Friday, April 02, 2021

Friday's Fave Five #628

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  My post is going to go up late today but please feel free to link your own post on.  It's just one of those things where I just couldn't get it up on time.


Well late but still here.  It's Good Friday today.  A day we solemnly remember the death of Jesus on the cross.  It was a dark day for the disciples and his followers.  If only they knew then what we know now.  They would know it in three days but how sad and frightening this day must have been for them.  Hope,however, was on the horizon for them as it is for us.  Jesus died for you!  For me!  But it didn't end there.  He defeated death so that death would no longer hold us either!  That we would have a relationship with God our Father restored!  He suffered that we would not have to.  Praise be to Him for all He has done!

~Easter fun was afoot this week with the dayhome kids.  Though a lot of extra work for me, and being dog tired at the end of each day, I do love the celebrating of holidays with the kids.  We had special crafts, games and activities each day.  It brings me joy to see them so excited and having fun.

~A sleep in day today.  How excellent after all that celebrating with the kids all week to have today to wake up when I was ready to wake up instead of waking up to a blasting alarm clock.  And then to sit around in jammies slowly enjoying a HOT cup of coffee instead of running around getting ready to open the door to kids and not having time to savor a coffee but just gulping it down lukewarm when I remember where I put it down.

~Beautiful weather after a scary weather weekend.  Last Sunday Southern Alberta had 3 emergency alerts out all at the same time:  wind warning alerts (the wind peaked at 150 km/hr in some parts), a spring snow warning (made dangerous by the wind driving it) and a fire alert warning (which actually sounded the alarms off on our phones scaring the daylights out us).  The wind blew down a power line near a town about 45 mins from us and started a grass fire that tore an 11 km wide swath and burned down 4 rural homes.  It shut down 2 highways due to zero visibility and blowing debris.  And there were 2 other dangerous grass fires close to our city whipped into a frenzy by the wind). Then at night the wind howled bringing in a spring snow that again brought zero visibility and crazy dangerous icy roads resulting in a 70 car pile up on a major highway on Monday morning.  But then gorgeous weather hit Tuesday and we've been basking in the sunshine.  I am thankful that the crazy weather was short lived and now we are enjoying the warmth and sun with NO wind!

~Progress made in decluttering my Mom's house.  It's a daunting task.  She's not a hoarder by any means but when one lives in their home for 56 years there is bound to be a lifetime of stuff.  Especially when they get older and they just don't deal with things the same way.  It is a daunting task but making small headways is motivation to keep going.  

~The planning of Easter though yet again, it will be very restricted.  In Alberta, especially our city right now, the covid numbers are high so we are still restricted to no gatherings inside except with those who live in our household.  That means we will for yet another holiday not be able to see our kids.  It's frustrating and so very sad.  But we will get to have our daughter for dinner because she is single and she is allowed to come home.  And along with planning our simple Easter Sunday dinner, we're planning the visiting of my parents which is allowed, and also the other things Dave and I will do with our 4 day weekend.  I see a nice bike ride in the works if the weather holds out!

Thanks for joining me on a holiday for FFF!  May you have a wonderful Easter however it will look for you this year.  May the hope of Easter fill your hearts this weekend!


Faith said...

Hi Susanne, wow that weather pattern in your area sure sounded scary! We have some cold temps here today but the sun finally came out after a long day of RAIN and then SLEET last night. Tomorrow and all next week is supposed to be sunny and warmer. YAY. I might get my bike out on Easter afternoon since we cannot gather with my sister. (Well technically we can but dave wants to stay home after church so I'm cooking a huge chicken dinner and dessert and then we're enjoying the house to ourselves as our oldest daughter might get together with her 2 Bible study friends.)
YAY for sleeping in today...i did the same and had MORE than one mug of steaming hot coffee. WAS SO NICE!

Yes it's very daunting having to clean out parents' house.....i am going minimalist I tell my girls so they won't get stuck with all that work.

I hope you enjoy a good book and a bike ride this weekend along with a nice dinner with your girl.


Willow said...

Those crazy alerts! Fire, Wind and Snow. Wow.
And a four day weekend coming up sounds wonderful. Enjoy those four slow mornings with hot coffee.
Happy Easter to you! He is Risen!

ellen b. said...

Glad to hear you get a 4 day weekend! Wow...50+ years in a house. I can only imagine. Well then again my MIL had so much stuff we had to deal with. Hope you can keep at it and get-er-done. A very joyous Easter to you and yours.

Wendy said...

Well I'm glad all that scary weather has passed. Woken up to sunshine today but quite chilly. Yes it's hard clearing out a house. We got rid of a lot of stuff before we moved house but we still have a lot of things. I hope you're not on a tight deadline to get your Mum's cleared and can take it slowly. We can meet people outdoors now, as in parks or gardens but only in groups of 6 or two households. But it's a step in the right direction. Happy easter Susanne.

Barbara Harper said...

Wow, what crazy weather. I'm glad it settled down for the rest of the week. That's sad about not being able to get togteher as a family. I sure hope, with all the vaccinations going out, this thing will ebb away soon. Hope you had a great Easter weekend. Nice to have four days off!

I hope you find some sentimental treasures at your mom's place! Every time I go through anything, I seem to find little notes or things the kids made or something. We're hoping to clean out our attic and shed soon so he kids don't have to. It's amazing how things accumulate even, like you say, when one is not even a hoarder.

nikkipolani said...

Your wind events are super scary sounding -- power outages, fires, snow, yikes! Glad you are all okay and got to enjoy gentle sunshine.

Cleaning out someone else's house is a cautionary tale, isn't it? Plenty of nooks and crannies at my place that need reviewing.

Such a glorious hope because of the Resurrection. Happy Easter, friend.