Saturday, April 03, 2021

April 2021 Reading Possibility Pile

Here we are at April already.  Time to switch out my reading choices according to the Read Your Bookshelf Challenge.  March was a bit rough on my reading.  Between getting my Mom's home organized for sale and our beloved dog getting sick my motivation went way down.  I enjoyed reading when I picked up my book, but the actual picking up was hard.  It seemed my mind was too full of other things.  But I did get 2 books read from the challenge of "Friend's Recommendations"  and 2 audiobooks done.  A new month and with nicer weather to take my book outside with me is already motivating me so hopefully I can get back on track for my 50 books in 2021 goal.

So the challenge prompt this month from the Read Your Bookshelf Challenge is "A Book With 5+ Words in the Title".  When I first saw that I thought I would only have a choice or two but as I dug through my unread piles it was clear I had waaaay more than I thought to fit the category.   And I was even able to fit that prompt into my "on hold at the library" and "a book purchased in 2019-2021" monthly challenge.  So here's my possibility pile for April:

( a couple of books didn't make it into the picture)


                 by Anthony Ray Hinton

READ YOUR BOOKSHELF CHALLENGE:  (April prompt: a book with 5+ words in title)

          ~Recipes for a Perfect Marriage by Morag Prunty   (set aside)

What are you reading this month?


Faith said...

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was my absolute favorite childhood novel! I read it at age 14 after reading The Secret Garden (my 2nd fave; Heidi was my first fave) I actually re-read Tree Grows...last autumn I believe...or maybe it was winter 2020...i forget but claire had bought her self the novel and I re-read it and just fell in love with it all over again. I think I started A woman in the window and couldn't get into it. was a copycat novel from the british one about the woman on the train.

You have quite a pile of books!!

Deb said...

I am reading The Vanishing Half, and so far I am not loving it. Maybe it will get better, but I am over 100 pages in and it just seems to be moving so slowly. I may read the Fannie Flagg Can't Wait to Get to Heaven next, but I am not completely sure. I will look forward to see what you decide to read next. You and your family have a wonderful Easter! See you again soon.

Wendy said...

Like you I'm not finding myself reading as much lately. I think it's a pandemic thing.