Friday, February 19, 2021

Friday's Fave Five #622

Well that week went fast!  It must have had to do with Monday being a holiday here.  It just made the week zoom by.  Good thing Friday's Fave Five helps me to slow it down and take note of some of the blessings along the way.  Won't you join in?

~getting to see Mom~  after more than 2 1/2 months of not being able to see my Mom because of COVID restrictions at the hospital I finally got to see my Mom on the weekend.  But it came with a bit of a price.  She was moved to a Community Service bed in a town 30 minutes away.  She'll be there until she can be placed in a supportive living place.  I was so happy to see her that the drive seemed like nothing.  I'm just praying there will be good weather every weekend so I can keep making the drive out for as long as she'll be there. 

~valentine's day fun and comments from the kids~ Friday we had the dayhome kid's valentine's party.  They were so excited and so cute throughout the day making the cutest comments  "This is the best day ever!" , "This is so good, best snack ever" (nothing they haven't ever had before except I threaded it onto a kabob stick), "I love this craft!".  I think they just like anything to celebrate.  

~movie evening with hubby and pizza~ We usually get pizza at least once a month but this time we paired it with a movie we rented. It was just a really nice quiet evening together.

~ this song~  I've always love songs with lots of harmony.  I can't sing harmony worth a darn but I sure do love listening to it.  And I really like accapella and this guy does all sorts of enjoyable stuff on youtube.  But this was a song he wrote himself and posted for valentine's.  I thought it was so nice!  Best listened to with headphones to really hear the harmonies.

~Valentine's dinner take out~ Eating out a couple times a month used to be something that Hubby and I looked forward to pre Covid.  But since Covid it has been super rare.  But someone had given us a gift card to one of our favorite restaurants so for Valentine's we did a takeout of our fave meals from there.  In Alberta they just re-opened restaurants a couple days before (they've been closed for dine-in again since the beginning of December) with mega restrictions and we don't usually go out on big days like that anyway because we don't like the crowds.  But the takeout was just as good.  Grateful for the thoughtful gift cards.  

What were your favorite blessings this week?


Barbara Harper said...

That's SO good you could see your mom again! The Valentine party sounds fun. Our kids always loved celebrations of any kind. Pizza and movie nights are my favorite. I am amazed at people who can put together videos like that--not only figuring out the harmonies, but the logistics of all the sounds and videos. We've ventured out a little more with takeout food recently, too. We just did pizza for a long while but have tried Mexican and Asian food and even chicken. I am still uncomfortable with anything people make with their hands, like sandwiches and salads. Even though a lot of salads come bagged these days, a lot of restaurants have them in open-air containers. But I figure anything that's cooked that people would serve up with spoons or tongs is probably okay. I can always zap them in the microwave if I have any qualms.

Deb said...

Hi Susanne. Glad you finally got to see your mom. Sounds like you had a nice Valentine's Day. Sounds like you made it super special for the Day Home kids too. Have a good weekend.

Faith said...

Glad your daycare kids had fun on your Valentine's party. Our students were similar...."Miss Faith these are so good!! can we have more??" ( huge heart cookie's so funny, they think it's so special but we always get the same sugar cookies from a local grocer and the only thing that changes is the look for the various holidays hahahah). Usually we have parents donate baked goods or other snack foods but because of Covid guidelines we are not allowed to accept food this year from parents. Some did donate heart shaped plates and napkins and one parent donated store bought crackers which we will save for when we return next week.

We also did take out for Valentine's day. And a movie night!!

Praise God your mom is only 30 minutes away and you can now visit her!! That's awesome.

I hope you have a relaxing's lightly snowing here today and I'm thankful I can stay in and READ!

Wendy said...

What a relief it must have been to be able to see your Mum in person after so long. I hope they can get her permanent placement sorted quickly so she can feel settled. Sounds like you made Valentine's Day fun for your homekids and nice to have a voucher for the takeaway. Our restaurants are all still closed but some are managing to offer takeaway. Enjoy your weekend Susanne.

ellen b. said...

So wonderful that you could see your mom again. What fun to read the expressions from your day home kids over the fun of Valentine's day! So sweet! Yippee for good takeaway!

SimplyStrayThoughtsAndSuch;ByPaula said...

What a delight to hear you got to visit with you mom. Oh what special times. I'm glad you and your husband were able to enjoy each other and take out food from one of your favorite restaurants on Valentine's day. Blessings.

Karen said...

I love the kids' reactions to Valentine's Day. If only we could learn to celebrate as big as they do!

So happy for you that you got to see your mom. Keeping you and her in my prayers as she settles in.

Willow said...

Best news this week is that you were able to visit your mom! That's HER best news, too.
If I were a little child, I'd want to be in your daycare home. You always make it sound like so much fun.
Enjoy your weekend!

nikkipolani said...

Wow, I'm so pleased to hear you were able to visit and that obstacles were overcome.

I can just see those big smiles from your kids.

That was a fun video and great harmony indeed. I think the squares with the guy dancing around was just as great :-)

Susanne said...

nikkipolani: His videos are fun to watch. He has a dancing square in all of them simply because he loves to dance.