That would be out of my league as well. Those peonies are so gorgeous!

Willow said...

You should move some of your mom's peonies to your house! They're beautiful.
Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!
I'm so glad you have a good friend who is a realtor to help you navigate through your mom's home sale. That's very important!
I loved your intro remarks. They perfectly express why I love this weekly exercise in thankfulness.

Deb said...

Hi Susanne. Happy Anniversary! That is such a sweet picture of you two. I love your evening routine. I think that my problem is that I don't just stop and relax enough at night. I need to do that more. The peony bush is beautiful. So glad you have a friend help you with selling your mom's home. Home buying and selling can ben tricky and stressful so I am glad you have help. Your bike ride with you husband sounds so nice. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

Happy Anniversary ! And what lovely flowers they are my favorite flowers but the weather is too warm in Louisiana to grow them. Have a great week.

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary! We celebrated 37 years a couple weeks ago. Such a nice photo of you two. I love what you said about finding comfort in the sameness of the evenings. There is satisfaction in routine and not reinventing the wheel every day. The assortment of colors in the peonies is so pretty. There's a lot of pressure in listing a home, what a blessing to have a friend to advise you along the way.

ellen b. said...

Late coming here but I'd like to wish you a belated anniversary! It's so good to have a loving husband who loves God! Glad you are getting things sorted and getting good help in doing that.

nikkipolani said...

SO MUCH BEAUTY in this post -- those 38 years of God's provision and faithfulness that you've seen together. Wonderful.

And those peonies. So lush and gorgeous and healthy. While you'll miss the ones at your mom's house once it's sold (so glad you have a friend to help with the selling part), this is such a gorgeous shot of them.

And I'll be praying for you as you go through that process of getting the house to sell. Roomie's only just begun and it feels utterly overwhelming.