Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday's Fave Five #619

Welcome to Friday.  I am so glad it is Friday.  And welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Join us a we take time to focus our attention away from all those things that cry with such a loud voice demanding our precious time and emotions and labor.  Let's hit the pause button, it will all still be there when we return, and focus on the blessings that God has placed into our lives this week.  The big, splashy blessings are always fun and exciting but it is usually in the quiet and stillness that we really notice God in our everyday, sometimes seemingly mundane lives.  When we notice His touch lifting us here, bringing encouragement there, knowing us personally enough to know what will make us each individually smile or appreciate life.  

~ snow ~  the weather took a turn and it has been really cold all week.  But yesterday, though still cold, we had the most beautiful, peaceful snow all day long.  I was barely snowing, but those lovely flakes that you can individually tell apart and they were just slowing drifting down all day long.  There was not a glimmer of wind and everything was so still and peaceful.  Well that is until I took the dayhome kids outside to let them burn off some of their pent up energy, but you get the idea.  

~ long phone chat ~ Tuesday was my Son's birthday and after work we sat and had a nice long chat with him on the phone.  It was so good talking with him.  I haven't seen him since September, thanks covid, and I hang onto every precious moment we can speak on the phone.  That goes for all my adult kids as they all live away from home and covid has affected our ability to normally see each other.

~ kid's zoomba online ~  When it's cold weather sometimes I just can't take the kids outside and last week I found some fun kid's zoomba and dance stuff on You*Tube.  It has been a saving grace as they've able to dance away some built up energy from being inside for too many days in a row.  And I always get smiles and laughs as I watch them try to copy the steps.  They are so determined and so cute.  So glad I came across this stuff.

~ advil ~  I know this is a strange thing to have on a blessing list but I have had a massive toothache this whole week and Advil has been a blessing to get me through the day and let me sleep at night.  

~ call display ~  This week I have been thankful for call display on phones.  Lately we have been hit with a massive amount of charities of all types looking for cash and yes, some scams too.  I understand that it's a hard time right now, but man oh man, some of these people are aggressive and won't take a polite no.  I've been leaving it ring if I think it might be a call like that.  

What have been your favorite blessings this week?


aspiritofsimplicity said...

We had that same peaceful snow yesterday and the day before. It snowed all day and stuck just enough to the ground for the children to play in. It looked so pretty on the trees on my school campus. The best part was when the school day was over there wasn’t enough to stick to my car!

Faith said...

I love gently falling snow. We don't take our students outside much in winter as most don't own snowsuits/boots, etc. (too poor and it's hard to get donations right now) so we have a music and movement time twice throughout the school day. When we're in MY language group I do a lot of Jack Hartmann stuff from you tube. Look him up...he's perfect for toddlers through about age 5.

YAY for advil. That almost made my list too as i had a MASSIVE headache most of the day Thursday. never wanna take that for granted.

Covid is starting to lessen here supposedly so let's hope so for around the world! Glad you could at least talk to your boy on the phone.


Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Susanne ~ yes we moms of adult children do love hearing from them. A simple text can make my day - let alone a long, chatty phone call. Zumba for kids - wow, that sounds like fun for them and a bit of a respite for you. We are supposed to get snow later today and tonight, and snow can be beautiful and peaceful, when you don't have to drive in it. Fun for the kids too! Hope you have a great weekend. See you again soon.

Barbara Harper said...

Those long phone chats with our kids really make our day. Zoomba online! I'll have to look that up. What a fun alternative when the kids have to stay in. I am thankful for meds, too. I usually let any call from a number I don't know go to voice mail, unless I am expecting a call from somewhere. I figure if it's important, they'll leave a message. Most are spam.

nikkipolani said...

I love that idea of a Zoomba session for your kids! Brilliant -- fun for the kids and for you, too.

Peaceful snow sounds idyllic. The quietness and low-key faves shows how you aren't taking these blessings for granted. These "smaller" blessings add up. Beautiful.

Karen said...

My oldest son works from home, so we often Facetime each other as we're both working. I love having this time with him. It's coming up on a year since we've been together.

We had to get new phones, and changed our service, too. Since then I've been inundated with calls marked "telemarketer." I ignore them, but one day curiosity got the best of me and I called the number back (it was the same number calling). It was our cable service, which my husband JUST cancelled, calling ME to ask us to sign up again. I was so mad! I told them to take my number off their list. Haven't heard from them since. It's like when we used to get a newspaper and the marketing department would call asking us to subscribe. They were harrassing their own customers! Thanks for letting me vent;)

ellen b. said...

Caller ID is so good to determine if a call is worth answering. Hope your tooth is better soon. Glad the advil helps. Happy belated birthday to your son! Hope you have a pain free weekend!

Wendy said...

I think this Covid situation would feel much harder without all the ways we have of communicating with one another and things like the classes on YouTube etc. I hope your toothache is better now. Enjoy your weekend.

Willow said...

Oh yeah. Caller ID is one of my favorites. I know every time Uncle Scam Likely is calling me. I really don't want to talk to him.
Communication is so much easier now and I too am thankful for how we can 'see' our family and friends and chat with them even though we can't be with them.
I hope your tooth is better soon. Advil is a blessing.
Happy Weekend to you!

Anonymous said...

The freshly falling snow is beautiful - but we don't get much of that in SC. :-/ And it is wonderful to talk with an adult son. Mine is 32 and still likes to talk to his mama from time to time. Blesses my heart. :-)
I had my FFF up at 6:00 yesterday morning and forgot to link it. Oh well!! Happy weekend. --Ann

Jerralea said...

One of my faves this week was snow, too.

Thanks for sharing about you-tube zoomba for kids. I will have to check that out for the twins. Right now, they release energy by jumping on beds and running though the house! :(

2 gators said...

we had some nice snow fall also this week, had 7 piglets born lost the runt, this grandmom did everything possible to save him, hope you have a great week. thank you for hosting

Gattina said...

One day it snowed a bit, but the next day all was gone and is replaced by rain and cold ! I think you have a nice job although it must be tiring sometimes to have so many little once around but they are so cute at least it's not boring !
Still in lockdown I don't know where my energy is gone, but I become lazier each day ! Time that it ends !