Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Hope Your Heart Needs (audiobook) by Holley Gerth

52 devotionals that help us to understand God's character and what He wants to be for us. In each devotional we are encouraged to take our experience and find the heart of God towards us in trial, hardship, joy, etc. His heart is where we can go with everything our day holds. Through a scripture, personal experience and a prayer inviting God to show us Himself through that characterstic each devotional brings hope to the heart no matter what your day holds and shows us a very personal God who wants us to know Him on a deeper level. 

 I listened to this as an audiobook as I made the half hour trips to see my mom on the weekends so I was listening to the devotionals back to back. I felt very encouraged as the author led me to know God better through his characteristics. I was uplifted and filled with hope and encouragement after each one and I could relate to each devotional just from everyday life. I have been a Christian for almost 40 years and none of this was new to me, but as I listened it was wonderful reminders and I felt uplifted after each driving session listening to this book.  I would like to purchase the hard copy book so that I could underline and reread different points. The short prayers at the end made each devotion personal inviting God to show us His heart towards us in that area. The person narrating was very easy to listen to.

I rate this a 9/10     


Barbara Harper said...

I've read some of Holley's writings, and she always seems very encouraging.

Faith said...

I saw this at my local Christian bookstore! Sounds good. I've read some of her mini devotionals on the Bible app.