Saturday, January 09, 2021

Reading Possibilites for January 2021

Well it's already January 8th and I've been so busy trying to catch up on book reviews I didn't get to in 2020 that this is a wee bit late.  But I guess even if no one is interested or reads it I have it for my own records.  Which I kinda like, this keeping of records of books I've read.

So here is my possibility pile for January with the main theme of "A Home-ish word in the title" for the reading challenge:


January theme:  A book with a "home-ish" name in the title
          ~ A Painted House by John Grisham (finished!)
          ~ Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah (finished!)

And then just so these newer books don't languish away and become years old before I get to them:
          ~ A Desperate Hope by Elizabeth Camden  (finished!)

What are you reading this month?


Deb said...

Hi Susanne. I see that you have The Kitchen House on your "to read" list for this month. I read that last year and really, really liked it. I think you will too. Have a good weekend. I hope to finish my first book of 2021 this weekend!

Barbara Harper said...

I'm not familiar with any of these, though I have heard of a couple of the authors. I'm reading Becoming Elisabeth Elliot by Ellen Vaughn, Don't Overthink It by Anne Bogel, Nicholas Nickleby by Dickens (audiobook), Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster, Fear and Faith by Trillia Newbell.

Faith said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Winter Garden!! and I THINK i read The Woman in the Window and I'm pretty sure I read The Kitchen House if it's the one that's set during the Civil War era?? I'm hoping to finish a non fiction one I started in AUGUST. I'm a slow non fiction reader but this is one about nature and healing and I've been reading it slowly on purpose...savoring every word and highlighting, taking notes, writing posts about's amazing. I'm almost done and wil probably finish it later today. I'm also in the midst of my Word of the Year post. I just finished a rather long novel that I started the week before Xmas...and now I'm on a super fast paced mystery/drama/historical fiction type book set in England which I'm probably going to finish in the next few days. I have 2 other books waiting for me.

Karen said...

For some reason, I've had a hard time getting into reading these past couple weeks. Last night, I picked a book off my TBR pile and so far it's grabbed me -- Amy Harmon's Making Faces. I've enjoyed a couple of her other books, so we'll see. I'd like to come up with a reading plan for each month like you have. I really like that idea.

I read Winter Garden years ago and really liked it.